Search & Display explores the intersection of traditional display media with search advertising and how online advertisers can leverage targeted keyword advertising alongside a branded display campaign to achieve greater lift, maximize click-through rates, conversion and engagement metrics. We’ll explore best practices and tactics for re-targeting, as well as share insightful data and meaningful case studies to help you navigate through the challenging, converging world of search and display.

Search Retargeting: 4 Tips To Use Recency To Drive Performance

In life, timing can be everything. But in marketing, it can make the difference between a sale and a missed opportunity. That’s why the topic of recency is so important to marketers. Fortunately, search retargeting can help marketers capitalize on recency to drive performance. Understanding Recency & The Window Of Opportunity The concept of recency has been a key element in marketing for decades. It speaks to customer engagement in relation to time. For example, a consumer who interacted with your brand two days ago is more engaged and has a better recency score than someone who di [...]

The Industry Speaks On The Overlap Between Search & Display

We talk a lot in the digital industry about the overlap between search media and display media, and how when planned and operated in unison, there is a 1+1=3 benefit model that magically appears, resulting in higher returns than could be generated by those channels on their own. But does this overlap really exist, and does 1+1 really equal 3, or does is it actually just equal 2? In order to find out the answer, I recently asked several experienced figures within our industry for their insights and comment. AKQA Media – Drew Wahl, Director of Business Development Booyah Advertisin [...]

Tips For Checking Your Holiday Retargeting List Twice

Every holiday season for retailers is filled with trepidation. There’s what retailers know. And then there’s what they think they know. This year, retailers know e-commerce sales will be up. What they think they know (or admit they can’t predict) is how the huge shadow of the sluggish economy will impact their season. It’s the great unknown. The season’s wild card, if you will. First, let’s review some numbers and predictions for the coming months. According to comScore, the 2010 holiday season reached $32.6 billion, setting an all-time record. Now, the US Department of Co [...]

5 Reasons Online Display Advertising Is Simpler Than Ever

A good glass of wine is one of life’s simple pleasures. However, industry "experts" often make it sound complicated. This is the case with online display advertising today. But marketers need to know that display advertising today is a lot simpler than many of them believe. Complexity: Old News Time and again, we are told about how complicated the world of online display advertising has become. We see complicated charts showing hundreds of companies occupying the space, with each supposedly doing something different. We hear of administration costs of 20% for executing online advertisin [...]

The Highs & Lows Of Search Retargeting: Version 3.0 Is Here Already

I know this industry evolves fast, but damn! Just 18 months ago, most media planners and search marketers had not heard of search retargeting, and already we are in what could easily be called version 3.0. With the agency hat back on (for today), we look at whether this tactic is living up to the growing hype. When the principle was first explained to me, I was running an agency display media team at a search agency that was focused on direct response clients; I was therefore interested in tactics that involved precise data points as a way to focus on user intent. Search retargeting seem [...]

3 Considerations For Successful Lead Generation With Search & Display

More and more companies are building large online lead generation campaigns to drive inbound leads to their growing sales forces. Delivering a high volume of leads can prove to be just as important to companies as building a very targeted campaign. Often, those two goals are contradictory to one another. But by paying attention to the three factors below it can be possible to accomplish both goals, while building a well rounded lead generation strategy. PPC Has Its Limits Companies with larger budgets will see this most often - they have the money to spend, but aren't able to spend it [...]

Keyword Optimization For Retargeting: Why Automation Matters

Search marketing practitioners get the value of keyword optimization. When it is applied, honed and refined over time, a high-value corporate asset emerges: keyword lists that translate into powerful institutional knowledge. But is there an opportunity to create the same sort of asset beyond search? Absolutely. Search retargeting can provide marketers with a totally transparent, multi-factor means to leveraging keyword expertise. And automation can play a big role in making it happen. Evolution: Search Retargeting Today Search retargeting has come a long way. While early attempts offered [...]

5 Simple Steps To Stop Wasting Budget With Poor Retargeting

Is this really another article about retargeting? Absolutely, but with very good reason – whilst marketers think retargeting (or remarketing) is an obvious and established practice, many are still failing to get it anywhere near right, and are actually harming their campaigns by doing it badly. A few months ago in this column, we explored the idea that search marketers are the future media planners and with very good reason. But sadly, it is search marketers that are the guiltiest at wasting money in retargeting. In this article, we will explore the right way to do retargeting, often usi [...]

5 Reasons Why Brand Marketers Should Use Search Retargeting

Search Retargeting Sales Funnel Are you looking to create brand awareness online? Wouldn’t it be great if you could target consumers who recently searched on your targeted terms? Well that’s exactly what search retargeting can help you do. It offers brand marketers a very precise method to reach their audiences. Let’s take a look at why. Search Retargeting In A Nutshell Search retargeting combines the precision and efficiency of search marketing with the reach and branding power of display. Search retargeting allows you to marry your existing keyword lists with relevant banner ads to target consumers who have d [...]

3 Simple Alternatives To Attribution Modeling For Search Marketers

In the recent articles Why Search Marketers Are The Future Media Planners and How to Maximize SEM Efforts with Search Retargeting, we discussed how search marketers are ideally positioned to own a larger portion of the total media budget because the skills needed to buy display media are becoming more and more quantitative, just like SEM. Techniques like site retargeting and search retargeting are often the starting point for a search marketer to break into this space as they are the most familiar, and the common metrics used in search (CTR, CPA, CPC) are valid for this type of display too. [...]

How To Maximize SEM Efforts With Search Retargeting

Last month, we discussed how display media has evolved to be more quantitative in Why Search Marketers Are The Future Media Planners, and ironically, how the skillset held by search marketers has become more relevant to display media than the skill set held by current media planners. Using the real-time environment of the media exchanges, ‘search retargeting’ is one of several techniques that has created a safe bridge for SEM marketers to move into display and see almost instant results, and it is the SEM budget holders that are trying it quicker than the media planners (and who often [...]

Why The Search Engines Still Need Display

Search ad revenues remain the driving force behind the big search engines, Google and Microsoft's Bing. However, the rise of display advertising and the threat of "new" competitors in the display arena, such as Facebook, are causing the search engines to scramble for a way to get a bigger piece of the display pie. While Yahoo is seeing a big shift in revenue, and as Facebook builds its advertiser base, Google is working through new products and strategic acquisitions to move itself into a more dominant role in the display advertising business. Google and Facebook, once potential frienemi [...]

Why Search Marketers Are The Future Media Planners

Search Marketers are the Future Media Planners [caption id="attachment_82475" align="alignright" width="258" caption="Display and search - are search marketers becoming the new media planners"][/caption] Chalk and cheese? Oil and water? Facebook users and MySpace users? Just how different are search marketers and display advertisers? Just three years ago, these two groups of people would be completely segmented, often sitting at opposite ends of an agency office, rarely collaborating on projects and with a slight dislike of each other. Their ways of working were very different, their basic principles were alien to each other, and [...]

Why Targeting Makes The Case For A Larger Ad Budget

Search and display can easily be classified as two separate industries, yet the crossover and interactions between them are substantial. Advertisers navigating the marketplace have the challenge of choosing where to spend their money, but due to the amount of data available to them via cookies tracking individuals wherever they go, and the ease of re-targeting, online advertisers are falling back in love with display. Where We've Been In Search & Display Advertising Before the introduction of Google AdWords 10 years ago, display advertising and online advertising were one in the same. We [...]

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