RIP Technorati Blog Search & Rankings: The Once Popular Blog Tools Have Been Sunset

Technorati-Top-100 Technorati was once the go to source for blog search and blogger discovery thanks to their authority scores, top lists and blog claiming processes. The Technorati Authority score was a status symbol, something that companies fought hard to improve. At the end of May, Technorati quietly announced that they were taking the company in another direction - one geared toward publishing and advertising instead of blogs. Over the years, Google overtook the blog search provider which constantly re-invented itself, bringing about rankings in 2007. These rankings eventually powered other r [...]

Twitter’s Traffic Growth & The Rise Of Social Search

There's a lot of stats and analysis today about Twitter's traffic, how it compares to other social search sites, and who's benefiting from all the traffic Twitter can send. It seems no one argues that Twitter is on the rise, but just how high it's risen is still up for debate. Let's start, appropriately, with a tweet: comScore posted a note that Twitter's February traffic was up 55% over January. (We don't see a formal release of this data yet, but will update when we do.) 55% is nothing to shake a stick at; it's serious growth. Steve Rubel dug into Twitter Search traffic (i.e., to searc [...]

The Rise (And Fall?) Of Real-Time Search

Blogging and micro-blogging represent a stream of real-time web activity; from important real-life events to random personal thoughts, more Internet users are putting what they see, hear, think, and feel into this stream. Twitter, in particular, is a river of information. Breaking news is often reported there first, ahead of any other media -- online or not. Just last week, Danny Sullivan wondered why the major search engines don't offer a search service that taps specifically into this stream of information. Two other services are aiming to do just that, but Twitter itself could prevent re [...]

Google Blogs & Other “Front Pages” For The Blogosphere

When Techmeme opened in 2005, I'd found a new online newspaper to begin my day with. It quickly and neatly organized top stories as reported by various blogs and news sources for the area I cover. But if you weren't into technology, you seemed kind of out of luck. Now Google Blog Search has stepped in to bring Techmeme-like organization for all subjects buzzing in the blogosphere. Below, a look at how it compares along with other resources such as Technorati and Blogrunner. Major Search Engines & Blog Search Google's new service has only been out for less than a day, so I don't [...]

Blog Search Engine Technorati Reinvents Itself Again

Blog search engine and news site Technorati has suffered various identity crises over the past couple of years as it seeks to fend off competition and angle toward an eventual acquisition. TechCrunch provides useful context and history for the latest re-imagining of the site as a hybrid blog and traditional news aggregator. With the latest version of the homepage and site, Technorati returns to a degree to its blog-search oriented roots. The site had morphed into a more mainstream news aggregator most recently before this redesign. TechCrunch reports that new Technorati CEO Richard Jalichand [...]

BuzzLogic Introduces “Conversational Ad Targeting” On Blogs

BuzzLogic started out offering analytics to identify the blogs that were having the greatest influence on particular topics or "conversations" online. Now the company is moving into the online advertising space. In a new product extension, BuzzLogic is enabling advertisers to target text or display ads on any blog within the Google AdSense network. Marketers with existing AdWords accounts may create ads within BuzzLogic for the particular sites where the "conversation" about a product, service, or brand is happening. This capability doesn't exist within AdWords/AdSense itself. BuzzLogic has [...]

New York Times Adds BlogRunner To Technology Section

The New York Times’ Blogrunner—A Techmeme Killer? from TechCrunch shows that the New York Times has added BlogRunner headlines on the Technology main page. BlogRunner is very similar to Techmeme, where the system aggregates top news, and automatically tracks the discussion from around the web via linkage data. The New York Times explains this new feature is "frequently updated links to other sources reporting on technology, both blogs and traditional media publications, chosen by Times editors for their significance." Saul Hansell, NY Times editor, said this differs from Techmeme: Unl [...]

Getting On Top Of Techmeme

Robert Scoble has posted about two interesting videos he did about reverse engineering Techmeme. The two videos are Part I and Part II, with the first being about 6 minutes long and the second being about 25 minutes long. Robert explains how he feels Techmeme works and how you can possibly reverse engineer it to get to the top of Techmeme. In short, he explains how Gabe Rivera, who created Techmeme, uses importance ranking with linkage data and other factors to create his algorithmic based "blogroll." For more on that, you can also read Danny's Q&A With Gabe Rivera, Creator of Techmeme. [...]

New List: Sites With Most Cumulative Diggs

This is the week for top lists, it seems. First, we had the Techmeme Leaderboard get launched (and now being debated again), then we got a list of the most mentioned sites on Digg. Now there's a third one -- sites with the most cumulative Diggs. More on both Digg lists and the Techmeme debate, below. Patrick Altoft over at BlogStorm did a Digg Saturation List this week. The idea was to see how often a site is mentioned on Digg. Patrick did a Google search focused within Digg itself for a variety of sites, then put them in order. YouTube topped the list, followed by Yahoo and Google. It was i [...]

Technorati Adds Topics To Home Page & Topic Pages

Technorati announced the addition of "Technorati Topics" to the home page and Technorati Topics landing pages. These topics are a way for Technorati to create a simpler category system for blogs they index. Technorati Topics are presented on the home page and updated dynamically as new blog posts or stories are updated on these blogs. Only content from the "best blogs" are shown in the Technorati Topics. Some of the Technorati Topics include Entertainment, Technology, Politics, Sports, Business, and Life. What are the criteria to be consider a "best blog" and be shown in the Technorati [...]

Technorati Blog Search Relaunches

Technorati has relaunched today, and I'm on a short day, so I can't dive in to play with it in depth. Below, I'll recap what some others are saying. add a few off-the-cuff remarks on blog search in general, plus comment on how Technorati continues to be masterful in working its own pages to the top of Google search results. Come check out the refreshed! is the relaunch post from Technorati CEO David Sifry, where he writes: Whereas folks using Technorati a couple of years ago were predominantly coming to us to search the blogosphere to surface the conversations tha [...]

Q&A With Gabe Rivera, Creator Of Techmeme

Over the past decade, I've seen a lot of search tools that were supposed to transform my life. Few of them have. But Techmeme was one of those. When it kicked off back in September 2005, I wrote a review, gave it a preliminary thumbs-up and soon found myself addicted. It has become my newspaper, my front page guide to what's going in the blogosphere relating to tech. I met Techmeme creator Gabe Rivera in person for the first time last August, during the Search Engine Strategies conference in San Jose. I roped him into being on the Meet The Blog & Feed Search Engines panel at the [...]

Greg Linden Mothballs Findory

I never got into Greg Linden's Findory service much. Now after three years, he's announced the personalized information service is effectively being mothballed. What's there should keep working, but he has no plans to expand or improve the service further. I may not have used Findory much, but I've continued to be impressed on Greg's thoughts on search and personalization that he shares via his personal blog. Best of luck, Greg, on whatever you do next. [...]

Google Blog Search Passes Technorati In Visits

Hitwise reports that Google Blog Search has passed Technorati in visits this week. Hitwise explains that when Google added a link from Google News to Google Blog Search in October, the traffic for Google Blog Search spiked by 168%. Hitwise reports that currently about 60% of Google Blog Search traffic comes from Google News referrals. [...]

Baidu Launches Blog Search Engine In China

People's Daily Online reports Baidu has launched a blog search engine in China yesterday. The blog search engine is the first of its kind in China. Yu Jun, a senior executive with Baidu, said the service was based on a database of billions of websites, including all the blogs supported by Chinese blog service providers and individual blog websites. [...]

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