How Location & Small Screen Size Impact Search Behavior On Mobile Devices

Google's findings on mobile web traffic It is no news that mobile devices are rapidly taking over the Web! Latest estimates peg the share of mobile traffic from 10% to 20% of the total Web traffic. Popular websites like Quora and Facebook are claiming that about one quarter of their traffic comes from mobile devices (including tablets). With more and more people having their primary Web experience on mobile devices, this platform cannot be ignored. In fact, companies that innovate specifically for mobile devices are the ones who will have an early lead for the next couple of years. Eventually, every company will have to have a [...]

iPhone 5 Won’t Change Mobile Search, But Can Nokia?

With the launch of the iPhone 5, perhaps the most eagerly awaited electronics launch ever, speculation has been rampant on the impact it'll have on the mobile phone market, on Apple's future as an innovator post-Steve Jobs, and on the coolness of the next gadget to get dropped into your pocket. But from a mobile search perspective, iPhone 5 is pretty much more of the same. A more effective version of Siri will be standard in the new phone's iOS 6 - but that was a game changer from the iPhone 4s. iPhone 5 has certainly caused a sales storm, pushing more smartphones into more pockets. B [...]

Apple App Search Shows Only One Result At A Time

single-pea-plate-featured iOS 6 was released yesterday and the new App Store and App Store search results are now in the hand of many iOS users. With that, Apple has changed the search results to display only one search result at a time. Yes, when you use the App Store to search for apps on your iOS device, Apple will show a new user interface that only shows you one search result at a time. Developers and users are calling this broken because many iOS users won't bother to look beyond the first result to find the best possible app. Here are screen shots of the new search results interface on iOS 6 on an iPhone 4 [...]

Report: Highest Mobile CTRs Where User 1-2 Miles From Business

mobile-ipad-click-featured Local search provider and ad network YP (formerly the advertising and directory services division of AT&T) released search and activity data collected from consumers and advertisers on its network in a Q3 Local Insights Report. The report contains findings drawn from its online, mobile and IPTV properties. The YP Local Ad Network represents "573 million searches and 10 billion impressions." The following are the top 10 overall local search categories: Restaurants Financial Services Beauty Services Auto Repair and Services Real estate Physicians & Surgeons Auto Par [...]

Pew: 50 Percent Have Cleared Smartphone Search History

Screen Shot 2012-09-05 at 10.32.58 AM There's a cat and mouse game going on between developers, publishers and mobile users. The former group is often trying to "connect the dots" and gather as much data and information on user behavior and, in some cases, individual activity as possible. By contrast, mobile phone owners (especially smartphone owners) are often trying to thwart or very selectively allow that data collection. The Pew Internet Project just released survey data revealing that mobile users may be a great deal more sensitive to privacy issues than most developers and publishers think. The survey was conducted in Mar [...]

New iOS 6 App Store Search Results Look Like Chomp

Earlier this year Apple acquired Chomp a site and app dedicated to app search and discovery. That purchase was a signal that Apple was going to revamp its app store. That overhaul has apparently happened in iOS 6, which will become available to the public later this year. Some developers are now seeing new-look app search results (see video below) that essentially mirror the "card" layout of Chomp, which is still operating as a stand-alone site and app. However, since the Apple acquisition, Chomp is no longer supporting Android. Here's a current screenshot from Chomp: Here's a scr [...]

Study Suggests Search Engines Not As Popular On Mobile Devices

mobile-tablet-click-search-featured Google is seeing huge mobile search growth and search engines are widely used by mobile device owners. However a new study confirms that search is not the center of the mobile universe, as it is online. I discuss many of the top-line findings of the study, conducted by Nielsen and commissioned by Telmetrics and xAd, in my post at Marketing Land: Study: 50 Percent Of Mobile Queries In Travel, Restaurants, Autos Result In A Purchase. In a finding I didn't talk about in that post, the data reflect that tablet and smartphone users (in Travel, Autos and Restaurants) tend to go directly to websit [...]

Google: Nearly 50 Percent Of Olympics-Related Searches Coming From Mobile Devices

Olympics-300x159 Even though large sporting events such as the Super Bowl have seen their share of mobile traffic, the current Olympic Games are the first truly multi-platform global sporting event. During the first two days of the Olympics, smartphone and tablet searches approached 50 percent of overall search query volume according to Google. In one case, Japan, it exceeded it (55 percent). Australia, the UK and US all saw mobile (tablet + smartphones) query volumes reaching into the high 40s: 45 percent, 46 percent and 47 percent respectively of total search queries. Google said, "at some moments [...]

Recce Offers Winning Take On 3D Mapping

Recce logo The most interesting development in digital maps may not in fact be the forthcoming introduction of Apple maps in iOS 6. It may instead be the recent launch of mapping app Recce (pronounced "rekki," which is short for reconnaissance). The company was previously called Mapply, but a trademark conflict motivated the company to change its name. Recce creates 3D maps through automated rendering. It layers in data from multiple sources. However it's only available for iOS right now. The difference between what Recce is doing and Google Maps/Earth or Apple's new 3D mapping is that the maps hav [...]

Mobile & The Disintermediation Of Traditional Search

2012 is the year of mobile. Or is it 2013? Or maybe it was supposed to be 2011. Regardless of the calendar year that we’ll end up attributing the explosion of growth to, the mobile tide has been on the rise for some time. This past April, the Interactive Advertising Bureau released a report citing that mobile is the fastest growing media channel, with ad spending up 149 percent in 2011. As mobile continues to grow from a buzzy talking point to a standard marketing approach, it’s worthwhile to take note of some important trends related to mobile search and how they are bound to affect [...]

Responsive Design Alone Is Not Mobile SEO

responsive design alone not mobile seo Finally, Google and Bing have both made it official that for mobile search, it is best to have One URL to Rule Them All, something I have been advocating for over 2 years. At the recent 2012 SMX Advanced iSEO session, Cindy Krum stepped in to represent the "one URL" approach in the session's debate vs the m. strategy. Although the one URL approach with responsive design is preferred by the search engines, that alone is not Mobile SEO. Using responsive design to render for different devices under one URL is a great first step, but that means assuming the same keyword trend and in [...]

Google’s “Voice Assistant” Not Quite Siri-Smart But Most People Won’t Notice

google-voice-search At Google I/O this week Google introduced spoken search results, which mimic Siri's functionality on the iPhone. Siri had been a major point of differentiation between Android handsets and the iPhone, despite Google's preexisting voice search. The new Google female voice actually sounds less like a machine and more natural than Siri. And there are already a number of video demos favorably comparing Google's "Voice Assistant" to Siri (see below). Since Google didn't give her a name (or not one that we've heard yet), I'll call her "JB" for Jelly Bean. The following side-by-side video belo [...]

Does Google’s Mobile SEO Preference Change Mobile SEO Best Practices?

Google did not just tell all of you to make your sites responsive. Actually they did, but that’s not all they said. At SMX Advanced, Pierre Far of Google announced something else as well. Responsive Web design is Google’s preferred option he said, but only if it’s best for a site’s users. You may think this is trivial, but it’s not. Just ask the sites hit by Panda and Penguin how important paying attention to users is for sustainable SEO. Google Gives Clearer Guidelines On Mobile SEO, But Still Some Questions Let’s review. In the overview of Google’s recommendations for smar [...]

Apple Changes Ranking Algorithm For App Store Searches?

apple-ios-apps-featured TechCrunch reports Apple seems to have changed how they rank apps within the App Store search results. Prior, having the keyword in your app's name would tend to work well in terms of ranking the app in the app store. Now, according to several app developers, Apple is also ranking the apps based off of download numbers and maybe even reviews. It seems as if Apple is weighing the app names and keywords less in their app store search ranking forumlas. My company has several apps in the market, and I noticed a ranking change for several of the apps. Whereas some of my paid apps that had [...]

How To Tune-Up Responsive Design Websites To Improve Mobile SEO

A couple weeks back, Google annouced new standards for mobile website design. Among the practices identified on their help pages, responsive design has been singled out as the best option from a search perspective. Let's look at how responsive design works, and how we can build sites to achieve maximum SEO performance on both the desktop and mobile environments. A Quick Recap Of Responsive Design If you're new to the mobile space, you'll find that there are three approached to mobile site design: 1) build a brand-new mobile site, 2) use your existing desktop website (which smartphone users c [...]

Quixey: A Search Engine For The Apps Era

apps-featured Are apps just websites in another form? Are they another way to package and sell software? Are they a successor to the "open web." Regardless of where you stand on the issue, the app has made its mark and doesn't appear to be going away any time soon. Many have lamented the rise of apps and the return of "closed" proprietary platforms  (e.g., Apple, Facebook). Recently in a widely discussed interview Google's co-founder Sergey Brin pointed to "walled gardens" and government censorship as threats to the established web. He later clarified that the biggest threat to the web was from governm [...]

7 Real Mobile Duplicate Content SEO Issues

mobile-seo-featured Ask someone who’s new to mobile SEO about it and they’re almost sure to tell you that mobile sites are duplicate content. The fear is that having the same content on two URLs will do the same thing it does in traditional SEO and split link equity and social shares, making it more difficult for either page to rank. In reality, with Google’s Old Possum/Skip Redirect update in December, user agent redirection is all that’s necessary for mobile sites to rank ahead of desktop sites in smartphone search, even if it’s the same content formatted differently. With canonical tags back to [...]

More (Local) Searches Coming From iOS Than Android — Study

Ad network Chitika, which regularly publishes findings from activity on its network, has released some data that show owners of iPhones and iPads search more than Android owners. This is a bit counter-intuitive and unexpected, given how prominent search and the search box are on the homescreen of most Android handsets and how deeply integrated Google is into that experience. Chitika "looked at hundreds of millions of impressions between April 8 and 14 and broke down traffic depending on operating system, search traffic, and the type of search query." The company also broke out local searche [...]

AT&T Interactive: More Than 30 Percent Of Searches On Network Are Mobile

AT&T Interactive released its Q1 2012 "Local Insights Report" (.pdf) earlier today. The report covers search activity on AT&T Interactive's various properties (online, mobile and IPTV), which together comprise its YP Local Ad Network. The data in the report are gleaned from more than 190 million monthly searches across the network. Below are the overall most-searched categories and the fastest growing across the YP Local Ad Network (Q3 vs. Q4 2011): The top mobile search categories are similar but not identical to the list in the graphic above: Restaurants Automotive Movi [...]

App Search Engine Appolicious Introduces “AdWords For Apps”

Appolicious, an independent apps marketplace and search engine, has introduced "AdWords for Apps": a new PPC advertising system for app developers and publishers. The company says it's the largest independent apps engine and market. Chomp, which was recently acquired by Apple, was its primary competitor (other than iTunes and Google Play). Between iOS and Android there are more than 900,000 apps. App discovery is now a major problem for both consumers and developers -- hence the new advertising option on Appolicious. Chomp was planning to introduce a similar capability and then was boug [...]

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