New York Times Adds BlogRunner To Technology Section

The New York Times’ Blogrunner—A Techmeme Killer? from TechCrunch shows that the New York Times has added BlogRunner headlines on the Technology main page. BlogRunner is very similar to Techmeme, where the system aggregates top news, and automatically tracks the discussion from around the web via linkage data. The New York Times explains this new feature is "frequently updated links to other sources reporting on technology, both blogs and traditional media publications, chosen by Times editors for their significance." Saul Hansell, NY Times editor, said this differs from Techmeme: Unl [...]

Getting On Top Of Techmeme

Robert Scoble has posted about two interesting videos he did about reverse engineering Techmeme. The two videos are Part I and Part II, with the first being about 6 minutes long and the second being about 25 minutes long. Robert explains how he feels Techmeme works and how you can possibly reverse engineer it to get to the top of Techmeme. In short, he explains how Gabe Rivera, who created Techmeme, uses importance ranking with linkage data and other factors to create his algorithmic based "blogroll." For more on that, you can also read Danny's Q&A With Gabe Rivera, Creator of Techmeme. [...]

Reuters Introduces Video People Search

Google Operating System reports on a new video search engine from Reuters that uses face recognition technology developed by Viewdle to find people in videos. Riya, which became, Like, uses similar "visual search" technology applied to product search. The Reuters engine only yields Reuters video results -- at least for now. From a certain end user perspective, however, it's not any different than doing a video search (for say Brad Pitt) on video search sites like Truveo, Yahoo Video or YouTube. For more about video search technologies, also see Video Search Challenge Isn't Speech Recognitio [...] New Home For The Netscape Social News Site

Last week, it was announced that the social news site Netscape had been transformed into a year ago was going way, with Netscape becoming a more classic news portal and "social Netscape" to be moved elsewhere. Now we know where elsewhere is: (not currently live). Social News Update from the Netscape Blog informs people of the change but gives no timing as to when it will happen other than "soon." I'm somewhat amazed there's not even a holding page up at Propeller, at the moment. See also discussion on the change at Techmeme. [...]

User-Driven News More Diverse Than Mainstream Coverage

In this era of fragmented audiences, with newspaper journalism feeling the pressure of blogs and the Internet more generally, the Project for Excellence in Journalism (PEJ) undertook a study comparing mainstream media coverage of news with user-driven news and content sites Digg,, and Reddit. The authors of the study also compared Yahoo News editors picks with audience favorites (most viewed, emailed). The results are very interesting and could have implications for the way that media organizations cover and even define news as they further evolve their Internet strategies. The P [...]

Google News Now Hosting Wire Stories & Promises Better Variety In Results

Today, Google News will begin offering articles from several major wire services and news agencies hosted on its own site, rather than sending readers away from Google. The move is part of licensing agreements that have been stuck over the past year. Google News is also promising better duplicate story detection, so that the original source of a news article should be more likely to get visitors and readers get a better experience by not stumbling over the same story hosted by different publications. Google made a much publicized content deal with the Associated Press last year in the wake o [...]

Tolles Replaces Skrenta As CEO Of Topix

Chris Tolles announced that he would be taking over the roll of CEO at Topix. Rich Skrenta, the former CEO of Topix, will be a member of the board and an advisor. Why the change? Chris explains that Rich wasn't having "as much fun" as he did in the past. Chris explained that Topix needs to focus on "tweaking" and marketing aspects, all of which are not at the top of Rich's fun list. So instead, Rich and Chris decided to make this management change. Topix reached the top 20 most visited news and info sites in March 2007 according to Hitwise. [...]

Revealing The Sources Of Google News

American journalists and news reporters never reveal their sources. Google News follows suit, nowhere providing a list of the more than 4,500 English language news sources it claims to track. However, Henk van Ess, an investigative journalist from the Netherlands, offers a service that reveals the names of 1,256 news sources used by Google News in the US. This service is called Google News Report. It fetches the headlines from Google News on a schedule, but only headlines on the home page are fetched. These results are then ranked by a score that is determined by a combination of facto [...]

Google Hot Trends, Yahoo Buzz Index: Tracking Tools For Traditional Marketing

Search Engine Journal compares Google's recently introduced "Hot Trends" database with the Yahoo Buzz Index. (Barry Schwartz wrote extensively about Hot Trends previously.) These tools, while fun and interesting, are also potentially important as business intelligence and data mining tools and increasingly useful to track the efficacy of offline marketing. Whatever their problems and challenges today, these tools will ultimately improve and become important to marketers as they coordinate "integrated" campaigns across traditional and Internet media. Yahoo has very self-consciously used its [...]

Inform To Power Site Search, Content Aggregation For Major Publishers

According to the Wall Street Journal (subscription required), "Inform Technologies LLC, which is based in New York, said 16 online publications plan to include its new search function. Among them are WashingtonPost.Newsweek Interactive's and Conde Nast's" Inform began life a couple of years ago as a consumer destination site and news aggregator. Failing to gain traction (partly because it was too complex), it more recently reinvented itself as a publisher site search and platform provider. The idea behind using Inform's technology is to provide better on-site sea [...]

Topix Transforms Into Community Generated Local News Site

This evening Topix is doing something entirely logical and taking a big risk at the same time. The site, which has been a "top 25" news destination, is now effectively flipping its model and going from being a news aggregator with comments and community at the margins to a community generated local news site with wire service feeds. It effectively creates a news blog for every zip in the United States. And Topix seeks human writers to help create and edit those local news pages. The risky part is that strategy shift brings with it all the uncertainty and potentially uneven quality of so-call [...]

Google News: Top Of Mind, Even If Not Top Of Traffic

I've often written about how Google News comes under far more criticism and attention than its apparent usage as a news resource, considering other sites like Yahoo News have more traffic. Is Google News the Tail Wagging the News Search Dog? from Greg Jarboe at Search Engine Watch tries to understand the Google News obsession. [...]

News Search + Personalization + Social Media = Wikio

Wikio is a relatively new startup that blends articles from major news web sites and blogs with commentary and tags from Wikio users. It also offers powerful search and customization options that go beyond what you find at most other "media harvesting" sites on the web. Google News offers personalization, but doesn't let you choose your own sources or interact with other users. allows you to comment on news stories and participate in forums, but doesn't let you add tags or vote for your favorite stories. Digg lets you vote and comment on stories, but doesn't offer any personalizat [...] And Tribune In Mutual Classifieds Syndication Deal

Back in March, 2006 newspaper publishers The Tribune Co., Gannett and KnightRidder (now McClatchy) acquired 75% of news aggregation and community site But with the exception of a minor placement of a "contextually relevant news" box on content pages of some of those sites, the newspaper owners haven't done very much with Topix. Now, however, Tribune has struck a deal that has Topix providing content and a back-end platform for general merchandise classifieds on their newspaper sites. (Tribune is currently trying to sell itself.) Consumers will be able to upload images and text de [...]

Q&A With Gabe Rivera, Creator Of Techmeme

Over the past decade, I've seen a lot of search tools that were supposed to transform my life. Few of them have. But Techmeme was one of those. When it kicked off back in September 2005, I wrote a review, gave it a preliminary thumbs-up and soon found myself addicted. It has become my newspaper, my front page guide to what's going in the blogosphere relating to tech. I met Techmeme creator Gabe Rivera in person for the first time last August, during the Search Engine Strategies conference in San Jose. I roped him into being on the Meet The Blog & Feed Search Engines panel at the [...]

Google News Mobile Now Customizable

Via Nathan Weinberg, Steve Rubel finds that you can now customize the news on your Google Mobile News page. A new link that reads "» Customize this page" takes you to a page where you can add keyword specific searches to your mobile news page, you can also add or remove news categories on that page, finally, you can order the categories on the page. I have more screen captures here... [...]

Some Of Digg’s Ban Domain List

The 10e20 blog complies a list of the sites they know are banned from There has been a recent wave of Digg bans, and reportedly, once your banned, you cannot get back in. Here is a current list of banned sites as per 10e20's post. Online Marketing Blog DigitalPoint Forums John Chow Squidoo by Seth Godin Text Link Ads SEO News Blog Ecademy Search Bliss Connected Internet Real Estate Webmasters Rock My Monkey Paul Stamatiou Paula Mooney Good to keep tabs... [...]

The New Digg Features Plus, A Submitter’s Perspective

Today, Kevin Rose announced the release of new Digg features. What most people covered in the release were all the cool additions, but no one really talked about the small changes that have drastically affected submitters. Before I dig into these small changes that affected submitters, here is a quick recap of the new features that everyone is talking about: Digg is now made for big widescreen monitors. If you have a large monitor the site will now adjust the content so you can make use of your entire screen. Each section on Digg now has a top 10 story listing on the right si [...]

Frontline Special On News To Include Search Engines

Next month, PBS's Frontline will have a special on the current state of news reporting. Both Google and Yahoo will be taking part in the extensive series. From the show description: FRONTLINE interviews TV executives from ABC to The Daily Show, current and former TV anchors -- including Charles Gibson, Dan Rather, Connie Chung and Ted Koppel -- bloggers, Webcasters, and executives at Google and Yahoo! News, to see where the news business is headed and who is going to pay for serious news reporting. Check it out next month, beginning January 9. [...]

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