The “Anyone Know” Search: How Twitter Is Good For More Than Brand Monitoring

Many marketers understand Twitter search is a powerful way to monitor brand mentions and reach out to customers. But I think few realize what a powerful platform it provides to reach out on non-branded generic mentions. To better illustrate this, let me introduce the "Anyone Know" Twitter search. Actually, I'll explain "Anyone Know" toward the end of this article. To provide the right context for it, I first need to cover the brand monitoring that's already so well known. Brand Monitoring On Twitter Comcast is the classic brand monitoring story, covered over and over again. Comcast wa [...]

OneRiot Leaves Beta With New Home Page, Focus On Trending Topics

As it turns a year old, OneRiot has removed the "beta" label from its real-time search engine, and simultaneously launched a new home page that focuses on trending topics. As you can see from the screenshot below, the site's home page now offers a more compelling glance at what's buzzing right now in the news. OneRiot says its new home page is powered by a "Trending Topics Engine," and offers an extremely detailed explanation of the technology behind it. Today we’re launching our new Trending Topics Engine. This leverages our patented PulseRank technology and realtime index of the [...]

The Twitter Search Revolution: Popular & Promoted Tweets Mature The Service

Within the past month, Twitter Search has radically matured. It has gained "relevant" tweets in addition to search ads. The changes are as much a revolution as when web search engines increased their relevancy and integrated search ads a decade ago. Searchers, search marketers -- take notice! Below, a guide to what's happened and what may come. Relevancy Ranking Vs. "Recency" Ranking To fully understand how radically Twitter Search has changed, let's compare to Google. When you search on Google, the results are generally listed in order of relevancy. That relevancy isn't always perfec [...]

The Twitter Search Landscape

Twitter reports serving 19 billion searches per month, and that doesn't even count Twitter-powered searches at the major search engines of Google, Yahoo and Bing. Where are all those searches happening? Who are the big players in Twitter search? No one really knows so far, which makes life tough for search marketers trying to decide where to begin with this growing market. But a good starting point is always traffic. Those with the most traffic usually deserve the most attention from marketers. So below, my top list of Twitter search services to watch, listed in order of what I guess ar [...]

TweetUp Scores Its Own Search Column In TweetDeck

TweetUp, the new AdWords-like ad platform for Twitter has added a prime, new publishing partner: the popular Twitter client, TweetDeck. In an email to early TweetUp members, founder Bill Gross explains how TweetUp's sponsored listings will be integrated in TweetDeck: TweetDeck will feature a separate search column for TweetUp results, where users can see continually updated results showing the best tweeters on topics of interest. The email also says that TechCrunch will test ways to distribute TweetUp ads, "including a TweetUp search field, roll-over pop-ups tied to key words in their [...]

CrowdEye Reloads With Entire Twitter Firehose

Real-time/Twitter search engine CrowdEye says it has "totally rebuilt" its site and is now using Twitter's "Firehose" data feed. The site offers a handful of new features, most of which are available in the left-column of a CrowdEye search results page. The new options include: Filtering between tweets or links A 14-day archive of tweets and the ability to drill into tweets on a day-by-day basis Filtering by positive or negative sentiment Filtering by location, even when a Twitter user hasn't included location in his/her tweet Sorting the results by either relevance or time (uppe [...]

The Origin Of #nickcleggsfault & Getting To More Relevant Tweets

Yesterday, I moderated a panel on real time search where one of the topics was how to get the balance between showing recent tweets versus the most "relevant" ones right. Today, there came a perfect example to test -- the trending topic of #nickcleggsfault. For those unfamiliar with Nick Clegg, he's the leader of the Liberal Democrat party in the United Kingdom, the "third party" behind the Labour and Conservative parties. Clegg made an unexpected strong showing during a recent televised debate, completely changing the dynamics of the election that's in progress. The Trending Of #nickcle [...]

Twitter Does 19 Billion Searches Per Month, Beating Yahoo & Bing (Sort Of)

How many searches does Twitter handle per month? We've finally got a figure: 19 billion. That has Twitter doing over nearly five times the queries that Bing handles and about 20% of those that mega search star Google processes. But hang on. Even Twitter cofounder Ev Williams says the figures aren't all apple to apples. At Twitter's Chirp conference today, Williams said that Twitter does about 600 million queries per day. Catching him after his talk, I followed up to gather some more specific figures. So Twitter does 18 billion searches a month, working off the 600 million per day figure? [...]

Twitter To Launch Its Advertising Platform Tuesday

Hot on the heels of the TweetUp announcement comes news that Twitter plans to announce its own advertising platform on Tuesday. The New York Times says the program will be called "Promoted Tweets." The advertising program, which Twitter calls Promoted Tweets, will show up when Twitter users search for keywords that the advertisers have bought to link to their ads. Later, Twitter plans to show promoted posts in the stream of Twitter posts, based on how relevant they might be to a particular user. Several companies will run ads, including Best Buy, Virgin America, Starbucks and Bravo. AdAge [...]

TweetUp Brings AdWords Concept To Twitter

Bill Gross, who all but created paid search in the late 1990s when he founded, has launched TweetUp, an advertising ecosystem that does for Twitter search what AdWords (and other paid search platforms) does for web search. It's not officially tied to Twitter, and will compete with Twitter's expected ad platform (whenever it launches). Twitter users -- individuals and companies -- can bid on keywords and have their profile or individual tweets show up in Tweetup's sponsored listings when someone performs a Twitter search. Advertisers will initially pay on a cost-per-impression basis [...]

Sency Wants To Keep Real-Time Search Simple

Evan Britton attended the '140' Twitter conference in Los Angeles last fall, went home and hired a programmer via Craigslist, and days later had launched a real-time search engine called Sency. That's only possible when you keep things simple, and simplicity is what Britton hopes will distinguish Sency in the growing field of real-time search engines. "We're not trying to build a site for the most tech-savvy individuals," Britton says. "We're going after the mom-and-pop searchers." To be sure, Sency is simple enough for moms, pops, and pretty much anyone to understand. Do a search and th [...]

How To Find The Right People To Follow On Twitter

While many of us in the marketing world tend to focus on how many followers we have and how to get more, for many Twitter users the other side of that coin is a real challenge: How do I find good people to follow on Twitter? Twitter itself has underscored the challenge as far back as March 2009 when it began showing a Suggested Users list to new users. Just a couple months ago, Twitter expanded its suggested users into about 20 categories and made those suggestions available to all users, not just new signups. Still, whether you're looking for friends, strangers or companies to follow, [...]

Live Blogging SXSW: Can The Real Time Web Be Realized?

I'm here at SXSW waiting for the Can the Real-Time Web Be Realized? panel to begin. I'll be liveblogging what happens, so stay tuned. Search engines have certainly jumped to add in ways to find real-time content. This panel features reps from three of them talking: Google, Microsoft and Collecta. Plus, you’ve got real-time guru Marshall Kirkpatrick in the mix. It won’t all be search, I’m sure, but it’s going to come up. Our speakers, pictured above, from left to right: Marshall Kirkpatrick, ReadWriteWeb Jack Moffitt, Collecta Brett Slatkin, Google Scott R [...]

Collecta Launches Mobile Version Of Real-Time Search Engine

Collecta has just announced the launch of a mobile version of its real-time search engine. The mobile site is available at Like it main site, Collecta mobile includes real-time news, photos, and status updates from more than 10 million content sources -- from Twitter to Flickr and CNN and blogs. The mobile site is available on the iPhone, Droid, Palm and Nokia Maemo. As you can see from the screenshots (below) that Collecta provided, the company is hoping to take advantage of the interest in real-time news and information surrounding the upcoming SXSW conference. [...]

Eye Tracking Study: Users Largely Blind To Real-Time Results In Search

Online marketing firm OneUpWeb recently conducted an eye-tracking study about the impact of integrating real-time data into search results. The study involved 44 people divided into two groups: "consumers" and "information foragers." The difference between the groups involved the tasks they were given: The first group was told to search for a product they might buy, and were called the "consumer" group. The second group was told to simply look for information on a product, and were called the "forager" group. The study, conducted last month, sought to answer the following questions: Does [...]

Collecta Widget Brings Real-Time Search Results To Any Site

Collecta has announced the availability of a new widget that allows any webmaster/blogger to show real-time search results on a web page. The widget builder is available now at, and includes several customization options including widget title, header background image, and even use of an external CSS file. It appears that the size of the widget can be adjusted by editing the code created by the widget builder. The builder creates a short piece of iframe-based code for embedding; WordPress bloggers can also use a plugin to add the widget to their blogs. You can see th [...]

Factery Labs’ New Fact Engine: Just What Real-Time Search Needs

Not a month goes by without someone launching a new real-time search engine; but after trying out most of them, there are few I use on a regular basis. Factery Labs is about to change that with today's launch of its real-time fact engine at 1:00 pm ET. Where other real-time search engines focus on hot tweets, popular links, and the like, Factery Labs skips all that and surfaces the facts behind the day's trending news. (image provided by Factery Labs) On the screenshot above (you can click for a larger version on Flickr), Factery Labs is showing hot topics like "california storms" an [...]

Collecta Launches Dedicated Real-Time MySpace Search

Collecta has announced a real-time search tool that taps into content posted on MySpace. The dedicated MySpace search includes the public comments, blog posts, videos, photos, and links that are posted by MySpace users. It can be accessed at for now, and Collecta says the MySpace content will eventually be incorporated into its primary real-time search results on Just a couple weeks ago, OneRiot announced that it's indexing and including MySpace content in its search results. Google has also said it'll include MySpace updates in its real-time search result [...]

Google & Bing’s Unequal Facebook Status Update Deals

Last week, Google seemingly caught up with Bing in the war over status updates from social sites, announcing a deal to get real time information from Facebook. In reality, Bing's receiving more complete information. Both Google and Bing have coveted the "status updates" that users make on social sites like Twitter and Facebook. Our What Is Real Time Search? Definitions & Players explains how status updates, also called microblogging, works at these places. Updates often contain great content, such as information that doesn't exist anywhere else on the web or which can be mined [...]

Search & Real Time Madness

Make no mistake. I think real time search is indeed one of the most exciting developments that's happened in the search space in years. But I also think search engines are acting a bit like cats getting a sniff of catnip. They're high on real time search and acting kind of crazy. This week, Google rolled out real time search integrated into its main results. It's a dynamic, scrolling display of the latest tweets and other content that matches what you're searching for. Google search results that are scrolling? Think about that. Four years ago, Google quite famously said there woul [...]

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