Will Social Nets Replace Search For Content Discovery?

Nielsen offers a blog post that shows the various ways that people discover content online. Search is at the top, followed by "portals" (which feature search boxes); at the other end are blogs and social networks. However Nielsen argues that certain categories of people are increasingly social media tools as content discovery sources: We saw the power of opinions posted online in our global study earlier this year about trust in advertising, and the point came up again in our recent findings. Social media is becoming a core product research channel. Almost 15 percent of Socializers most trust [...]

10 SEO Tips For Maximizing Facebook Visibility

No discussion of social media's effect on organic search results is complete without considering Facebook's well-laid play for "search" domination, in a closed-loop-members-only end run around Google's public algorithmic crawl. With 250 million users, the recent purchase of friendFeed and newly offered ability to search at macro and/or granular users' network levels, Facebook's internal community-search platform may well threaten other search models by sheer magnitude of participation and users' trust of their friends, extended networks and themed groups. Why SEO for Facebook is now cruc [...]

OneRiot Offers Twitter Search … With a Twist

Whenever the subject of real-time search and/or Twitter search comes up, someone inevitably argues that there's too much noise to make it worthwhile; there are too many random conversations and meaningless chatter to find anything of value. It's a generally fair argument. But one company thinks it's found a way to cut through some of that noise. OneRiot, a real-time search engine for web and video content, has launched a new Twitter search engine with a unique angle: Rather than focus on what people are saying, the search engine focuses on the web pages people are linking to. "Our approa [...]

Wikia Search To Close Up Shop

News.com reports that Wikia Search is giving up and closing up shop. Search Wikia launched an alpha release in January 2008, where Chris Sherman gave it a poor review. Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikia, told News.com "It was going to take at least an another year to two before it's usable by the public, and we can't afford that right now." Due to the economy and the need to get to "profitability" right now, Wikia Search needs to shut down. Two full-time employees will be out of a job due to the decision. Wales said that Wikia Search only had 10,000 unique users a month over the past six mo [...]

Twitter Search: Not Your Friend If You Tweet Something Bad

Did you Twitter something embarrassing? Don't think deleting your tweet or locking your Twitter feed means what you said goes away. Twitter Search still makes it available, which one job applicant may have found to their loss. Hutch Carpenter covers how one Twitter user named TheConnor said on Twitter that Cisco offered them a job. But the full message is what may have gotten this person in trouble: Cisco just offered me a job! Now I have to weigh the utility of a fatty paycheck against the daily commute to San Jose and hating the work. Soon after, Tim Levad, Business Development Manager [...]

Will the “Deep Web” Slay Google?

There are arguably two parallel tracks in the "what will succeed Google?" meme. An emerging one is "will the feds intervene to block Google?" The second is much older and involves the hypothetical "semantic web" or sometimes "deep web." Essentially this asks, "who will do search better than Google?" (A third line of argument might surround "social search.") Two pieces in two days in the NY Times reflect the two former strands. The first article is Everyone Loves Google, Until It’s Too Big and picks up on the monopoly discussion. I responded over the weekend on my personal blog Screenwerk. [...]

FriendFeed Improves Search Features

FriendFeed, which launched in 2007, has grown tremendously. A recent blog post announces that they have improved their search features. The new features include: Search for words only in entry titles or in comments [intitle:superbowl] - entries that mention "Superbowl" in the title Search for only entries that were liked or commented on by specific friends [like:bret football] - entries about football that Bret has liked Search for entries with a minimum number of likes or comments [comments:5 friendfeed] - entries that mention FriendFeed with at least 5 comments Exclude terms from [...]

5 (More) Search Tools You May Not Know … But Should

How would you like to track hot news geographically? Or see where social conversations are happening on a map? Maybe you'd like to find businesses that are open 24 hours a day, or research keywords on a state-by-state basis. If so, read on for a look at five search tools you may not know about, but should. About two months ago, we published 7 Search Tools You May Not Know ... But Should. That became a popular article and let us know that we should continue uncovering largely unknown search tools in future articles. So, here's the second in an irregular series of posts about search tools you [...]

Find Friends On Twitter With Twitter People Search

Twitter announced that you can now use their people search feature to find friends, family or colleagues that are using Twitter. For example, I wanted to see if any of my immediate family is on Twitter, so I searched for schwartz. It looks like I am the most popular Schwartz on Twitter (ahem). But it does list another 233 people with the name Schwartz, so I will scan through them to see if I know anyone. I do wish there was an RSS flavor for this search, so I can track particular names. But the normal Twitter Search has RSS, so that works. [...]

AOL Debuts Bebo “Social Inbox”

AOL is repositioning or perhaps enhancing Bebo as a kind of dashboard for the internet using the concept of a "social inbox." The Wall Street Journal has coverage of what's at stake for AOL and the challenges facing social media ad revenues. The social inbox idea is about aggregation of content and services (e.g., email) from a range of third parties and partners in one place. The press release describes the strategy: The new aggregation and update features delivered by Bebo go a long way toward solving the main problem facing consumers online, namely, a cluttered social networking experi [...]

Me.dium Changes Name To OneRiot, Launches Social Search Engine

OneRiot, the company formerly known as Me.dium, has launched OneRiot.com, a social search engine that crawls and indexes the pages viewed by OneRiot toolbar users. The idea behind OneRiot is to measure the "pulse" of the web by offering search results ranked by what searchers are actually viewing at the moment, rather than by more traditional methods such as link analysis. "Pulse" is a measure of several factors, including popularity of a page, video, news story or other type of content. According to OneRiot's FAQ: "If a website, video or news story is generating a lot of buzz and energy wi [...]

Tip’d: Social Community For Economic News Launches

Hoping to cash in on the increased awareness and interest in financial and economic news, a group of search and social media marketers have launched Tip'd, a social community for the financial industry. If you're familiar with digg, mixx, or sphinn, you'll understand how Tip'd works: Users submit and vote ("Tip It" or "Topple") on stories, leave comments, share interesting stories with friends, and so forth. Where Tip'd is unique is its focus specifically on financial content. Categories include Stocks, Green, Economy, and Real Estate, among others. "Social news in the traditional fo [...]

Watching The Presidential Debate? Use New Twitter Election Site To Share What You Think

Twitter announced the launch of Election 2008 on Twitter. The mashup brings together all US political discussions around the 2008 elections from Twitter. For example, I twittered, "Will McCain do the debate? Honestly just testing election.twitter.com" and it showed up seconds later on election.twitter.com. Here is a screen capture of the Twitter Elections mashup: There are other Twitter mashups for the elections: Politweets CSpan's RNC CSpan's DNC Perspctv Current TV's plan to Hack The Debate [...]

Twitter & Summize Tie The Knot

The rumors that Twitter will be buying Summize have now been confirmed. Twitter, the popular micro-blogging platform, has acquired Summize, a search engine that searches Twitter. You can read all the news at Techmeme and also make sure to check out Danny's write up on Summize named Summize Gains "Local" Twitter Search Option. [...]

Me.dium Launches “Real Time” Social Search

Me.dium has introduced a social search engine that blends results from a "real time" index of what people are currently viewing online with Yahoo's full-scale web index. The result is something I've not seen elsewhere—and despite my long time skepticism regarding social search, this approach actually holds promise for delivering a unique view of relevant content on the web. The current alpha version of Me.dium Social Search is obviously a work in process, with lots of rough edges and spurious results for many queries. But it also provides a glimpse of the web that you won't find in the [...]

Search 4.0: Social Search Engines & Putting Humans Back In Search

Previously I've covered what I dubbed Search 3.0, how search engines have evolved toward blending vertical or specialized results into "regular" web listings. Today, the step beyond that: Search 4.0, how personal, social and human-edited data can be used to refine search results. The Search Evolution So Far Before going ahead, let me summarize what I covered in my past article, in terms of how search engines have changed over time to create and rank the results you get when doing a search: Search 1.0 (1996): Pages ranked using "on-the-page" criteria Search 2.0 (1998): Pages [...]

Microsoft Joins The Social Bookmarking Game

Microsoft's John Martin has shared a preview of the new Microsoft social bookmarking tool that will be demonstrated at the TechEd North America event in the upcoming week. John provided a shortlist of features and two screen captures of the social bookmarking tool at his blog post. Based on the limited detail I can see, the tool is not all that innovative when compared to Delicious and other social bookmarking tools out there today. It seems that you can bookmark any URL across the web then apply tags to those URLs and also save the bookmarks in the "new My Bookmarks tool." The screen [...]

You Can Search Techmeme

You can now search for past Techmeme articles directly on the site or at http://techmeme.com/search/. Techmeme's founder, Gabe Rivera, announced the new feature today at his blog. He explained that the Techmeme search engine only searches full headlines on Techmeme, in reverse chronological order but not "discussions" listed under the headlines. You can search in two primary ways: (1) Search for title or the first couple of sentences, and (2) Search for full article text The default search is by title and first couple sentences, but you can change that option at the Techmeme se [...]

From My Inbox: Some Search Tools To Check Out

After Yahoo-Microsoft madness, there's been a bit of a lull so I'm cleaning out my inbox and wanted to mention a few items that might be of interest. Below, a way to quickly search blogs & social media sites all at once, a new video search tool, a study into automatic search queries, an awesome Twitter search tool, a way to track search rankings over time, and a compilation of Google help info for site owners, from Google, in PDF form. Plus, a way to see headlines from blogs and news sites in a variety of subjects, including search marketing. Addict-o-matic From Dave Pell of Rollyo, it l [...]

SMX Social: Just What Did Calacanis Say About SEO & More Recaps

At our SMX Social Media Marketing conference this week, we had a great panel on the future of human powered search. Jason Calacanis of Mahalo, Jimmy Wales of Wikia Search, and Steven Marder of Eurekster all took part. Jason had some remarks on SEO that set off the usual wave of upset. But as I commented to those who weren't at the panel, by the end of Q&A, Jason -- along with Jimmy Wales and Seven Marder -- were agreeing about the usefulness of SEO. It's all down to the definitions. Below you can hear Jason's presentation yourself, then you can hear the Q&A portion that covered search [...]

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