“TV Guide For The Internet” Clicker Comes Out Of Beta

The label, "TV Guide for the internet," doesn't fully capture the intent or the extent of Clicker. We first wrote about the site when it appeared at the TechCrunch50 event. It was then in a closed beta. However today, a mere 58 days later, the site launches to the public with a number of new features and additional content. Former Ask CEO Jim Lanzone, now the CEO of Clicker, has described the site as "the first structured, comprehensive and unbiased programming guide for internet television." And in today's press release the site calls itself "Complete Programming Guide for Internet Televis [...]

Bing Launches New Video Portal With Help From MSN

Bing and MSN have combined to create Bing Videos, a new video portal that combines the content from MSN Videos with Bing's search technology. According to today's announcement (and more here), the new site combines videos from a variety of sources. The former MSN Videos offered original programming, as well content from the likes of MSNBC, Fox Sports, National Geographic, and others. Bing Videos will house that content, and offer web-based videos from sites like YouTube, Hulu, MySpace, and others. Videos are organized into a handful of categories (News, Sports, TV Shows, etc.) and th [...]

Clicker: More Than Just A Video Search Engine

It may have a search box and look like a video search engine but Clicker is not according to CEO and co-founder Jim Lanzone. In a way this may seem like a strange position to take given that Lanzone was the very partisan CEO of search engine Ask. But while Clicker does index video it primarily relies on structured data to organize and present content. It thus offers a richer and more complete user experience than can a pure video search engine, which is just crawling and relying on metadata. Metaphorically speaking there's as much Yahoo Directory in here as Google. Lanzone in his demo a [...]

Five More Search Tools You May Not Know … But Should

Have you ever needed to see the search results for another city -- maybe because you want to see what PPC ads are shown somewhere else? Have you ever needed to see search results from a different country, or in a different language? Maybe you're into real time search, and you'd love a place to find the latest photos and videos being shared on Twitter. Or perhaps you're planning a vacation abroad, but you're not sure when is the best time to visit Europe. It's time again for another roundup of the latest and greatest search tools and search engines, and in this article, I'll share five such [...]

AOL’s Truveo Relaunches As Improved Video Search Destination

According to comScore the average watcher of online video in the US took in 385 minutes-worth in April. And according to Nielsen, in May, "year-over-year, unique viewers, total streams, streams per viewer and time per viewer were up, led by a 49 percent growth in time per viewer." The leading video site is Google/YouTube by a large margin with almost double the unique users of Fox Interactive Media, the next ranking US online video provider. After that it becomes much more competitive. Against that backdrop of intense competition and increasing consumer demand for online video, AOL's video [...]

Hulu Traffic Controversy Pits comScore Against Nielsen

In the world of competition between and among websites, search engines and online publishers there is also the "behind the scenes" competition between Nielsen and comScore. Both want to be the source of record for traffic data and both are occasionally the subject of controversy. There was the incident early in 2008 where comScore put out a report that Google's paid clicks were down, sending Google shares down. But when Google announced a very strong Q1, comScore shares then took a hit and the company had to go into damage control mode. More recently Nielsen reported that despite Twitter's [...]

Searchme Launches Multimedia Visual Search

Searchme has rolled out what it calls "true" blended search results, combining web, video, images, music and Twitter results organized by their relevance and playable inside the search results page. Searchme displays results as small versions of entire web pages, in a format that looks just like the "cover flow" display in iTunes. I love Searchme as a "recall engine," using it to find web pages or sites that I've previously visited but can't remember the site name or URL. The visual display of results, with the ability to quickly scroll through mini-versions of pages makes it easy to reco [...]

YouTube Is Broken. Here’s How To Fix It

As has anyone in the online industry, I have closely followed the YouTube saga since its acquisition by Google.  Undoubtedly YouTube is one of the greatest success stories of the Internet era, adding users and usage faster than any site ever launched on the web, including MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, and Google.  What is also often missed is that YouTube is the third largest search site on the Web in terms of query volume, behind only Google and Yahoo.  Despite these impressive metrics, YouTube has failed to deliver meaningful revenue and loses approximately $1MM/day due to its huge bandwidt [...]

Google Still Owns Online Video, But Hulu Is Rising

Google remains the dominant player in the online video space, but Hulu is on the rise. It's now the number three video property according to the latest comScore numbers out today. According to comScore, Hulu has passed Yahoo properties and moved into the third spot with 2.6% of all videos viewed during March. Yahoo dropped to fourth with 2.3 million videos watched on its sites. Google properties (primarily YouTube) are still miles ahead of the competition with almost 41% of all videos viewed during the month. ComScore estimates that almost 150 million Internet users watched an averag [...]

Google To Create “Hulu” For Music Video, Moves Toward Inclusion Of More Professional Content On YouTube

YouTube spawned Hulu and Hulu is having a big influence on the future of YouTube. Hulu has had great success with brand advertisers, while YouTube has struggled to sell itself to brands despite being the dominant video site online (see chart below). Accordingly, last month ClickZ reported that YouTube was getting a Hulu-like makeover that would better showcase some of the professionally produced TV and film content YouTube has been working to acquire: The new design will offer four tabs: Movies, Music, Shows, and Videos. The first three tabs will display premium shows, clips, and movies from [...]

Monetizing ‘Copyright Violations’: MTV, MySpace & Auditude Announce Ad Deal

We all know the history of the Viacom and YouTube litigation: users relentlessly uploaded clips of The Daily Show and other premium content to YouTube. Viacom didn't like the "settlement" deal Google offered after it acquired the site and so Viacom sued for a billion dollars in copyright violations. That suit may partly succeed or may fail spectacularly for Viacom. But the paradigm has now been superceded by technology offered by a company called Auditude. The company's technology is being used by MTV (whose parent company is Viacom) to deliver ads on videos uploaded by users to MySpace. [...]

VideoSurf Is Now Live

VideoSurf, the new video search engine that I uncharacteristically raved about a little over a month ago, is now live for everyone to use. As I wrote then, "VideoSurf is one of the most innovative, radically different approaches to video search (or any kind of search for that matter) that I’ve ever seen. Even better: It delivers highly relevant search results—something most video search services fall sadly short on for many types of searches." The good news: it's still just as good (if not better) than it was when I saw the private beta. If you're looking for a good alternative to the v [...]

Careful: Video Solutions & Video SEO Are Not The Same

Where 2 Get It, a location based services and mapping solutions provider for businesses, recently announced its own video search engine optimization solution: video inside landing pages for local businesses. However is this really Video SEO, or just SEO which happens to include video? With declarations about Video SEO like those in Where 2 Get It's recent press release announcing it as "one of the fastest-growing Internet search trends," it's easy to see why more companies are now promoting and augmenting their own marketing solutions with this same term. However, I often find this wider us [...]

Truveo Says It’s The Most Comprehensive Video Search Provider

An internal Truveo study conducted during the past month found that Truveo has a more comprehensive video search coverage than its top competitors. According to Truveo it undertook the study itself because "there is no major testing organization, publication or consulting firm publicly conducting ongoing quality studies of video search engines." Included in the study were Blinkx, Google Video, Microsoft Live Video Search and Yahoo Video search, in addition to Truveo. YouTube was not included because it's not considered by Truveo to be a "video search engine." Truveo indexes YouTube results. [...]

VideoSurf: New, Genuinely Radical Video Search

I'm generally not given to hyperbole or breathless enthusiasm when writing about a new search service. Quite the opposite, in fact—over the decade I've covered search I've seen so many so-called "radically new" approaches that are simply updates or spins on existing technologies that I've grown a bit jaded. But not after seeing a demo of VideoSurf. I'll echo the headline for this post: VideoSurf is one of the most innovative, radically different approaches to video search (or any kind of search for that matter) that I've ever seen. Even better: It delivers highly relevant search results [...]

Is Google Universal Search A Walled Garden?

Although Google Universal Search (GUS) is still very much in flux, it's been a part of the SEO landscape for a while now. In that time, there have been some good studies about how often GUS presents video results, and some research into how it ranks videos versus text pages. One aspect of GUS that's been mentioned anecdotally is its preference for videos hosted by other Google properties: YouTube and Google Video. A few explanations have been offered for this behavior: 1) Google Video and YouTube have the largest archive of videos on the Web, so the odds of these two sites having a re [...]

Google Video Now Offering “Personalized” Video Recommendations

The Google Video Blog announced the launch of personalized video recommendations based on your search history. To see them, make sure you are logged into Google and visit video.google.com. In the middle of the page, you should see, "Recommended videos." Google uses your past search history and your past video viewing history to compile your personalized video recommendation list. You can view up to six recommended videos at any time, and there is a next button to see more. Here are my recommended videos: Notice a couple from Matt Cutts, one on Linux and then a few on Jewish topics. [...]

Blinkx Offers “Red Label” Video Syndication Product

Video search engine Blinkx, which has offered white label video search for some time, has introduced what it's calling "blinkx Red Label." It's basically an API and hosted solution that allows smaller sites to use the service entirely for free. Larger sites with more volume are required to monetize the pages themselves or Blinkx will provide ads. Revenues are shared. Among others, Blinkx competes with AOL's Truveo in the white label video search game. From the press release: Under the terms of a Red Label agreement, blinkx will deploy and power its patented video search technology on custo [...]

Hulu Embeds Search In The Video Player

Hulu, trying to drive more video streams and ad views, has embedded a search box in the upper right of its syndicated video player, according to the Hulu blog. Search results appear on screen and, when clicked, initiate a new video stream in the player. Ads generally appear before the next video. Here are some screens: The strategy makes sense given Hulu's relatively small destination traffic and the need to create more reach: The site also established a YouTube channel to gain more distribution and exposure. [...]

Searching The Web For News Video

Recent data from comScore Video Metrix shows that consumers viewed 11.5 billion online videos in March of 2008, a whopping 64% gain versus March of 2007. This means that 73.7% of the US Internet population is now watching video online. While videos of pandas sneezing on YouTube make up millions of these monthly video views, consumers are also increasingly turning to the Internet to watch news video. But how are consumers finding the wealth of news video content available on the Web? And are search engines playing a major role? DoubleClick Performics, in partnership with ROI Research, rec [...]

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