Once Were Vikings: Search Marketing In The Nordics

Norway, Iceland, Sweden, Finland, Denmark @aznos And the winner of this year's European Search Personality award is… Kristjan Mar Hauksson! With Kristjan being from Iceland, it seems the time is due for a focus on the Nordics. Those who know the region may be thinking fjords, mountains, forests, lakes, volcanoes, kings and castles. Or perhaps you're thinking about small search volumes, higher than average CPCs (compared to other European markets), and high conversion rates? Ever since I expatriated to France, I have been observing with interest the search marketing landscape in my home country of Denmark and its Nordic neighbours. An [...]

Deliver Transformational SEO Performance With Simple Techniques


I find huge value in big site analysis, as the subtleties of prioritisation can have multi-million dollar impact for a business. This analysis can be informative about approaching a new SEO strategy for any site, and reveal a few truths about the true value of a number of SEO techniques.

The B2B Marketer’s Guide to Baidu SEO

Chinese search engine market share diagram Baidu is the most popular search engine in China, which makes it a very powerful channel for B2B marketers in the global market. As of November 2013, Baidu held 63.55% of the search engine market share in China. The other two big players in the market are 360 with 21.84% of the market and Sogou at 10.53%. For any B2B company with a Chinese website, optimizing for Baidu is a necessity. While it's important to keep 360 and Sogou in mind as well, both are very new search engines that only recently emerged in the China market, so there's not much documentation out yet on SEO guidelines. [captio [...]

The Global SEO & Content Marketing Landscape

Worldwide Internet Audience Search unifies people across the globe, and search engines are the catalyst for making that connection. For global brands, optimizing for different search engines and different cultures increases awareness, visibility, traffic and conversions. Global SEO and content marketing are more important than ever! The 2013 year saw search engine heroes and underdogs fight for their share of market across the globe. Here in the U.S., Google continued to dominate the U.S. search market, and Yahoo saw a steady decline while Bing consistently grew. Globally, Google reigned in terms of overall reach, [...]

A Mature Digital Marketing Industry Provides SEO Opportunity For Small & Ambitious Businesses

Localisation Opportunities for Small Business & Large Alike

As we are approaching the end of the year, I thought it would be worth reviewing 2013 from the perspective of a UK based SEO with a diverse range of multinational clients and what opportunities lie ahead for all things SEO.

Global SEO And Localization Excellence – What Localization Really Is

Global SEO And Localization Excellence -Global SEO Priorities Enterprise SEO marketers developing a global footprint see tremendous value in global SEO. Targeting greater performance from global search engines is a top priority for enterprise search marketers since it is a gateway to increase leads, conversions and revenue. Successful global SEO can translate to even greater marketing ROI since extending SEO success to global markets can be built on the reuse and repurposing of existing investments in people, content and best practices. Marketers need a global, connected approach to SEO marketing to realize these benefits. Global SEO Is All About O [...]

Global Issues Shift Global SEO & SEM Budgets Even Faster To Asia

Global Budget Allocations Q1 v Q2. Source:Webcertain data It's always interesting to contemplate how global events affect us, even in our own back yards -- and turbulent times have definitely impacted online marketing budgets. An analysis of several hundred clients with online marketing initiatives spanning over 100 regions around the world clearly shows that shifts in budget allocation reflect the stories we see on our TV screens each evening. The big winner here? Asia. The data below look at the shift in budget allocations among regions between Q1 and Q2 in 2013. These figures are for US and UK businesses which are investing in the global SEO [...]

Baidu Reseller Opens US Office, Aims To Lower Barriers For US Advertisers

baidu china search international China's dominant search engine, Baidu, offers huge potential for marketers seeking to connect with Chinese consumers. Yet, for US companies, there are several barriers to entry that haven't made it worth the hassle -- for starters, all documentation is in Mandarin and ads and landing pages need to be written in Chinese to see any level of success. To further open up the Chinese search market to US companies, China Search International, a Baidu reseller that helps foreign companies advertise on the search engine, has set up shop in the US. China Search International (CSI) has offices in S [...]

Master The Management Of International SEO Services Vendors

Vendor Management Priorities. Source:Webcertain Today, I’d like to address an increasingly significant and treacherous topic for global marketers, a topic which I believe is insufficiently discussed -- vendor management. The issues surrounding vendor management are principally related to cost, quality and control. First though, we need to put the situation into its wider context. No global agency vendor actually has infinite resources available around the globe. An organization with 500 offices employs a lot of people, has a large overhead and must find cash to fund those people on a daily basis. So, when the CMO says, "We need this [...]

Bienvenue En France: How To Do Search Marketing With A French Flavor

CPC & Searches in France, Germany, UK A while back, Rand Fishkin of Moz visited Paris for the SMX conference held there. One of the things he mentioned to me was how surprised he was at some of the misconceptions that exist. "Paris doesn't live up to any of its stereotypes," he said. "There's dog crap on the streets. Service folks, even at busy restaurants, are incredibly friendly." A few weeks prior, I had made a presentation at the International Search Summit in London entitled, "Excuse my French" -- not that I think I have anything to excuse my wife for, nor my friends or colleagues in Paris – more as an attempt to illustr [...]

Budget Flexibility: Accounting For Regional Differences In AdWords

Moving Budgets Across Regions Increases ROI Source:Webcertain Recently, I've been seeing a lot of odd spending patterns in client accounts, especially when it comes to international Google AdWords campaigns. No, I'm not referring to mobile or enhanced campaigns -- I'm talking about to a failure to account for regional differences in how online consumers search and convert. How you approach the issue will depend upon a few different factors, but one thing holds true in all cases: when things don't go according to plan, rigidity in the approach to budgets makes the situation much much worse. Why AdWords Performance Deviates From Expectations Proble [...]

Global Site Infrastructure Plan Essential For Effective SEO & Usability

Targeting the world with a website is a huge opportunity for today's marketers -- but very few businesses start out with that goal. The vast majority target a particular nation first, prove the business model, grow their business' success, and then consider rolling out globally. What this actually means is that most Web projects which target international customers started out as domestic projects which have since been "converted." These multinational websites were usually conceived and built for a domestic audience, then adapted in some way for new customers speaking different languages, i [...]

3 Reasons Why Deploying Hreflang Shouldn’t Be An Auto-Reflex!

I apologize for talking yet again about hreflang -- but there is an important point I really want to make for those working in geo-targeting. For some, "hreflang" is becoming an auto-reflex, and that's definitely not helping their international success. Allow me to explain why. A quick recap of hreflang first. Hreflang is an attribute which can be added to a link element in a page head, an HTTP header or an XML sitemap to indicate a geographic or linguistic preference for a URL; thus, enabling search engines to serve the correct page to searchers based on their language or location. Current [...]

3 Ways To Prioritize Your Global Search Marketing Efforts To Maximize ROI

I was pleased to be part of a great panel at SMX London on prioritizing your search marketing efforts. It included SEO veterans Mikkel deMib Svendsen of deMib.com, Julia Longdon of ContentMango and Dave Davies of Beanstalk. For me, this was an extremely useful session with a huge hidden ROI benefit for search marketers not necessarily obvious in the title of the session. Why? The answer is very simple -- it’s known as the REAL Law, which stands for "Resources for Everyone are Always Limited." Even the largest organization must make choices about what they do with resources. Often, the lar [...]

How Latvia Teaches Us That “Think Global, Act Local” Is No Longer Useful In Search Marketing

Last week, I was lucky to join a number of great speakers at the iLive conference in Riga, Latvia. As with all conferences, I learned a lot. (I simply can't relate to those who go to a conference and say they've heard it all before.) I learned at least as much from the people I met and chatted with -- as well as from the people of Riga and Latvia -- as I did from the conference itself. Latvia -- A Country With A Population Less Than Houston, Texas Latvia is a very small country with a population of just over 2 million people -- around the size of a smallish Chinese or American city. The co [...]

How To Mine Your Local Market Site Search Keyword Goldmine

The lowly keyword phrase seems to be getting more attention these days. Last month, I spoke at SMX West about big data and co-optimization, then finished up at the International Search Summit with global keyword research and management. Based on the recently released 2013 Search Marketer Survey from BrightEdge, it appears as though global search marketing activities might finally be top of mind for search marketers: One of the areas getting a significant boost in interest is the discovery of keywords relevant to global audiences. The BrightEdge  survey of Enterprise Search Marketers ind [...]

The Dangers Of Brainstorming Your International Content Marketing Strategy

Brainstormings are wonderful things, and we creative types really love them! But, the writing is on the wall for brainstormings in international content marketing! We know that content is the new marketing driver which many are talking about. Google has driven us to it with a variety of animals (Pandas and Penguins) and has threatened to unleash even more terrible creatures on our poor quality content this year if we don't behave. Move over Pandas and Penguins, the Tigers are about to be unleashed. So, if you're a global company, it's fair to say that your international content strategie [...]

Why Pay Per Click Is Such A Beautiful Tool For SEO

SEO and PPC fans often find themselves in different parts of the building, on different floors and sometimes on a different planet. This shouldn't really be the case, but is. If you start to think of PPC as a device of SEO, it takes on a very different light and your own attitude shifts slightly. Now, I know you're already ahead of me and thinking of keywords and the dreaded "not provided" category of keywords as the point of this post -- but in fact, that isn't my main point. Rather, the insights which pay per click campaigns deliver to marketers are crucial to making the right decision [...]

What Google’s Webmaster Tools Tells Us About CTR In European Markets

Last time, I was talking about the analysis of click through rates by position based on data from Google's Webmaster Tools and I promised we'd look at a wider range of countries. The chart below shows you exactly that data extracted from a wide range of webmaster data to give some relatively consistent averages. The data covers many tens of thousands of clicks. At first sight, you can see a fairly regular pattern (something we found across most European nations) and since the results are presented in largely similar ways by Google wherever you are, there's a certain inevitability to that. [...]

Content Marketing: What Are The Implications When Working On A Global Scale?

Great Ideas For Reaching A Global Audience - Providing They're Relevant As "online marketing" evolves, you'll note I've used a generic term there rather than SEO -- the titles and descriptions of what we do on a daily basis change as does the focus of the effort. Both "Panda" and "Penguin" in their different ways have had a dramatic influence on how important people think "content" is. That's a huge revelation, of course. Never before had any of us figured out that the giving people access to rich information in the form of "content" could have any relevance whatsovever. (Don't forget my British upbringing and look for the huge irony there, just in case you thi [...]

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