More April Fools: Everything From Tools To Make Your Video Viral To Free Nexus Phones

april-fools-day Yesterday, our editor in chief Matt McGee found a number of Google April Fools jokes already in play, including a Google Maps Pokemon challenge and Google+ David Hasselhoff photobombs. Not wanting Google to be the only one having all the April Fools fun, a number of other companies have released their own April 1st shenanigans. Here's what we have found so far: Bing Sells Link Juice Promising 100 total links, Bing claims its new bottled Link Juice is "loaded with all the nutrients and goodness you need to successfully grow." Shipped in discreet plain brown paper packaging, the snake [...]

Google’s April Fools’ Day Jokes For 2014: Google Maps Pokémon Challenge, Magic Hand & More

google-april-fools Is it just me, or does it seem like Google starts celebrating April Fools' Day earlier and earlier every year? No company on the web takes April 1st more seriously than Google, as we've been covering for years now. So what about this year's April Fools' Day antics? Let's have a look. Google Maps: Pokémon Challenge It was a little past 12 pm ET today (March 31), when the Google Maps team posted its April Fools' Day gag -- the "Pokémon Challenge," a game/adventure where Pokémon masters are tasked with using Google Maps to find game characters out in the wild. Winners will (facetiously) ha [...]

Bing’s April Fools’ Jokes Include A Slam On Google & A New SEO Tag

bing-logo-200 Bing is hopping on the April Fools' Day joke bandwagon later than Google and even Wolfram Alpha, but it's taking a swing at Google in one of the two gags that it just announced via separate blog posts. Bing Basic On its main search blog, Bing has an esoteric blog post that talks about "Bing Basic," a feature that lets searchers experience Bing's home page without the large, colorful and almost always beautiful, clickable photos. The post says Bing is running a test today and, if you know "a certain telltale query," this is what you'll experience:'ll get something a little more bla [...]

Wolfram Alpha “Handwrites” Answers For April Fools’ Day

Move over there just a little bit, Google. Even Wolfram Alpha, the computation knowledge engine (as it calls itself), is getting in on the April Fools' Day gags. For at least a day, the company has announced that it's now the "handwritten knowledge engine." Ask it any question, and Wolfram Alpha shows results that look like someone printed them by hand. Google did something similar a couple years ago when it used the Comic Sans font to display all of its search results. So far this year, nothing from Bing, Yahoo, Blekko or DuckDuckGo for April Fools' Day. Then again, it's stil [...]

Google’s April Fools’ Day 2013 Joke-A-Thon: YouTube Shutdown, Google Nose & More

google-jokes-funny-april-fools-featured April Fool's Day is pretty much like a national ... err, international holiday for everyone that works for Google. It seems that nobody else on the Web takes the tradition of pranks and jokes as seriously as Google does -- just see our coverage from the last few April Fool's Days for proof: Google's Gags Go Worldwide For April Fool's Day 2012 It's Over: Google Has Already Won April Fools Day 2011 Google Books, Google Maps Get 3D View – But Only For April Fool's Day April Fools' Day 2009: Google CADIE & More From Search Industry It may still be March 31st for me, and maybe [...]

Google’s Gags Go Worldwide For April Fool’s Day 2012

google-racing It was right about this time last year when we gave Google the winner's trophy for a series of gags that put all others to shame. We could do the same again right now, because Google has tried to top itself with another round of April Fool's Day jokes that pretty well span the globe of Google's international properties. Below is a recap of Google's (and a few others) pranks, and we'll do our best to update this as the day goes along. Google Racing: Self-Driving Cars Hit NASCAR The main joke at the moment is Google's "announcement" of a partnership with NASCAR called Google Racing, which b [...]

Google Still Delivering On April Fool’s Jokes (AKA, I Got My Finger Sweatbands)

Do you remember this video from a few weeks ago? It was probably the funniest of Google's myriad April Fool's Day jokes. Part of the joke is actually real, as I found out Monday when my friendly mailman visited Casa McGee. Much to my surprise, and probably to the mailman's curiosity, there was a non-descript white envelope with a mailing label that said it's from "Everybody Chromercise" at an address in Aurora, Colorado. The website that Google launched as part of the gag included a form where you could order a set of these finger sweatbands. I assumed it was a dead-e [...]

For April Fools, Google Goes Comic Sans & Ousts Helvetica

Don't tell Google that Comic Sans is dead. The company has announced it's coming back for all products, at least for April Fools Day. The April Fools joke begins with a page explaining that Google has conducted research into various fonts and found through eye tracking that Comic Sans beats other fonts: Comic Sans For Everyone! More fun comes in the form of an extension from Google for its Google Chrome browser. Install Comic Sans For Everyone, and all your search results will appear with that font: But it's not just search results that change. Any site you go to will be Comic [...]

It’s Over: Google Has Already Won April Fools Day 2011

google-april-fools-featured It's not even April 1st in Mountain View, but the April Fools Day comedy game is already over and I'm declaring Google the winner. Hiring autocompleters? YouTube 1911? Gmail Motion? Chromercise? Ding, ding, ding and ding. Game over. If you're planning any big pranks tomorrow, skip it. Below, what's out there now -- and a running update of what else gets discovered as April Fools Day pranks related to search. Google Hiring Autocompleters If you search with Google Instant turned on, you'll see a new link at the bottom of the search suggestions. Google is hiring Autocompleters. That link [...]

How To Leave Your Yacht Out Of A TechCrunch Story

Having your yacht mentioned in a TechCrunch article can be alarming. Follow a few simple guidelines, and maybe you can avoid this. [...]

Google Books, Google Maps Get 3D View – But Only For April Fool’s Day

Earlier today, a Google PR person gave me a pair of 3D glasses at the Where 2.0 conference and said I'd need them tomorrow. Hmm, was Google Maps going 3D? Or maybe an April Fool's joke? But helping my son with his science project tonight, I came across a possible answer -- a new 3D view in Google Books. Here's what I encountered: See the "View in 3D" link? Click on that, and you get this: When viewed with the glasses I was given (standard paper 3D ones), sure, I guess it's a little 3Dish. I looked again through Google Books and found this 3D view option everywhere I looked. [...]

Dream: Google’s “Did You Mean” Meets Kanye West

It's not real. But I sure wish it were, Google going all Kanye West on people searching for Taylor Swift. In the mockup above you can see Google responding "I'm really happy for you, and I'm gonna let you finish your search, but did you mean: beyonce" instead of the usual "Did You Mean" spelling correction. The mockup is from the I Am Bored site, which I found via this discussion by Jess Lee on FriendFeed. And while that might entirely fictional (trust me, it is -- I've tried to reproduce it in various ways. Not. Real.), Yahoo kind of goes all Kanye on its competitors in real life. [...]

April Fools’ Day 2009: Google CADIE & More From Search Industry

It is days like this I dread as a reporter. Today is April Fools Day, and you need to be on the lookout for what is real news and what is fake news. Below, a roundup of some of the April Fools hoaxes from the search industry, starting with Google. With Google, it all starts with their announcement on the launch of CADIE, which is short for Cognitive Autoheuristic Distributed-Intelligence Entity. The write up is extremely geeky, but it basically means that they designed an intelligent computer that is smart enough to do things on its own. This concept expands into dozens of different Google [...]

April Fool’s: Google Lets Business Owners Take Control Of Plus Box

Mike Blumenthal has detailed on his blog how Google is now letting business owners provide the address information that's mapped when a "plus box" is opened in search results associated with their listings. Previously Google determined what address/mapping data to show in the plus box, which resulted in errors on many occasions according to Mike. The move is part of Google's larger effort to let business owners and the community in general take more control of Maps data and listings in an effort to improve their accuracy and quality. Postscript: Mike caught us out! It was an April Fool's jok [...]

Microsoft’s $1 Million Guarantee Program To Win Searchers

Microsoft executives, worried that the plan to acquire Yahoo for an estimated $40 billion might not happen, have hatched an alternative plan that might bring about success over Google at a much cheaper cost. To win in search, Microsoft may pay people not to use Google. And pay a premium, up to $1 million per year, over the next three years, to anyone within the United States. Called the "$1 Million Guarantee Program," the initiative will reward anyone within the United States that agrees to have web surfing monitoring software hooked to their computer. To allay privacy concerns, the [...]

High-Tech Christmas Cookies? Nah, Just A Google News Glitch

A reader spotted a pretty strange story in the Google News Sci/Tech area. Mixed alongside stories about AskEraser, the Space Shuttle launch, and "w00t" being crowned as word of the year was a recipe for Grasshopper Chocolate Chunk Cookies, the lead item for a cluster of Christmas cookie stories. To see a full size screen capture of the page shown in the screenshot above, click here. This comes after Google just announced that their news algorithms are supposed to be more relevant and fresh. [...]

Chewing Gum, Google Universal Search, & Is That A Nude Woman?

Here's latest Google Universal Search funny, this time for chewing gum. Three images at the top. You've got your gumballs, your Juicy Fruit, and your -- um -- naked woman? Yep: You can't really see that much, so I haven't bothered to place a strategic black dot. Those concerned that this might have come up in front of a classroom of kids will be happy to know that if Google SafeSearch is on, then none of the images show. This is because it appears that SafeSearch overrides Google Universal Search image integration, regardless if a picture is explicit or not. I say this because if you do an [...]

Google Universal Search Means Looking For Raccoons Is No Longer Family Friendly

A reader tipped me off to this. Search for raccoon, and Google Universal Search puts some pictures up at the top of the page: See it? Third one over? I didn't know a dog and a raccoon could, well... To be fair, Microsoft Live does the same thing: Yahoo also shows the happy couple, but only if you specifically do an image search. Ask doesn't, clearly exhibiting a bias against raccoon-dog love. Have a good weekend, everyone :) [...]

If Search Engines Were Frat Houses From Movies

I love search engines. I love comedy movies. So let's have fun putting the two together. Which search engines are most like some famous movie fraternities? Yes, there is an Animal House of search! Google: Lambda Lambda Lambda (Revenge Of The Nerds) As I pondered how to match search engines to movie fraternities, this one was easy. How could Google not be like the nerds that joined Lambda Lambda Lambda in Revenge Of The Nerds. Google cofounders Larry Page and Sergey Brin literally shopped their technology around to all the other search engines back in the late 90s, only to get rejected. So th [...]

Ask Kevin: Acquires Kevin Federline’s “Search With Kevin”

; I had lunch with Ask CEO Jim Lanzone last Thursday when he was here in the UK, and I've been itching to tell the news he gave me under embargo. Now it's up, with Jim himself sharing the announcement in video. Kevin Federline's Search With Kevin service is being acquired and merged with Ask, to create Ask Kevin. Federline's also set to head up the new company, with Jim stepping down due to "charisma" factors. Best of luck Jim -- welcome, Kevin! Video below: A Special Announcement from on Vimeo [...]

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