As VP Debate Nears, Search Interest In Ryan Outpaces Biden

vote-politics-republican-democrat Vice President Joe Biden and vice-presidential hopeful Paul Ryan are a little more than an hour away from their first and only debate of this election year, and search activity around the debate is heating up -- largely surrounding Ryan, the Republican nominee. We'll begin with this tweet from Yahoo Search, which reports that there's about seven percent more search interest in tonight's debate over the past week than there was in the week prior to last week's Presidential debate. JUST IN: Searches for the VP debate are 7% higher than the 7-day period leading up to the presidential debat [...]

Emma Watson: Most Dangerous Celebrity Search Object, McAfee Says

emma-watson Hey Emma Watson fans: Be really careful about clicking on those search results. McAfee, the security technology company, says Watson is 2012's most dangerous celebrity to search for -- replacing Heidi Klum, who held that title last year. According to McAfee's Most Dangerous Celebrities study, searches related to Watson have a 12.6 percent chance of leading to a malicious website that offers spyware, adware, viruses and the like. When it comes to dangerous search terms, the landscape is decidedly female. The only guy to make McAfee's top 20? That would be Jimmy Kimmel, who ranks number [...]

Google, Yahoo Agree: Democrats Searched More Than Republicans During Political Conventions

republican-democrat-featured The dust has settled on both the Republican and Democratic national conventions and, while we don't know who'll ultimately get the most votes, it's clear that Democrats won the day where search activity is concerned. Both Google and Yahoo have analyzed their users' searches during the two conventions, and both show that search activity spiked significantly more during last week's Democratic National Convention (DNC). Google Search Activity & Political Conventions On its Google Plus page late Friday, Google's elections team shared a chart showing that three of the top four most-searche [...]

Search Activity Makes Michelle Obama The FLOS (First Lady Of Search)

vote-2012-republican-democrat A Pew Research study that was released this week showed that Democrats are more likely to mix social media and political activity. They might be more likely to mix politics and search, too, at least judging from data comparing search activity from Michelle Obama and Ann Romney that Google has shared today. Michelle Versus Ann According to the Google Politics and Elections team, search interest Tuesday night in Michelle Obama during the first night of the Democratic National Convention (DNC) surpassed search interest in Ann Romney one week earlier during the first night of the Republican Nati [...]

New UK Conservative Party Co-Chair Grant Shapps Founded Google Spamming Business

From TrafficPaymaster, content gathered by the software The UK's Conservative Party has a new co-chair, The Right Honourable Grant Shapps, Member of Parliament for Welwyn Hatfield. Honorable except with Google, which considers the business he apparently founded to be pushing a tool designed to spam its search engine and fill its listings with rubbish. According to The Guardian, Shapps founded HowToCorp in 2005, a site that, among other products, pitches the TrafficPaymaster software. The software apparently "scrapes" or copies content from all over the web, from RSS feeds to even sets of search results, to automatically generate pages that proba [...]

“Spreading Santorum” Drops At Google; New Site Keeps Anal Sex Definition At Number One

before and after As Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum loses two primary races to rival Mitt Romney, perhaps he can console himself with, ironically, another loss. Spreading Santorum, the page defining "santorum" as a by-product of anal sex, has finally dropped from the top results on Google. The related anti-Santorum blog, however, remains. And a page from Urban Dictionary keeps the definition alive, more explicit than before. Santorum: The Definition Page The page at, created by columnist Dan Savage as a protest against Santorum's views about homosexuality, has maintain [...]

Google, Yahoo Both Fail At Moneyballing Oscar Predictions

meryl Both Google and Yahoo used search data to create their own Oscar ballots. Turns out, their predictions were terribly wrong. At best, Google may have correctly predicted Meryl Streep winning, depending on how you read things. But overall, neither of them really got the winners right. Google's predictions are here; Yahoo's here. Let's see how they did! Best Picture Google: Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close (or The Artist, Midnight In Paris) Yahoo: War Horse Winner: The Artist What went wrong here? With Google, it's actually hard to know what it was predicting. It narrowed thi [...]

Is SEO Killing America?

seo-killing-america-featured Last week at the Tools of Change conference, Clay Johnson, author of the new book The Information Diet gave a keynote talk titled "Is SEO Killing America". Sigh.  If you've been involved in search for any length of time, your first reaction may be, this again? Haven't we done this before? Once or twice? Clay's a friend of mine and I've read his book (it's quite good, by the way), so I knew both that he doesn't really think that SEO is killing America and that he's unaware just how much we're all over this particular linkbait-y title. And indeed his talk was not about how SEO is kill [...]

Bing & Google: “Spreading Romney” Ranking Tops For “Romney” Is Normal

spreading romney site Bing and Google have weighed in on the amazing rise in less than a month of the Spreading Romney site to the first page of their results for a search on "romney." That's apparently business as usual. Prepare for further "Spreading" sites for other candidates to rank as well? Perhaps, but without some Rachel Maddow-like mentions, they might not get there. Spreading Romney's Remarkable Rise My earlier story, Now, Mitt Romney Has A Santorum-Like Bing & Google Problem, explains how the Spreading Romney site created by Jack Shepler skyrocketed to the first page of Google's listings within [...]

Now, Mitt Romney Has A Santorum-Like Bing & Google Problem

spreading romney Perhaps Google may finally have to figure out a "fix" for Rick Santorum's "Google Problem," now that an anti-Romney site is making it appear that anyone can rank any protest page for any politician's name. Bing has the same problem, but no one ever seems to care about that. Spreading Romney I was pretty surprised to discover the "Spreading Romney" site appearing in the top results on Google and Bing in a search for "romney" that I did today. I don't recall seeing it recently, so it appears to be a new gain. Here it is on Google, as the ninth regular listing: I've also seen it as high a [...]

Why Does Microsoft’s Bing Search Engine Hate Rick Santorum?

Rick Santorum US presidential candidate Rick Santorum pulled off a surprise last night, winning caucuses and primaries in three states. So what's with Bing listing an anti-Santorum web site first in its results in a search for his last name? Does Microsoft have some type of liberal agenda! Wait, you didn't realize Rick Santorum has a "Bing problem" that's exactly the same as his well-documented "Google problem," where a search for "santorum" lists a web page defining that word as the by-product of anal sex above Santorum's official web site? He does. In fact, Santorum's had his Bing problem for months [...]

Did Super Bowl Advertisers Take Advantage of Search Interest?

football-tv-featured Over the past couple of days, numerous stats and figures have been published about how Super Bowl advertisers took advantage (or not) of social media this year. But commercials also drive people to search engines, which in turn (when things go right) can lead potential customers to advertiser web sites where rather than talk about a brand as they can on social media sites, they can watch the commercials again, cementing brand messaging, and take a closer look at the products being sold. (Which is presumably why a company would spend $3.5 million dollars on a thirty second spot in the first pla [...] Has The Most Long-Winded Searchers, Report Says

ask logo The longest search queries are happening on, where users average almost five words per search. That's according to research from Chitika. The ad network analyzed search referrals on "hundreds of millions" of impressions across sites in its network between January 9th and 12th. And the longest search referrals -- at an average of 4.81 words -- came from AOL users are at the other end of the spectrum; their user queries average barely above four words, by far the shortest of the five sites that Chitika studied. It makes sense that this would be the case, since [...]

How Rick Santorum Is Making His “Google Problem” Worse

santorum US Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum made a surprise leap ahead to practically tie Mitt Romney in yesterday's Iowa caucus results. Now people are searching to find out more about him and discovering THAT result which makes comedy show hosts like Jon Stewart giggle. But rather than blame Google (or Bing), as Santorum has in the past, much of the fault remains with his own campaign. Searching For Santorum Here's how Google Trends currently looks: The arrow shows how searches for "rick santorum" are now that second most "hot searches" happening, searches that are occurring f [...]

For “Define An English Person,” Google Suggests The C-Word

google-search-censored-featured I've seen some weird Google results in my time, but this one is pretty strange. Search for "define an english person" or some related queries, and Google brings up the Wikipedia page about the C-word in response. As spotted by Search Engine Roundtable, people were asking in Google's help forums why various searches related to defining English people returned the Wikipedia page about the C-word, as shown below: The screenshot shows Google listing the Wikipedia page first in a search for define english person. It also lists that page first or in the first page of results for related sear [...]

Hitwise: “Facebook” Was 4 Of Top 10 Search Queries In 2011

facebook-searched-featured Following the major engines themselves, Experian Hitwise announced the top search terms of 2011. The company looked at the top 1,000 search queries of 2011 and found that Facebook topped the list for the third year in a row. Overall Facebook had four of the top 10 search terms for 2011, the same as in 2010. However query volume for the collection of Facebook terms grew 33 percent vs. last year. Top search queries of 2010 and 2011 What's noteworthy is that all of the top 10 are navigational queries. Beyond the top 10, Hitwise said that "social networking-related terms dominated the [...]

Google Zeitgeist 2011: Rebecca Black, Lego Alien & Steve Jobs

google-zeitgeist-2011-featured Google released the Google Zeitgeist 2011 today. Google made several lists this year and even broke them down by country. You can play with the interactive lists at Those in the picture above are included in the "fastest rising searches" category, including Rebecca Black, Google+, Ryan Dunn, Casey Anthony, Battlefield 3, iPhone 5, Adele, 東京 電力, Steve Jobs and iPad 2. Google summed up the year also in this video: Here is a partial text based list: Fastest-Rising Toys 1. Lego Alien Conquest 2. Unova Pokedex 3. Fluttershy Fastest-Rising Costu [...]

The Simpsons: In The Future, Google Enslaves Half The World (But Lisa Still Likes It)

simpsons-google-featured Google gets a mention in The Simpsons this week, future Google, that is. Google has enslaved half the world, apparently, but as Lisa Simpson puts it, it's still a damn fine search engine. Within the the Ultranet of the future, Lisa accesses Google through the Google door: "Right, it's Dr. Suess's birthday," she says, when seeing the Suessian Google logo over the door: That's nod to the real Dr. Seuss doodle that Google ran in 2009. After entering, she accesses Google itself: "Google, even though you've enslaved half the world, you're still a damn fine search engine," [...]

Austria? That’s Not A Country, Says Google: Australia’s A Country

First Google questioned Mitt Romney's chances of winning the US presidential election. Now it's suggesting that Austria is less important than Australia. You Say Austria, Google Says Australia In a search for Austria's biggest companies, Google automatically changes the query and searches instead for Australia's biggest companies: Forbes spotted the glitch, which is the second major problem like this to hit Google recently. Romney Can't Win Last month, Google gained attention because of how a search for "romney can win" caused Google to suggest, "Did you mean: Romney can't win," a [...]

Why Siri Can’t Find Abortion Clinics & How It’s Not An Apple Conspiracy

siri-abortion-featured "I'm standing in front of a Planned Parenthood," the CNN reporter says, "And Siri can't find it when I search for abortion clinic." No, it can't. It's not because Apple is pro-life. It's because Planned Parenthood doesn't call itself an abortion clinic. Welcome To Search Scandals, Apple It's been interesting to watch the Siri Abortiongate scandal blow up in Apple's face over the past few days. Apple is learning for the first time what it's like to run a search engine. People hold you accountable for everything, even if you the information isn't even from your own database. Google is a bat [...]

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