WordStream Updates Its Free Google AdWords Performance Grader: Now With Mobile And Automatic 30-Day Reporting

Wordstream WordStream has released a revamp of its AdWords Performance Grader, the instant AdWords account auditing tool, now dubbed AdWords Grader Plus. WordStream says the free tool, launched in August 2011, has already been used to analyze accounts representing three billion dollars in total advertising spend. The company has refined the tool based on that wealth of past audit history to give advertisers performance benchmarks within their own industries. The three main new features in AdWords Grader Plus include a new performance tracker, mobile readiness review and improved benchmarks. The per [...]

PPC Excel Tips For Every Level: Part 3, Advanced Level Keyword Research And Data Visualization

ppc-puzzle-featured We close out our three-part series of Excel tips from Bing Ads Evangelist John Gagnon today with some advanced level tools that, in fact, even beginners can start using successfully today. While many of the tips we've covered can also help SEOs as well as PPC practitioners, today's focus on keyword research is particularly relevant to both camps. Advanced Tip: Bing Ads Intelligence for deep-dive keyword research and Power BI for big data analysis and visualization. Bing Ads Intelligence is an Excel add-in for keyword research that enables Excel to integrate directly with your Bing Ads a [...]

PPC Excel Tips For Every Level: Part 2, Faster Campaign Analysis For Intermediates

excel logo Today we have more handy Excel tricks from Bing Ads Evangelist John Gagnon. This second installment of PPC Excel tips focuses on intermediate level techniques for speeding up campaign analysis. Paid search managers will benefit, but really anyone using Excel for data analysis will find good information or a helpful refresher here. Intermediate Tip: Get more out of Pivot Tables with calculated fields and by fixing #DIV/0 errors. Pivot tables are truly a must-have Excel skill for marketers. If you haven't used pivot tables yet, don't be timid. You can't damage your data set when working w [...]

PPC Excel Tips For Every Level: Part 1, Huge Time Savers For Beginners (And Beyond)

analytics-data-excel-featured Excel is that must-have tool for managing, analyzing and reporting on paid search campaigns that is impossible to know too well. Many of us are self-taught -- picking up tips and tricks here and there -- which makes it even harder to know what shortcuts and secret powers we're missing out on. Yesterday, I spoke with John Gagnon, Bing Ads Evangelist and all-around Excel whiz, and asked him to share some tips for beginner, intermediate, and advanced level tips that paid search managers can start putting to use in 2014. This is the first in a three-part series we'll be publishing this coming w [...]

A Paid Search Christmas Carol: Learn From The Ghosts Of SEM Past, Present & Future

shutterstock_119305342-bahhumbug ‘Twas the night before Christmas in the search marketing department and SEM Director Scrooge was heading out hours before his staff. “Director Scrooge,” said one of the young SEM analysts, Tiny Tim. “It’s Christmas Eve. The gang and I wanted to know if we could get a paid search management tool for the holidays so we can program bid changes and ad scheduling, as well as automate the optimization based on our ROI goals? I promise we’ll check on our campaigns remotely at home.” Bah, Humbug! “Bah, Humbug,” grunted Scrooge as he locked up his office. “We don’t need to sp [...]

Bizible Adds Google AdWords ROI Reporting For Salesforce

salesforce adwords logos Bizible, a marketing analytics app for Salesforce.com, has launched a feature to enable Google AdWords cost data to be imported and tied to actual revenue posted in Salesforce. The AdWords ROI Dashboard enables revenue tracking against keywords, ads, ad groups and campaigns. The AdWords ROI Dasbboard was released generally last week. The company says beta testers have used the dashboard to track AdWords' ROI based on closed opportunities in Salesforce, quickly visualize the sales pipeline of AdWords leads, and project future performance of AdWords campaigns by looking at open opportunit [...]

Majestic Search Explorer Now Displays Ranking Factors

majestic-seo-logo-1 In October, Majestic SEO decided to launch their own alpha search engine named Search Explorer. Today, Dixon Jones from Majestic, announced an added feature to the search engine that the SEO community might like. The feature shows you why the search tool ranked the results as they did. Dixon explain that not only will Search Explorer show you search results in ranking order but now will also show you a "detailed view of how, and why, they ranked the results." Here is a screen shot showing some of those details: This should help SEOs understand, on some level, what it may take t [...]

Moz Launches MozCast Feature Graph: Tool To See Google Features By Query

moz Moz announced a new MozCast feature named Google SERP Feature Graph. In short, this feature does two things: (1) It shows you how often a specific feature is found being used in the Google search results. (2) It lets you see search results that should show those features on the live Google search results page. The first case is the percentage number shown in the chart shows how often the feature is shown in the search results. So for example, "AdWords (Top)" in the graph above shows that 77.9% of the queries tracked by MozCast displayed ads at the top the last time it checked them. [...]

Google Keyword Planner Now Shows Trademarked Terms

google-adwords-featured At some point recently, Google started to indicate terms that are trademarked in the Keyword Planner with the TM mark. Dan Shure of Evolving SEO tweeted about the new feature, noting that McDonald's "I'm Lovin' It" tagline is not marked as trademarked while Staples' "The Easy Button" is marked as such. (Burger King's "Have It Your Way" also gets a TM.) Keyword Planner apparently now indicates Trademarked terms pic.twitter.com/ZIvRusweRK — Dan Shure (@dan_shure) November 27, 2013 What is marked as trademarked and what isn't appears to be somewhat inconsistent at this point. For exampl [...]

Free Tool ‘HowsThisLookin’ Allows Webmasters To Perform Remote Global Searches & View International Results Pages

How-That-Lookin Those Internet marketers who work across multiple countries and languages may struggle with accurately tracking campaign performance in foreign countries. Webmasters can login to Webmaster Tools to filter search queries by country, but this doesn't provide the full picture of what is happening with competition. Using just the Google + country TLD isn't an accurate method to track how items are showing overseas as well as your IP is still based near your physical location.   To combat this Trusted Proxies has launched a free tool HowsThisLookin.com that allows users to view by sp [...]

Moz Launches Google Alerts For New Links Named “Fresh Alerts”

moz Moz announced the launch of a new link and SEO tool feature called Fresh Alerts. Fresh Alerts is kind of like Google Alerts but specifically designed for SEOs and marketers to keep track of not just new web mentions but also new links pointing to your site or a competitor's site. Moz's Cyrus Shepard said that the tool also comes "equipped with advanced search operators to discover new opportunities, and its exportable metrics are sortable by both date and Feed Authority." Plus, it will also email you those results every day based on their fresh index refresh of about every 8 hours. He [...]

Majestic SEO Launches Search Explorer; SEO Link Tool Through Keyword Search

majestic-seo-logo-1 Majestic SEO, a popular link explorer tool for SEOs and webmasters, announced the launch of Search Explorer. Search Explorer is a search engine they designed to allow SEOs and webmasters to search by keyword or phrase, and the results would be ranked by Majestic SEO's own linkage metrics. The purpose is to show which web sites rank the highest for a specific keyword based mostly on their own linkage data. The rankings will be mostly based on Majestic SEO's own "Flow Metrics" analysis of the links. The announcement will officially be made at PubCon in Las Vegas tomorrow at 3pm local ti [...]

Russian Search Engine Yandex Gives Mobile App Developers Free Real-Time Analytics Tool

yandex-logo-200px Russia's largest search engine Yandex has released its Yandex Metrica for Apps, a free analytics solution available to mobile developers worldwide. According to the announcement, the new analytics tool has been designed to work on Android, iOS and Windows Phone platforms, providing real-time reports on the search engine's own apps. "We wanted a reliable, as well as quick and easy, way to learn about the audience and usage of each of the 25 apps we've made so far," said Yandex, "None of the analytics solutions could offer us the answers to our questions about our apps stats in real time." [...]

WordStream Launches PPC Landing Page Creator, Lead Management Tool For SMBs

Successful PPC lead generation campaigns demand good landing pages. Yet many small business marketers are left without the resources to create solid landing pages that will convert visitors into leads. WordStream, a PPC platform designed specifically for small and mid-sized businesses and their agencies, sees this problem up close every day. In response, the company launched Landing Pages & Leads as part of the platform's PPC Advisor software. Advertisers and agencies using WordStream now have access to a simple tool to build custom landing pages. Users can select the color scheme, a [...]

“100% Not Provided Is Not The End Of SEO” Insider Opinions On Google’s Move To Withhold Data

Not Provided Earlier this week, Google revealed it would be encrypting all search data, rendering website owners unable to see search term information previously offered through the "referrer" system. While Google had encrypted the data two years ago for searches performed by users signed in to their Google account, and then earlier this year for any searches from the Chrome omnibox, the decision to withhold all data - regardless if a user is signed in or not - left many SEO insiders surprised it happened so suddenly. To take a pulse of the industry, we've published reactions to the "100% not provide [...]

Google Keyword Tool Is Officially Dead, Keyword Planner Gets Lukewarm Welcome

google-keyword-tool-dead-featured Lukewarm may be overstating it. If Twitter sentiment is any gauge, the SEM world has not exactly embraced Google's new Keyword Planner, which as of yesterday officially replaces the Keyword Tool.  Looking at tweets over the past 7 days, "Keyword Tool" yields a sentiment score of 59 on Topsy.com compared to just 45 for "Keyword Planner." https://twitter.com/inkovic/status/372183942637424640 Unlike the Keyword Tool, used by SEOs and PPC managers alike, users must login to an AdWords account to access the Planner. That's just one of the grumbles heard around the Internet about the Keyword [...]

What’s In Your SEM Toolbox? I’ll Show You Mine…

Author's Sanity Tools - Lava Lamps, Sonos Wireless Music. Windows 8, and huge mouse circa 1859. A question I get asked pretty often is, "What tools do you use for managing paid search ad campaigns?" I love this question, especially when there are other paid search managers within earshot. Everyone's got their favorite tools and everyone wants to add their two cents' worth.  More often than not, I go home with a list of interesting tools I've never heard of before. We're going to have that exact conversation in a few weeks at the SMX East "What's in my SEM Toolbox?" panel on Oct 3rd in NYC. You are all invited to come learn about the tools that search marketing experts Andrew Good [...]

Link Building Outside The Box: Outreach & Content Refreshing

Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 12.37.34 PM Link building is a staple of most SEO campaigns. Some methods are scalable and automated, while others are similar to old-school public relations. One thing most can agree on is that methods always need to adapt to keep up with opportunity and algorithm changes. Building Links With Content Google has made it harder to build links without content. Many links without surrounding context have gotten devalued, leaving many SEOs to adopt the "content is king" mantra into their link building world. Guest posts are flying into the hands of prospects, link bait is being created by the ton, and br [...]

Finally, Auto-Tag Bing Ads URLs For Google Analytics: Bizible Debuts Free Tool

checkbox The ability to auto-tag destination URLs in Bing Ads has been one of top product requests for the platform for years now. Manual URL tagging is ire-inducing, error-prone and a real impediment to many advertisers even running campaigns on Bing Ads. If you use Google Analytics and don't tag your Bing Ads URLs, that traffic shows up as organic, and you lose insights into how your campaigns are performing post-click. Why Bing Ads hasn't addressed this problem, I honestly don't know -- especially considering the great effort they've put into the "Import from Google AdWords" functionality. Ent [...]

Bing Ads Developer Center Launches: Resource Hub Shortens Wait For Token Access To Seconds

Today Microsoft launched Bing Ads Developer Center, a resource hub for developers working with Bing Ads.     The Bing Ads Developer Center features API information, code samples, feature updates, tutorials and documentation and a revamped developer forums. Developers can get a single user developer token within seconds, as opposed to weeks, from the Account page. [...]

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