Majestic SEO Now Supports 9 Languages

Majestic SEO announced that their SEO toolset is now supported in 9 different languages. The languages they currently support include English, Chinese, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese and Russian. Who helped translate the popular SEO tool? The Majestic SEO ambassadors including Branko Rihtman, Dixon Jones, Alberto André, Francois Goube, Miguel Lopez, Sante J. Achille, Marcel de Mare, Roman Klevtsov, Luis Ferrándiz, Yiğit Konur and Rene Hermenau. [...]

Marin Software Files For IPO

Marin Software logo Marin Software, one of the leading search and social marketing platform providers, has filed to go public. The amount the company expects to raise right now is uncertain because, "The number of shares to be sold and the price range for the proposed offering have not yet been determined." Marin has been around for a little less than six years and says its software platform helps manage more than $4 billion in digital ad spending. It lists a range of clients, including "many of the world’s largest interactive agencies and advertisers . . . [such as] University of Phoenix, Macy’s, Razorfis [...] Releases Search API To Discover Hot Stories & Discussions Logo announced a new set of APIs named Social Data APIs. The new APIs allow you to search for top stories in real time over the URL network. You can quickly see the top URLs and stories for any specific query right now, in real time. The three types of functions include: (1) True Realtime Search: Search for top stories and URLs in real time by query and geographic area. (2) Attention Spikes: This doesn't require you to search by keyword, instead the "bursts API" returns the current phrases that are receiving a burst in attention beyond what we would expect. (3) Meta [...]

Insiders Guide To Selecting The Right Local SEO Tools

Last week's announcement by Raven tools that they would remove all 'scraped data' (e.g., ranking reports) from their toolkit came as an unwelcome surprise to many of their customers. This action effectively makes a big portion of their service redundant, and the reaction to this news hasn't been all positive for Raven. This must have been a tough decision for Raven's management team to make, and I'm sure they agonized over it before deciding on this course. This event got me thinking about the relationship between SEOs and the tools they use, and wondering how much understanding there wa [...]

Majestic SEO Link Reports Now Updated Within Hours

majestic-hours Majestic SEO, one of the advanced SEO third party link reporting services, announced they are now updating their linkage data to be as fresh as within hours or minutes. Instead of waiting 24 hours for the link reports to update, Majestic SEO is pushing updates throughout the day, almost hourly, so webmasters can see new links to their content sooner. Majestic SEO says this is important when you want to track the progress of acquired links to new viral content or other content that may have a seasonal appeal. Currently, this is only visibile on the main site explorer reporting engine. [...]

Rediscovering The Google AdWords Editor Keyword Opportunities Tool

Google's Keyword Opportunities (Beta) tool is a gem of a keyword idea tool integrated into AdWords Editor. I recently rediscovered this tool and have been tearing through my clients' accounts, adding keywords. The tool generates suggestions similar to the Web-based tool, but is integrated into Editor quite nicely. Suggested use: Launch AdWords Editor and open your Account Launch the Tool - keyboard: ALT-T-O (menu: Tools | Keyword Opportunities (Beta)) Uncheck the box for "Include Additional Items" Set Match Type to "Exact" Input your seed keyword, and click the "Get Keywords" Bu [...]

“Blueprint” Search Analytics Service Launched By Vanessa Fox

blueprint Vanessa Fox, our very own contributing editor, former Googler who helped build Google Webmaster Central, has designed her own search analytics application named BluePrint. The tool takes your search data and web analytics and combines the data in a useful and actionable manner for SEOs. The core three components of the software application include: Query analytics make sense of the thousands of keywords that bring traffic to a site and can zero in on the reasons behind traffic drops Search engine analytics show you how search engines see your site by analyzing server logs and alerting [...]

An Automated Tool To Eliminate Duplicate Content Issues

Bloomreach BloomReach announced a new software product named Dynamic Duplication Reduction (DDR), that aims to eliminate duplicate content issues on web sites. Typically, software tools are known to cause duplicate content issues but this tool promises to reverse it. The tool deeply crawls your web pages and continuously interprets all content on a site. It will automatically discover and act on duplicate pages. When the tool finds duplicate content it will ensure all "BloomSearch-generated links within widgets and thematic pages across the site only point to the primary version." It also ensure [...]

Google Merges Insights For Search With Google Trends

google-g-logo Google has merged two of its popular search/keyword research tools. Google Insights for Search has been absorbed by Google Trends; the combined tool keeps the Google Trends name and exists at the address, too. If you try to access the Insights for Search address (, Google redirects you to the new Google Trends. When Google launched Insights for Search in 2008, I remember one of the first really helpful uses that I had for it was to help a client figure out if he should be using the term "lawyer" or "attorney" more frequently. As I use [...]

Infographic: How To Do Keyword Research For SEO

Good SEO begins with good keyword research. After all, if you don't know the ways people are seeking your content, it's pretty hard to ensure that your content "speaks" to them using the words they search for. The folks at Promodo have an infographic outlining some key parts of the keyword research process. Understanding that each page has its own terms to target, brainstorming possible terms, researching with the Google Keyword Tool and more are covered. Check it out: Want the infographic for yourself? You'll find it here: Keyword Research Infographic. Looking to improve your key [...]

Must-Have Browser Tools For Link Builders

Of all the tasks associated with content advocacy (I have never actually liked the term link building, and my business card has never included those words, plus doesn't 'content advocacy' just sound better than link building?), there are a few tasks that are a genuine PITA. There have been many tools created to help manage the processes of link building content advocacy. Most of the tools are designed to help analyze backlinks, help pre-define link prospecting query strings,  provide some sort of page scoring, or identify a contact address. Some tools are costly, some are free. There have [...] Google & Bing “Weather Report” Tool

serps has quietly launched a SERPs Volatility Index, which aims to work like the MozCast tool to track search results fluctuations and help webmasters know if there was an algorithm update at Google and Bing. While MozCast only tracks Google, tracks both Google and Bing. also shows a 30-day and 90-day volatility charge. It works a lot like the MozCast solution in that it tracks the top keywords for 1,000 popular websites on Google and Bing, adding up to tens of thousands of keywords being tracked. The tool is also updated daily. Here are static screen captures [...]

Kenshoo: Filling the Gaps That Search Marketers Desperately Need

I remember the first bid management tool I ever used was GoToast back in 2003. It was absolutely amazing. I could manage bids on multiple engines from one location. SCORE! At the time (I almost started with In my day…, ha), there were many different engines other than Google and Bing that were viable options for search engine marketing such as Overture, Excite, AltaVista, AskJeeves, etc. This single value proposition of being able to perform [even basic] functionality across many different platforms more than justified the cost of the tool. It saved countless hours and tools like GoToa [...]

Industry Survey Underscores How The SEO Industry Relies On Google’s Free Tools

google-g-logo If there's one thing that stands out in the 2012 SEO Industry Survey, it's that the SEO industry relies heavily on the free SEO-related tools that Google provides. SEOmoz released the results of its semi-annual survey today -- a survey conducted between March and May that drew responses from almost 6,500 people in more than 100 countries. Almost half of the respondents (47.3 percent) were from the U.S., and 77 percent were males. There's some interesting data about marketing budgets (for example, 34.4 percent say they spend $1,000 and up on consulting each month) and tactics used (76 pe [...]

Crowdsourced SEM: Under The Hood With Trada

In the June 2006 Wired magazine article The Rise of Crowdsourcing, Jeff Howe presented the phrase crowdsourcing as a combination of the words crowd and outsourcing. Although crowdsourcing actually has roots that precede the Internet, certainly the Web has been a powerful activation tool for crowdsourcing to go mainstream. In fact, there are crowd workers in almost two hundred countries. Alone, Amazon’s popular micro-task, crowdsourcing platform, Mechanical Turk, has almost a half million users -- an argument could be made that they are the largest employer in the world! Trada, who bil [...]

MozCast Automates Google “Weather Reports”

mozcast-logo-1343822024 SEOmoz announced a new neat service that aims at providing insight into if Google has run a major search index/algorithm update in the past by tracking 1,000 keywords every 24 hours from a select number of web sites. The service is called MozCast and literally shows a weather report based on ranking fluctuations. It is updated daily for the previous day around 7:30am Pacific. Based on the fluctuations in the Google search results from the previous day, it will show a temperature and weather symbol: The weather report for Monday was 68 degrees, which is fairly normal. When you hit 90 [...]

Enterprise SEO Tools: The Marketer’s Guide

Are you responsible for SEO in your large organization? Wondering about tools that can help automate and cut the time it takes to manage huge, distributed projects? Search Engine Land's sister site, Digital Marketing Depot, regularly takes deep dives into areas we can't always cover in depth while we're keeping up with the rapid change of news in the industry. If you're involved with enterprise SEO, I'd recommend checking out their most recent guide, Enterprise SEO Tools: The Marketer's Guide. It's an objective evaluation of tools available for those doing industrial-strength SEO. With edi [...]

Three Free Keyword Research Tools

One of the hardest things to do in keyword research is to uncover related keywords. With that in mind, the tools I’m reviewing today all help identify related keywords that you may want to search in more detail. These tools are not a substitute for detailed keyword research like I talked about in my first series of articles. Rather, they may help to either identify those keywords that are most important to your competitors, or help find obscure opportunities where there may be little search volume, but there is also little competition. All of the tools I reviewed for this article are [...]

Why Google Should Retire The Global Market Finder

Does Google really "get" international? There are clearly some very clever people within Google who do -- but the corporation's behavior bizarrely still tends to suggest a silicon valley tech company that's a little insulated from the non-English speaking world. Take, for example, the "Global Market Finder" tool which you can find here. This tool was originally conceived in the UK and then made its way into the Google mothership. The idea behind the tool is that you can enter a keyword or several keywords -- and it will then automatically in a matter of seconds rank the markets where the [...]

Keyword Research Tool Review: Google AdWords

Keywords are important. I've heard from several potential clients recently who have talked to other "professionals" who told them keywords are no longer important for SEO, and that good content is all you really need. Here's the thing. Keywords are language. They'll always be important because words are how we communicate with each other. So until someone invents the microchip that can be implanted in your brain and read your thoughts without using words, you'll need to think about language in marketing. And I can only hope that those potential clients were told this by one seriously mis [...]

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