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Optimizing Your Digital Assets To Boost Rankings & Branding

Let’s say you’re responsible for developing revenues from both traditional and non-traditional advertising. You work with a digital staff of talented people to create lead-generating Web-based content, or perhaps you are in e-commerce and sell products. Maybe you’re a brick and mortar with a website, or perhaps a pure-play Internet business with no physical storefronts. Regardless of whether you are a newspaper (publisher), e-commerce (products) or franchise (services) site, performing well within the SERPs will always lead to new customer acquisition. By identifying and optimizing al [...]

Video Content For Ecommerce Sites = Improved Search Results + Increased Sales

After I mentioned adding videos to ecommerce websites in a recent article, a client asked about specific types of video they might use on their website. In this article, I’ll outline several types of videos you could add to your ecommerce site to help increase sales. I’ll also cover where to host videos for the best search results and talk about how you can produce your videos. Benefits Of Video Content On Ecommerce Sites Here are just some of the benefits of employing video content on ecommerce sites: Videos can help shoppers make buying decisions leading to increased sales. Yo [...]

Google Recommending New Video Markup

Google announced on the Google Webmaster Central blog that they are now adding video support for They are doing this in combination with Microsoft Bing and Yahoo Search as a "joint effort." Google says using the video markup is the "recommended way to describe videos on the web." Google added that they still recommend you continue with your other video XML formats, such as Video Sitemaps and mRSS feeds, if you use them. The new video markup won't impact the Video Sitemaps and mRSS feeds. The technical details on video markup can be found on an [...]

In-House Video Marketing Via YouTube

The second largest search engine on the web after Google is YouTube. In-house search engine marketers often overlook the promotional possibilities of YouTube, but with the relatively recent proliferation of cheap and easy video filming technologies (iPhones, Androids, Flips), leveraging YouTube’s massive search volume is something in-house search engine marketers should give at least as much time as they devote to other second-tier search engines like Bing, Facebook or Twitter. Create A Brand Channel Establishing a YouTube presence is the critical first step. Setting up a brand channel and [...]

Video Is Now A Must-Have Feature For Competitive SEO

This is the year in which we will see video grow from a "frill" some businesses occasionally include on their websites, to an essential, competitive differentiator that drives SEO and increases brand identification. Knowledgeable companies have already embraced this shift and made video a central part of their online offerings. The most advanced have found ways to create high-quality video that is automatically updated across their websites on the fly, using existing web content. At this point, it's possible to create endless numbers of professional videos with no human intervention, and th [...]

Why You Should Adopt HTML5—Now

HTML5 continues to grow and gain adoption across the web, as many marketers have discovered the advantage of HTML5 to extend video to a wide range of platforms (as mentioned in my April 22 post, Are You Ready for the New iPad Era with HTML5?). According to TechCrunch, nearly two-thirds of web video is already encoded for HTML5. As HTML5 keeps evolving, many limitations continue to be overcome. One of HTML5’s biggest benefits for marketers is its native video support. HTML5 videos can be built directly into supporting browsers, which enables publishers to deliver full-motion, high-quality vid [...]

EveryZing Launches Automatic Metadata Generator For Multimedia

Video search and SEO services provider EveryZing has introduced MediaCloud, an online service that automatically generates search-friendly metadata for video, audio and other rich media content. One of the big problems with rich media is that without accompanying metadata that describes the contents, video and audio files are essentially "invisible" to search engines. MediaCloud seeks to solve this problem by automatically generating metadata for rich media files. The metadata generated by MediaCloud includes speech transcripts, time-stamped tags, categories/topics, named entities, geo-loca [...]

Want To Rank Tops In Google? Do YouTube Videos, Stupid!

The Forrester Blog published a small but interesting study on how you can improve your chances, by 50 times, of showing up at the top of the Google search results. Their tip? Utilize Google's Universal Search by creating videos. Not only does Forrester share statistics and analysis on how to improve your odds with videos, but they also share tips on how to improve your video's chance at being the top video in Google web search. Let's first discuss the odds. The blog post showed that a video has a "11,000-to-1 chance of making it onto the first page of results." If you compare that to [...]

Careful: Video Solutions & Video SEO Are Not The Same

Where 2 Get It, a location based services and mapping solutions provider for businesses, recently announced its own video search engine optimization solution: video inside landing pages for local businesses. However is this really Video SEO, or just SEO which happens to include video? With declarations about Video SEO like those in Where 2 Get It's recent press release announcing it as "one of the fastest-growing Internet search trends," it's easy to see why more companies are now promoting and augmenting their own marketing solutions with this same term. However, I often find this wider us [...]

Video As A Search Marketing Tool For SMBs

Video is becoming an important part of local search marketing campaigns, and this week's SMX Local Mobile conference features talking about how small and medium businesses can use video to be more effective with their online marketing. Video solutions providers to these panels are Jared Simon, VP of Business Development of TurnHere, and Anupam Gupta, President and CEO of Mixpo. I caught up with Gupta earlier this week and asked for a preview of what he'll be presenting at the conference. To summarize, Mixpo is a turnkey video marketing solution geared specifically for SMBs (small-to-mediu [...]

News Video Research Offers SEO Opportunities

In a previous article titled New Online Video News Search Study - Is the Business Case Made?, I discussed a DoubleClick Performics study that looked at how consumers interact with online video news, how they use search in the process, and their desire to see more video search results on the mainstream search engines. To get more in-depth information on this first-of-its-kind study, I recently interviewed Eric Papczun, Director of Natural Search Optimization for DoubleClick Performics. The following is our Q&A about the report findings and the potential opportunities for SEO with news video: [...]

A New Addition For Your SEO Toolkit: Acrobat Pro 9

Adobe recently announced their final release of the Acrobat Pro 9 software line, touting new video capabilities that are meant to provide a wider range of interactive publishing capabilities, along with improved engagement methods for end users. What's unmentioned in Adobe's press releases on the Acrobat 9 series is that there are some special benefits for search engine marketers. Acrobat 9 may be the first all-inclusive software program that can implement, distribute, and even optimize video for search results. That's a big plus for most search optimizers who are looking to take advantage of [...]

Video SEO For SMB’s: What Does Standing Out Online Really Mean?

Why all the fuss about the importance of online video SEO for small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) as a way to ultimately help to drive action and sales? I get versions of this question on a super regular basis, but instead of trotting out some top-level trends, today I thought I’d cite a specific study that proves to be very illustrative to this discussion: In looking at a bevy of recent writings, some very interesting research was noted by my friend and SEO guru Mark Robertson, who reported that research from the folks at FindLaw showed that video marketing, which in this case [...]

Video SEO Can Give Small Businesses An Edge

Many of us in the online video advertising space have been encouraging small businesses to deploy video to stand out in search results and level the playing field with larger competitors. Some colleagues and I have been working with select clients to test, learn, test again, and learn again from placing video in search and other distribution points. The early learnings have been interesting and reinforced some tips outlined further below. Big picture search marketing that leverages video will be among the most effective ways to market, specifically when video gets decent placement in s [...]

The Trouble With All-In-Zero Video Players

Although YouTube hit pop-culture status just a couple years ago, online video has been a staple of corporate and content websites for quite a bit longer. In that time, web designers have tried many approaches to viewing experience, trying to combine compelling content with a user-friendly interface. After many experiments with plug-ins and third-party players, most designers settled on the concept of an all-in-one Flash-based player. These players deliver a device-like experience, using TiVo, iTunes and even BMW's iDrive as models for a self-contained, easy-to-use interface. All-in-one pla [...]

iProspect: Blended Search Resulting In More Clicks On News, Images, And Video

Since the advent of "blended" or "universal search" last year across the major engines, there's been ongoing discussion and speculation about its impact on user behavior and search marketing. Gord Hotchkiss last year wrote extensively about how blended search (on Google) has in fact shifted the user focus from the so-called "golden triangle" at the upper left of the page to a more distributed pattern that resembles an "E." Now search marketing firm iProspect has released a study (conducted by JupiterResearch) that shows users are responding to the various specialized content types within sear [...]

Tagging 10,000 Videos: Science Or Sweat?

In the last SEL video search column, Eric Papczun described the dilemma faced by content producers that are striving to keep up with the insatiable demand for new video content. Producers are looking for efficient methods of discovering what online viewers are interested in, and then packaging their content to maximize exposure. The example used was a television network, one that is mostly concerned with ongoing generation of new content. What's interesting to note is that, of all the content producers vying for attention on YouTube, television networks are the ones with the most preexisti [...]

EveryZing Introduces Multimedia Optimization Tools For Publishers, SEOs

EveryZing announced today that it has launched ezSEO AND ezSEARCH, two products designed to improve the findability of audio and video content by both web search engines and content provider site search services. ezSEO is a templated publishing system that can rapidly build thousands of pages that are search friendly, even when the content is primarily video or audio content that lacks keyword rich text. ezSEO uses patented speech-to-text recognition technology to extract relevant text from audio and video and then populates pages with topically dense content. The system can create snippets w [...]

Does Online Video Pay? And How Much, Exactly?

Grant Crowell's article about video promotions through Internet Yellow Page programs raises a point that's probably on the mind of any serious marketer. The hype surrounding online video is deafening, and getting louder: its bizarre mix of content, the experiments by mainstream broadcasters, the sporadic announcements of success from vendors and agencies. But really: does video pay off? Are there ways to generate a measurable business outcome? And if so, what exactly are we measuring? Follow the crowd Let's start with the fact that, as with any marketing channels, you have to go where [...]

Internet Yellow Page Video SEM: Worth The Effort?

Informational videos are an excellent way for local businesses to get positions with the natural search engines, through the trend toward blended or universal search results which mix video in with traditional results. Videos are also becoming an attractive way to bring in leads, sales, and new customers from viral and social marketing. While most search engines and marketers have adopted a "wait and see" attitude with local video products, the major internet yellow pages have taken the initiative, offering some interesting opportunities for search marketers to jump in early when competitio [...]

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