Using User Generated Content To Enhance Conversion-Driven SEO

p>Following a series of presentations on eMetrics Summit about ‘Measuring the Voice of the Customer’, I will give some examples on how User Generated Content can be used to both improve the organic results and the conversion rates of a website. The idea behind using UGC in a website is a two-sided effort that can improve both conversions rates and SEO (see other examples in this previous conversion-driven SEO post).

SEO Tips For Building Your Personal Brand

Most firms now recognize the importance of developing a powerful online brand. Now, an increasing number of professionals have started to recognize the benefits of developing a personal brand. Many people recognize that a personal online brand could be as important (possibly more so) than a company brand when looking to win a new client, get a conference speaking pitch approved or be asked for expert opinions from the media. Online reputation management has also become a very important aspect of recruiting. When investigating a person, the first place most people will go is Google. Rathe [...]

Will Digg’s New Share Feature Pollute Twitter?

Recently, Greg Finn at covered Will Digg Be a Better Place Without Shouts? In the post, Greg announces the news of Digg dropping their shout system, which allowed Digg users to share content with each other, in lieu of a feature that allows users to share content via email, Facebook, and Twitter. So, the main concern now is how Digg content will infiltrate (and pollute) Twitter from this point forward. Image courtesy of There is already so much noise on Twitter that it becomes difficult to monitor the majority of the conversation without integrated segmenta [...]

Beyond Voting: Why Editorially Driven Social News Sites Matter

Power to the people!  Sites like Digg, Reddit, Propeller and Mixx have become popular social news sites due to the community driven aspect that fuels them.  Traditionally these news sites offer "digital democracy" that entices users because they themselves are able to determine what is (and isn’t) news.  However, a different form of social news not only exists, but flourishes: "editorial social news." Editorially driven social news allows users to submit articles for consideration, but content is chosen by editors who handpick it from a wide selection of submissions.  While this may n [...]

All Aboard The Twitter Train, SMBs!

Twitter has reached critical mass.  Oprah's recent announcement that she'd joined Twitter, and her near-instantaneous recruitment of over 1,000,000 followers, has signaled a tipping point—tweeting is no longer a pastime exclusively for the technorati and uber-geeks.  In fact, it seems like elitist spinsters are the only demographic not to embrace it yet at some level (anticipating protests from Maureen Dowd devotees—no, this is not her actual Twitter account). Unsurprisingly, the Brits are way ahead of us in terms of Twitter adoption, having been much faster to incorporate mob [...]

Tapping Twitter To Talk To Your Customers

How many good conversations have you had where one person spends the entire time talking? That's not a conversation, of course. That's someone simply spouting off. A conversation requires dialogue, people taking turns talking and listening. The online world is no different, and we've reached a point where true online conversations occur all the time. The days of receiving an e-mail from someone who says they'll "talk at you" later are disappearing. That person likely now tweets those messages, creating an instant back-and-forth as followers chime in with their replies and spread the news [...]

Using Infographics in Social Media to Promote Content and Visualize Data

What are infographics? Infographics, or information graphics, are visual devices that communicate information or data in an easily digestible manner. They have been used for ages by computer scientists, mathematicians, and statisticians to ease the process of communicating conceptual information, support it, strengthen it and present it within a provoking and sensitive context. Since infographics are image-based they usually contain very little text. Images speak a thousand words especially when images are used together to visualize an architecture of information. Infographics and their infl [...]

Where To Find Social Media Power Users

While having great content and an appropriate message are crucial for success on social media news sites, having a quality user help with promotion is essential to build momentum. Contacting and conversing with top users who share similar interests as you can be beneficial in helping to spark your content and get it noticed. This is meant to be a resource to find all of those top social users that people continually speak about so you can find related power users on the social site of your choice. Social Media News Digg. Even though Digg eliminated its list of the top Diggers years a [...]

B2B Social Media Dashboard: A Powerful Tool To Uncover Key Customer Insights

For many B2B marketers, social media is still a bridge too far.  Because it's a broad concept—there are so many different ways to use social media—its amorphous nature can impede implementation.  But a good way to get beyond this obstacle and jumpstart your social media efforts is to start small and aim to get some direct value out of it.  This is exactly what you can do when you tap into social media for its hidden value: key customer insights.  My last article discussed why B2B marketers should leverage social media in this way.  Today, let's take a look at how to get the jo [...]

The Growth Of Framebars & Kevin Rose On The DiggBar

The DiggBar has been out for about a week now. Since then, there continues to be concerns over twin issues of whether it robs sites of link love and frames their contents in a way that's unfair to publishers. I had a good conversation with Digg cofounder Kevin Rose today about these issues and how Digg is actively looking at ways to solve worries over the tool. For those unfamiliar with the DiggBar, it allows people to create a short URL that's useful in services like Twitter. Anyone clicking on a shortened URL made through Digg gets to a page with a DiggBar at the top. For example, [...]

URL Shorteners: Which Shortening Service Should You Use?

URL shortening services are experiencing a renaissance in the age of Twitter. When every character counts, these services reduce long URLs to tiny forms. But which is the best to use, when so many are offered and new ones seem to appear each day? Below, issues to consider and a breakdown of popular services, including recommendations and services to avoid (the new DiggBar being one of these). The URL Shortener Mega Chart NOTE (March 2011): I'm hoping to update this article in the near future. Much of the basics are still valid. But you should also see Google URL Shortener Opened To T [...]

How To Avoid The Link Vacuum Effect

I recently came across a post explaining why Twitter isn't great for SEO. This quote in particular really got to me: "In addition to being a nofollow vacuum, Twitter has the danger of becoming a linking vacuum. In the ideal scenario, people will find a link on Twitter and then link the post in their own blog – page rank gold.  But Twitter is becoming a kind of fishbowl where people merely link to a site from their Twitter account, not from their personal site.  It’s just easier and users can still feel as if they’re part of a viral meme." That whole bit about it being "easier" to [...]

Getting Links AND Content From Flickr

You can get more than just links from social media. You can also get really great content. And one of the best places to find free content is on Flickr. There are tons of ways to use Flickr. If you can take a great photo, you can use Flickr to build inbound links and get your photos showing up in places like Consumerist and Epicenter. You can use Flickr's comment area to build links that drive traffic and exposure. However, one of my favorite ways to use the site is to follow a link AND content development strategy. And that's what this article is about helping you learn to do. I'll sta [...]

Twitter Search: Not Your Friend If You Tweet Something Bad

Did you Twitter something embarrassing? Don't think deleting your tweet or locking your Twitter feed means what you said goes away. Twitter Search still makes it available, which one job applicant may have found to their loss. Hutch Carpenter covers how one Twitter user named TheConnor said on Twitter that Cisco offered them a job. But the full message is what may have gotten this person in trouble: Cisco just offered me a job! Now I have to weigh the utility of a fatty paycheck against the daily commute to San Jose and hating the work. Soon after, Tim Levad, Business Development Manager [...]

The Evolving State Of Social Media & SEO

The thumbprint of social media on search engine optimization is evolving. It used to be that the big rage was figuring out how to develop link bait that had a strong chance of making the front page of Digg, Reddit, or other similar social news sites. The results were good, mostly in terms of getting a volume of links to a page on your site. This is still a great tactic, but social media can do so much more today. For example, with Twitter or Facebook it is possible to use networking and information sharing techniques to build high quality links. I have seen sites from a number of differ [...]

How Search-Like Are Social Media Sites?

Like search? Who doesn't -- great traffic, huge brand value and an audience ready to convert. Like social media? What's not to like -- huge growth, tons of buzz and an entire new marketing frontier that is opening up. For the search marketer looking at social media, how does it measure up? Which social media sites are most "search like?" This article looks at the issue and tries to chart it all out for easy comparison. To answer, let's start with some definitions. The terms "social media" and "social media site" are often used to describe web sites and online services that can be radically [...]

StumbleUpon Without The Toolbar

The past few weeks have been busy for the people over at StumbleUpon and its users alike. Just a few weeks ago, StumbleUpon lifted the 200 friend max from its user base and added a subscribe feature. On Wednesday my favorite social community announced that there were yet more changes to their discovery/recommendation engine. This new user experience is being called "beyond the toolbar". Not only do you not need to download a toolbar, but you actually don't even need to be registered with StumbleUpon to stumble anymore. This is really a "new user" experience. Let's check it out. [...]

Social Media Marketing ROI – Metrics And Analysis

When I attended South by Southwest 2008, I had the pleasure of attending a panel where four somewhat lost panelists were (with difficulty) trying to come up with metrics to measure success from a social media marketing campaign. I was a little annoyed when they concluded that there were no metrics available right now, and that someone would have to come up with a new way of measuring social media success. While many people argue that the current metrics are no longer applicable, here's a look at how we can adapt the currently available methodologies and apply them to social media marketing [...]

Search Illustrated: The Impact Of Social Media On Search Results

A search engine marketing campaign isn't complete without including some elements of social media. While engaging in social media alone can provide impressive results, this week's infographic illustrates how properly planned tactics can have a positive impact on your search results: Graphic by Elliance, an eMarketing firm specializing in results-driven search engine marketing, web site design, and outbound eMarketing campaigns. The firm is the creator of the ennect online marketing toolkit. The Search Illustrated column appears Tuesdays at Search Engine Land. [...]

Social Networks In The UK: Security Isn’t A Problem & The Future’s Mobile

Anyone reading newspapers or watching the TV news in the UK over the last couple of months could be forgiven for thinking that, along with computer games, social networks posed a bigger threat to personal security than anything this side of a full on recession. Headlines have concentrated on the supposed dangers involved in having a profile on Facebook, Bebo, or any of the other major networks popular here. Yet according to new research from market research company Mintel Oxygen into online social networking in the UK, the general public does not share the same worries. The research found t [...]

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