Mobile Traffic To Retail Sites To Hit 15% During Holiday ’11

More evidence of the growing importance of mobile comes this time from IBM, which predicts that "an unprecedented 15 percent of people in the U.S. logging onto a retailer’s Web site are expected to do so through a mobile device." This is based on data analyzed by IBM and collected from the 500 leading US retailers. Last month, according to "Big Blue," 11 percent of people visited a retail website on a mobile device. In particular the iPad will play a significant role in "mobile" purchase behavior. IBM said that "shoppers using an iPad will lead to more retail purchases more often per visi [...]

Smartphones Now Over 50 Percent For Under 44 Crowd

Nielsen has released new smartphone data this morning reflecting overall US smartphone penetration. The number is 43 percent, unchanged from October but up several points from several months ago. (comSore's official smartphone penetration number is 36 percent.). Nielsen says that 43 percent of US smartphone owners have an Android handsets compared to 28 percent who own iPhones. These numbers are almost identical to comScore's. We'll see if holiday sales of the iPhone 4S change that in any way.   What's most interesting about the data from Nielsen is the age-based segmenta [...]

Forty Million Mobile Users Access Social Nets Daily — comScore

mobile-social-featured In the US roughly 40 million mobile users access social networks (broadly defined to include blogs) on their handsets on a daily basis, according to comScore. The large number of mobile-social users comes as no surprise. Facebook previously announced it had 350 million active mobile users globally. Google also sees mobile as a strategic front for social networking growth. The new version of Android ("Ice Cream Sandwich") prominently features Google+. The chart below shows comScore traffic estimates for mobile usage of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Facebook has many more mobile users th [...]

comScore Search Data: Google Gains, Yahoo Falls To “Lowest Level Ever”

Screen shot 2011-10-11 at 4.04.32 AM It's that time again; the financial analysts are trickling out their advanced look at September search market share data from comScore ahead of the official release of those numbers. Our look at the data comes courtesy of Macquarie Equities Research and UBS. Google regained some share in September, at Yahoo's expense. And AOL was up slightly vs. last month. Bing and Ask were flat compared to August. Total "explicit core search queries" in September were also flat vs. August (17.1 billion) but showed growth vs. a year ago. Here are the numbers: Google: 65.3 percent (vs. 64.8 percent [...]

Android Has More Market Share, But Apple’s iOS Sends More Traffic

Screen shot 2011-10-10 at 2.02.57 PM At the iPhone 4S launch last week Apple CEO Tim Cook projected a slide that showed Apple dominating Android in terms of mobile Internet usage. Upon seeing that slide, people tweeted remarks like: "Where is he getting his numbers?" Indeed, they seemed made up given Android's surge over the past six months. Android Has Larger Share Than Apple... The data were credited to comScore, which today released those numbers and a great deal more data on smartphone and tablet usage. The pie chart below reflects comScore's most recent U.S. mobile OS market share data for August 2011, where Android leads [...]

Google Search Share Plateaus, BingHoo Gains, AOL Drops

google-g-logo The comScore search market share numbers for August are out. What they show is Google seeming to hit a kind of plateau. Over the past year it seems to be bumping up against a market share ceiling of around 65-66 percent. By contrast Yahoo and Bing gained slightly and now have a combined 31 percent of the US search market. Ask held steady at 3 percent and AOL appears to be continuing its long, slow decline. By the end of the year AOL search should be at or below 1 percent of the overall market. Google query volume and its share are flat; though mobile, which is growing rapidly, is no [...]

ComScore: Android Continues Gains, RIM Tanking

Today comScore released its latest mobile market share figures. Once again the smartphone story is the same: Android showed strong quarterly growth while the iPhone saw modest growth and all others saw declines, especially RIM. Among handset OEMs (all mobile devices), Samsung leads the pack with 25 percent of the US market. Motorola, which Google is seeking to acquire for $12.5 billion, saw a modest decline. If one looks only at smartphone share these figures look different. In April of this year, according to NPD Group, the following were the top-selling smartphones in the US: [...]

QR Code Scanners (Searchers) Are Affluent, 18-34 Males: comScore

Screen shot 2011-08-12 at 9.14.59 AM A question that has not yet been answered is whether 2-D barcodes, also known as "QR codes," are here to stay or whether they're an interesting experiment on the way to something else, such as NFC-based marketing. In Japan and elsewhere around the world QR codes are more well established and have been in use for years. The benefit of QR codes is that a marketer or publisher can put anything "behind" the code: a website URL or landing page, or a product detail page with lots of relevant and highly specific information. QR codes are also highly versatile and can appear in digital and traditio [...]

Yahoo Up, Google Down, Bing Flat: comScore

It's that time of month. The financial analysts are publishing the comScore search market share data again, just ahead of comScore's own press release. Last night Business Insider had the numbers up first, which I then confirmed with comScore directly. Below are the July market share figures, as well as those for the past two months. In July Google appears to be off somewhat, while Yahoo has gained a fraction. AOL also added a tenth of a percent. Ask and Bing were flat. The combined "search alliance" share now stands at 30.5 percent. Even though many people will try and wring some dr [...]

Bing Hits All-Time High Market Share, But Isn’t Taking It From Google

bing-logo Bing hit all-time high market shares in June for both "core search" and "explicit search" according to the latest comScore figures out today. But, Bing's gains aren't coming at Google's expense; Google maintained its share in explicit search and made gains of its own in core search. Here's a look at what comScore is reporting: Explicit search, June 2011 (doesn't include image/contextual/Google Instant) Google: 65.5% (essentially unchanged from May) Yahoo: 15.9% (essentially unchanged) Bing: 14.4% (up from 14.1% in May) Bing's 14.4% is an all-time high share of explicit search. [...]

Pew: 25 Percent Prefer Smartphones To PC For Internet Access

The Pew Internet Project put out results of its first survey looking at smartphone ownership. Pew found that 35 percent of all US adults own a smartphone. When the base is just mobile phone owners however (83 percent of American adults) the number goes up to 42 percent. The numbers go even higher in certain population segments; among 18 to 44 year old smartphone penetration is 50 percent. By contrast Nielsen reported that 38 percent of US mobile phones are now smartphones, while comScore says the number 33 percent in the US. Pew also found that 87 percent of smartphone owners go online o [...]

comScore: Android And RIM Smartphone Share Heading In Opposite Directions

ComScore came out with May mobile data for the US market this afternoon. The story line is largely the same as we've been hearing for the past several months. Android is up, everyone else is down and the iPhone is holding or slightly growing in its second place position. (However total iOS reach is greater than Android's.) The market share numbers in the table above are generally consistent with those previously released by Nielsen: Android: 38 percent iPhone: 27 percent RIM: 21 percent Windows Mobile: 9 percent WebOS: 2 percent Windows Phone: 1 percent ComScore says th [...]

How The Food Network Suddenly Spiked In Popularity & Why comScore Isn’t Buying It

food-network-featured In May 2011, the mantle of the most-trafficked food site according to comScore passed to Food Network from AllRecipes, who had held the position for over two years. What was its secret recipe? Buying an audience through the AdOn network – a recipe that apparently didn’t ultimately taste right to comScore. They determined the surge was due to "invalid" traffic and revised the numbers, putting AllRecipes back on top. Why comScore Numbers Matter So Much In today’s world of digital content powered by online advertising, advertisers and publishers alike keep a close eye on the numbers. Web [...]

comScore: the iPad Owns 97 Percent of US Tablet Traffic

As part of its new "device essentials" data product release comScore put out some interesting comparative findings about web traffic patterns from a broad array of mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. But among tablets we're really only talking about the iPad. According to comScore, the iPad represents "89 percent of tablet traffic across all markets." In the US the figure is 97 percent. Apple has sold roughly 25 million iPads to date globally, while competitors have seen disappointing sales so far. In Canada, the iPad drives 33.5 percent of all non-PC traffic, though comS [...]

Google — With Help From YouTube — Hits One Billion Visitors Before Facebook

Google & Facebook, Sitting In A Logo We continue to hear about Facebook's 700 million users, on the way to a billion worldwide. According to comScore Google is already there, at least looking across all its websites. Google: The Biggest Network Of Sites The chart below, provided to us from comScore, shows the number of unique visitors that went to each company's network of web sites over the past year: comScore gets its data from a global panel of roughly two million internet users from which it extrapolates findings to the entire online population. This sampling methodology has been much criticized but remains the stand [...]

Buoyed By Facebook, Social Media Sites Hit All-Time Traffic Highs In May

social-network-featured While Facebook gets the lion's share of attention, the overall adoption of social media is also lifting several sites to all-time traffic levels and there's no sign that this will change anytime soon. According to a new comScore report, LinkedIn, Twitter and Tumblr -- in addition to Facebook -- all hit new highs for U.S. audience size during May. The details: 33.4 million visitors, 58% growth in the past year 27 million visitors, 13% growth in the past year 10.7 million visitors, 166% growth in the past year Not shown on the chart abo [...]

Survey: Print Yellow Pages More Trusted Than Search Engines & Social Networks

Screen shot 2011-06-13 at 7.05.11 AM Who still uses yellow pages? San Francisco has even banned delivery without permission, assuming no one wants them. But a yellow pages industry group has a new survey saying that yellow pages are more trusted, more widely used and perceived by consumers to be more accurate when it comes to local information than search engines and social networks. The San Francisco Ban San Francisco has effectively banned print yellow pages delivery. The city recently passed an ordinance that requires residents to "opt-in" to receive print yellow pages. In other words, if they don't ask for the books, they [...]

Search Market Share Static, 2.2 Billion Local Queries On Google

ComScore released its May 2011 search market share rankings this afternoon. The data essentially show no change from last month in terms of percentage distribution. Google gains a fraction of a point at Ask's expense, while everyone else stays put. While share was largely unchanged query volumes were up roughly 5 percent across the board in May. Google had 11.2 billion queries, according to comScore. That was followed by Yahoo with 2.7 billion and Microsoft with 2.4 billion. If we take Google's former statement that roughly 20 percent of PC search queries have a "local intent," [...]

Android On Fire — Others Not So Much

The Q1 smartphone sales figures that were released yesterday by Gartner show that Android has surged and now leading all other smartphone operating systems. These numbers are Q1 sales figures and not reflective of overall market share but the show the direction the overall market is going. Gartner said "Windows Phone saw only modest sales that reached 1.6 million units in the first quarter of 2011." It's not clear what the 3.6 million units attributed to Microsoft (in the chart) reflects vs. the 1.6 million sold in the quote. It could be older versions of Windows Mobile still being sold [...]

Google Owns 90% Of Search Market In Latin America, comScore Says

google-g-logo It's pretty well known that Google's market share is even higher elsewhere than the roughly 65%-70% share it has inside the US. But we don't often see just how dominant Google's position is in other countries. Today, comScore is shedding some light with a new report that estimates Google has more than 90% share of all searches in Latin America. ("Google Sites" includes searches on YouTube, comScore says.) These are numbers for March, 2011. ComScore measures six markets in Latin America. Of the six, Google's market share was highest in Colombia (92.2%) and lowest in Argentina (89.4%). [...]

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