2001 In Review: Search Engine Marketing Gets Respect, As Does Search Generally

This article is part of a series, a review of the 2000 decade and search developments. Below, major events from the year 2001 in consumer search. For the complete series, see the introduction, The Google Decade: Search In Review, 2000 To 2009. Search Marketing Gets Respect For me, the biggest story of 2001 was the recognition that search marketing was a legitimate activity that major companies should consider. Despite search being a powerful channel for years before this, the profits that were being generated by public search companies like GoTo (later Overture) helped wake some people u [...]

2000 In Review: AdWords Launches; Yahoo Partners With Google; GoTo Syndicates

This article is part of a series, a review of the 2000 decade and search developments. Below, major events from the year 2000 in consumer search. For the complete series, see the introduction, The Google Decade: Search In Review, 2000 To 2009. Google Launches AdWords To me, the big story of 2000 was Google's launch of AdWords. It allowed anyone to buy ads -- through a self-serve system -- on Google and its network of partners. But this wasn't the AdWords that many know today. In its original system, ads were sold on a cost per impression basis, rather than cost per click. The CPC change [...]

The Google Decade: Search In Review, 2000 To 2009

The 2000s were notable as the first full decade of consumer search. The first decade ever where you could try to sum up what happened in search, as a consumer product. And what happened, in a word, was Google. In the 1990s, Google barely existed. If search were a religion, it was polytheistic. There were a variety of search gods -- Infoseek, Excite, Lycos and more. Yahoo was more powerful than the others, but it didn't rule supreme. In the 2000s, Google effectively swept aside those other gods. Search became monotheistic. Search become Google. It literally became Google, as people began [...]

A Search Eulogy For Yahoo

And then there were two. Make no mistake, Yahoo's out of the search game. I know the spin. Better user interface, new ways to innovate, a winning play. Let's not kid ourselves. They're done. Not today, not necessarily in a year, but down the line at some point. Done. And it's sad, because they were one of the originals. There was a time when the mighty Yahoo roared above all other search engines. When people were so worried about being listed in Yahoo that they pondered lawsuits over the issue, because not being in Yahoo was like not being on the internet at all. Sound familiar? Yeah, [...]

Google Webmaster Help Group: Version 2

Today, Google relaunched several of their help forums, moving them from Google Groups to a new help-specific platform. The English and Polish Google Webmaster Help group have made the move to this new format, with the other languages soon to follow. Below, more details about how this change will benefit site owners and a bit of history about the start and evolution of the Google Webmaster Help group. Historically, all official Google discussion forums have operated on Google Groups. While it made sense for Google to use its own products, Groups was initially built for old school [...]

Who Coined The Term SEO?

Someone's trying to trademark the term SEO, which has roiled the SEO community. The someone is named Jason Gambert, and he has filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office, claiming to have coined the term "SEO" (for Search Engine Optimization). SEOMoz and others have moved to challenge Gambert's claim. As the person (along with my partner Leland Harden), who actually did coin the term Search Engine Optimization back in 1995, I feel uniquely qualified to weigh in on the validity of Gambert's claim. Jason Gambert asserts that he was the first to use the term SEO, in a 2007 email. The act [...]

Google 10th Birthday Site: Interactive Timeline, Project 10×100 To Improve The World & Share Your Google Stories

Spotted via Google Blogoscoped, Google's finally acknowledging turning 10 this month with a special Google 10th Birthday web site. It features a cool interactive timeline where you can click on various events in the company's history and get more information, along with a new "Project 10 to The 100" challenge for ideas to improve the world and an invitation for anyone to share stories about Google. Here's a sample of the timeline: Nice! My first review of Google back in 1998 made the timeline. If you click any link, more information shows up about it, with further references. [...]

Happy 10th Birthday Google, Whenever You Celebrate

A number of stories about Google's 10th birthday have appeared, as rounded-up below. However, the company itself isn't yet celebrating, as its official birthday has tended to happen on Sept. 27 these days. Make sure to read Google Is 10 Years Old? Finding The Real Google Birthday for more about Google's moving birthday. NOTE: See Google 10th Birthday Site: Interactive Timeline, Project 10x100 To Improve The World & Share Your Google Stories for news of the official Google 10th birthday site launched since this was written. Google at 10: Larry, Sergey , gigaom.com At 10-Year Mark, Google's [...]

Early Yahoo Postmortem And Google CEO Eric Schmidt On The Prospect Of MicroHoo

If the Microsoft acquisition of Yahoo does happen, the "postmortems" on Yahoo will come fast and furious. Perhaps the first of these is from the Mercury News, which recounts the history of Google and Yahoo's early relationship and how the latter essentially "made" Google, which went on to become its most formidable competitor. The piece indirectly argues that Yahoo's failure to recognize Google as a threat -- despite Yahoo CEO Terry Semel's unsuccessful early attempt to buy it -- is partly responsible for the company's predicament today. The article also argues, with interviews of many form [...]

Obit: A West Coast Digerati Deadpools Ask.com

Goodbye, Ask.com. You caught my eye back in 1997 as an unusual meta search engine that asked questions to get answers. By 1998, I counted you alongside Google and Direct Hit as shining examples of what to watch in search. You'd dumped depending on others for search results and started providing answers using your own human editors. I hung with you over the years, cheered when you acquired the impressive Teoma crawler in 2001. I was thrilled when you alone among the major search engines dumped the traditional search metaphor for the Ask3D view last year. Now you're just for women, apparently. [...]

Is The Time Ripe For Search Marketing Standards?

Over the past ten to twelve years, various SEM practitioners have brought up the need for industry standards. I started asking the question in 1998, and others have brought it up since, but the industry seems to have a laissez faire attitude. Albeit, we've seen some standardization steps taken by the search engines themselves. Google, Yahoo!, and Microsoft got together on the Sitemaps protocol, and Google, Ask.com, and Microsoft are now anonymizing log file data. Subsequently, Google called for international privacy standards. The November 2007 FTC public forum on behavioral advertising also [...]

Google Lego Logo: Google Offers Lego 50th Birthday Wishes

Google has a special logo up on the Google home page today. The Google logo is made up of legos, to celebrate Lego's 50 year birthday. Google's culture has always had a special place for Lego. Google's first servers were "modded" up with Legos. The Google founders have admitted to having a special "fondness" towards Legos, and we all know that computer geeks can't get enough of their legos. Google has Lego art in their offices. Lego fans have built Google logos in Lego, and so have Googlers themselves. If you visit Google.com, you will see the logo. You won't see it after you do a searc [...]

Goodbye, Yahoo Picks

Children, gather 'round. When I was a boy, we didn't have Digg. We didn't have Slashdot. When we wanted a big traffic rush, we had to walk eight miles in the snow to Yahoo Picks -- Yahoo Picks Of The Week & Picks Of The Day -- and we liked it. But now, Yahoo Picks is gone. Bow your head to the news that TechCrunch highlighted today. Let a tear or two flow down your face as you read the formal announcement: We're sorry to say that Picks has stopped updating. After 12 years, we're moving on to new projects and fresh ways of highlighting cool sites across the Web. We'll still be here in d [...]

How SEO Has Evolved Over The Years

As I write this on New Year's day, I can't help but reflect on how SEO has changed during the more than 12 years since I first started optimizing websites. I was browsing through my hard-drive looking for a document I had saved that had various article ideas in it, when I stumbled upon a file from the year 2000 in which I had written an outline for a potential SEO workshop I was thinking of teaching. I never did do that workshop in 2000, but did eventually hold the first of our High Rankings Seminars two years later. The seminars had a good run from 2002-2007, but this year I decided to in [...]

Search Year 2007: Search News, In Review

Each month, I compile Search Month -- a recap of all the stories that have happened relating to search, categorized by topic. I thought it would be fun to take all the Search Months over the past year and produce this edition of Search Year 2007. It was far more work than I imagined, but I hope you'll find this at-a-glance guide to what happened in search during 2007 to be helpful. At-a-glance might be a stretch. This is a massive post, and I'm sure some people might feel a bit of overload. So, here's some guidance as to how things are organized. In many categories, I tried to pick the bigg [...]

Search Industry Nostalgia: A Reminder of How Far We’ve Come

If I were writing the local County Cross Country Ski Club newsletter, a retrospective might cover two or three minor changes in the field, and a watershed moment or two. Primitive skis were used by Vikings as much as 5,000 years ago. In about 1460, someone in Scandinavia discovered that you could climb hills easily with a "herringbone" technique rather than removing your skis and walking up. In the 1990’s, someone invented skate-skiing and they added the freestyle event to the Olympics while maintaining "classic" technique as an event as well. Those wishing to be in even better physica [...]

Google Birthday Logo: Nine Years Old

The Google home page is sporting the special logo above, celebrating the company's ninth birthday, with one of the Gs turned into a nine. But wait? Didn't Google just turn 10? Google Is 10 Years Old? Finding The Real Google Birthday that I posted earlier this month covers how yes, Google's domain name turned 10 years old on September 15, but the company itself celebrates its incorporation date in September 1998. But when is that incorporation date: Sept. 7 or Sept. 27? Google has celebrated both dates in the past, using Sept. 27 more lately, such as today. Wikipedia says Sept. 7 is the i [...]

Google Is 10 Years Old? Finding The Real Google Birthday

The AFP has clearly been waiting for September 15, so it could trot out today's "Google is 10 years old" story. But the company itself doesn't count tomorrow as its 10th birthday. In fact, knowing exactly when Google's birthday is depends on your point of view. Some milestones to consider below, which make Google as old as 12 and as young as 9. Plus, more special Google birthday logos. NOTE: See Google 10th Birthday Site: Interactive Timeline, Project 10x100 To Improve The World & Share Your Google Stories for news of the official Google 10th birthday site launched since this wa [...]

Goodbye Search Engine Strategies!

It's Search Engine Strategies San Jose next week. For Chris Sherman and I, it's our swan song. This is the last SES event that either of us will program, with our search marketing conference efforts going forward focused on our own Search Marketing Expo (SMX) events. But we've put our all into making the last SES event great, and I wanted to share some of the many things we've organized, plus how to meet up with Chris and I for the show. We've got a Sphinn lunch set, as well as laptop stickers for readers. Some quick facts. The very first SES event (and the first search marketing conference, [...]

From eTours To Commanding Ask.com: Jim Lanzone’s Story

I Fought the Law from the New York Times tells the story of how Ask.com CEO Jim Lanzone abandoned pursuing a legal degree and learned his true passion was for internet companies. Lanzone attended Emory University's School of Law in Atlanta. He then worked for Justice Hugh P. Thompson at the Supreme Court of Georgia, and then had a summer job at law firm after his freshman year. But the law wasn't his thing, he wasn't excited with it. So he decided to go earn an M.B.A. degree, which he said made him see the world "in color." From there he had an internship at KnowX, which gave him the des [...]

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