Performics: Mobile To Drive Almost 20% Of Paid Search Clicks In December

Screen shot 2011-10-27 at 8.16.29 AM Performics is anticipating mobile to be a significant platform in holiday shopping for US consumers. The firm said that "Google search clicks from mobile devices are now 14.2 percent of all search clicks." Performics expects the paid clicks coming from mobile to grow to 17.3 percent this December. For its part, Google has projected that "44 percent of total searches for last minute gifts and store locator terms will be from mobile devices this holiday season." Performics also believes that tablets (iPad) will play a significant role in search and shopping this holiday season: The wi [...]

StumbleUpon: 20 Million Stumblers & Counting

stumbleupon-logo-featured Social search and discovery site StumbleUpon has announced a new milestone: The site recently surpassed 20 million users. The company's announcement is filled with some interesting stats that show its growth since launching as a Firefox add-on back in 2002: StumbleUpon now serves as many "stumbles" in one hour as it did during its first year. At peak activity, there are more than 1,000 stumbles per second. The user base has doubled from 10 million members in May 2010 to today's announcement of 20 million members. There's also a chart showing many of the site's milestones over th [...]

Android Has More Market Share, But Apple’s iOS Sends More Traffic

Screen shot 2011-10-10 at 2.02.57 PM At the iPhone 4S launch last week Apple CEO Tim Cook projected a slide that showed Apple dominating Android in terms of mobile Internet usage. Upon seeing that slide, people tweeted remarks like: "Where is he getting his numbers?" Indeed, they seemed made up given Android's surge over the past six months. Android Has Larger Share Than Apple... The data were credited to comScore, which today released those numbers and a great deal more data on smartphone and tablet usage. The pie chart below reflects comScore's most recent U.S. mobile OS market share data for August 2011, where Android leads [...]

Google Search Share Plateaus, BingHoo Gains, AOL Drops

google-g-logo The comScore search market share numbers for August are out. What they show is Google seeming to hit a kind of plateau. Over the past year it seems to be bumping up against a market share ceiling of around 65-66 percent. By contrast Yahoo and Bing gained slightly and now have a combined 31 percent of the US search market. Ask held steady at 3 percent and AOL appears to be continuing its long, slow decline. By the end of the year AOL search should be at or below 1 percent of the overall market. Google query volume and its share are flat; though mobile, which is growing rapidly, is no [...]

Forecast: More US Mobile Web Users Than PC By 2015

It's inevitable that in the not too distant future there will be more mobile internet users that those accessing the internet on a PC. And today research firm IDC forecast that day will come in the US in 2015: By 2015, more U.S. Internet users will access the Internet through mobile devices than through PCs or other wireline devices. As smartphones begin to outsell simpler feature phones, and as media tablet sales explode, the number of mobile Internet users will grow by a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 16.6% between 2010 and 2015. There are a range of other predictions and forecasts [...]

Pew: 65% Of Online Adults Now Use Social Networks

It comes as no surprise that social networking is one of the top online activities, exceeded only by email and search according the Pew Internet Project. The most noteworthy finding of a new Pew report on social networking is that its growth is most pronounced among older Americans: The frequency of social networking site usage among young adult internet users under age 30 was stable over the last year – 61% of online Americans in that age cohort now use social networking sites on a typical day, compared with 60% one year ago. However, among the Boomer-aged segment of internet users ages 50 [...]

Google, Twitter Flaunt Social Stats … It’s Like 2003 All Over Again

megaphones-shouting-featured Whether on purpose or not, Google and Twitter are having a little back-and-forth this week about the size of their social networks -- or, maybe more accurately, about the activity levels on their social networks. Google+ has X amount of users and the +1 button gets served Y times per day. Twitter delivers N tweets every day and saw P new signups just yesterday. It's all quite reminiscent of the early/mid 2000s, when all of major search engines made a sport out of bragging over the number of pages they'd indexed. But does it mean anything? Well, yes and no. Let's dive in.... Google+ & [...]

Pew: 25 Percent Prefer Smartphones To PC For Internet Access

The Pew Internet Project put out results of its first survey looking at smartphone ownership. Pew found that 35 percent of all US adults own a smartphone. When the base is just mobile phone owners however (83 percent of American adults) the number goes up to 42 percent. The numbers go even higher in certain population segments; among 18 to 44 year old smartphone penetration is 50 percent. By contrast Nielsen reported that 38 percent of US mobile phones are now smartphones, while comScore says the number 33 percent in the US. Pew also found that 87 percent of smartphone owners go online o [...]

comScore: Android And RIM Smartphone Share Heading In Opposite Directions

ComScore came out with May mobile data for the US market this afternoon. The story line is largely the same as we've been hearing for the past several months. Android is up, everyone else is down and the iPhone is holding or slightly growing in its second place position. (However total iOS reach is greater than Android's.) The market share numbers in the table above are generally consistent with those previously released by Nielsen: Android: 38 percent iPhone: 27 percent RIM: 21 percent Windows Mobile: 9 percent WebOS: 2 percent Windows Phone: 1 percent ComScore says th [...]

comScore: the iPad Owns 97 Percent of US Tablet Traffic

As part of its new "device essentials" data product release comScore put out some interesting comparative findings about web traffic patterns from a broad array of mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. But among tablets we're really only talking about the iPad. According to comScore, the iPad represents "89 percent of tablet traffic across all markets." In the US the figure is 97 percent. Apple has sold roughly 25 million iPads to date globally, while competitors have seen disappointing sales so far. In Canada, the iPad drives 33.5 percent of all non-PC traffic, though comS [...]

Google — With Help From YouTube — Hits One Billion Visitors Before Facebook

Google & Facebook, Sitting In A Logo We continue to hear about Facebook's 700 million users, on the way to a billion worldwide. According to comScore Google is already there, at least looking across all its websites. Google: The Biggest Network Of Sites The chart below, provided to us from comScore, shows the number of unique visitors that went to each company's network of web sites over the past year: comScore gets its data from a global panel of roughly two million internet users from which it extrapolates findings to the entire online population. This sampling methodology has been much criticized but remains the stand [...]

Forecast: Google To Have Nearly 80% Of US Search Revenues In 2012

There are a couple of new search and display ad forecasts out from eMarketer. They run through next year with Google increasing its dominance of search advertising, while Facebook steals the top slot from Yahoo in display. The firm sees Google US search ad revenues opening up a bigger lead despite Bing's gains among consumers. However eMarketer says that Microsoft will pass Yahoo in terms of search revenues this year, with Bing controlling 8 percent and Yahoo 7.9 percent of paid-search revenues in 2011. In total eMarketer says that search revenues in the US will reach $14.4 billion t [...]

Search Market Share Static, 2.2 Billion Local Queries On Google

ComScore released its May 2011 search market share rankings this afternoon. The data essentially show no change from last month in terms of percentage distribution. Google gains a fraction of a point at Ask's expense, while everyone else stays put. While share was largely unchanged query volumes were up roughly 5 percent across the board in May. Google had 11.2 billion queries, according to comScore. That was followed by Yahoo with 2.7 billion and Microsoft with 2.4 billion. If we take Google's former statement that roughly 20 percent of PC search queries have a "local intent," [...]

Mobile Phone Forecast Sees Windows Beating iOS By 2015

Practically every day some research firm somewhere in North America or Europe releases a forecast about how many widgets will be sold next year, or how large a given market is going to be in five years. And every day the overwhelming majority of those forecasts are poised to turn out wrong. In most cases forecasting market size or growth is an art form rather than a science. Assumptions drive the metrics behind the models. But we typically don't get to see the assumptions so clearly on display as we do in the recent IDC smartphone forecast (below). Some Safe and Risky Assumptions Across t [...]

IDC: Google Overtakes Yahoo In Display Ads For First Quarter Ever

Screen shot 2011-05-26 at 8.20.30 PM Move over Yahoo, there's a new display advertising champion in town, as of the first quarter of 2011. You may have heard of the company, as they've also been dominating the search advertising category.  According to a new report from research firm IDC, Google's net U.S. display advertising revenue share grew to 14.7% in the first quarter of this year, from 13.3% in the fourth quarter. Meanwhile, Yahoo!'s declined from 13.6% to 12.3%. Microsoft declined to a 6.5% market share in Q1 and Facebook rose in prominence with 8.8% of the market. The figures are interesting as we watch Google [...]

Yandex Finally Files For Long-Awaited IPO

Russia's leading search engine Yandex formally filed for an IPO that has been expected for at least three years but was delayed by the global recession. The company plans to raise roughly $1 billion through its US Nasdaq offering. Founded in 1997, Yandex controls approximately 65 percent of the Russian search market and is valued at an estimated $6 billion to $9 billion. Google controls just over 20 percent of Russian search. Yandex also operates in Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. (the English language site) was launched in May of last year. The shares offered to the market w [...]

Performics: Mobile Impressions Cross 10 Percent Threshold

Earlier this year Performics predicted that mobile search would soon reach 10 percent of all the search impressions its clients were seeing. Today the firm said that "mobile impressions accounted for 10.2 percent of all paid search impressions (desktop + mobile)." The company also said that mobile now represents 9.8 percent of paid clicks. It added that "Q1 YoY growth for mobile clicks outpaced impressions, increasing by 230 percent." That's compared with PC clicks, which grew only 13.7 percent during the same time period. However Performics said that mobile CTRs are somewhat b [...]

AT&T: 43 Percent Of Local-Mobile Searchers “Walk Through The Door”

There are a number of studies (e.g., Pew, Forrester) in the market that question how interested or engaged users are with "location based services." Those studies tend to narrowly focus on Foursquare, Gowalla and mobile check-ins. They tend to miss the larger point about the importance of location on mobile devices. A new study from AT&T Interactive and Nielsen, conducted this March, validates that location is a key part of the mobile-user experience. The study also reflects the often-superior performance of local-mobile ads. Restaurants the Top Local-Mobile Category AT&T VP S [...]

comScore: Apple’s iOS Reach Is “Double” Android’s

Android has been outselling the iPhone for many months now, and it's widely assumed that Android has all but eclipsed Apple in the market and among developers for mindshare. However today comScore released a more "holistic" look at iOS vs. Android that includes iPod Touch and iPad owners, which contradicts that conventional wisdom. When all the iOS devices are combined (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch), Apple's reach is 59 percent greater than Android's in the US market. The metrics firm says there are a combined 37.9 million iOS users in the US. By contrast there are 23.8 million combined Andr [...]

IAB: 2010 Online Advertising Worth $26 Billion, Search 46 Percent

Screen shot 2011-04-13 at 9.07.07 AM The IAB released its full year 2010 online advertising report this morning. Paid search constituted the largest category share of the $26 billion online ad spend, at 46 percent: Search was down a point vs. 2009 in terms of overall share. However it grew 12 percent vs. last year in terms of dollar value. By comparison display advertising (a catch-all category that includes video, sponsorships and all types of graphical ads) saw 24 percent growth over 2009. This year also marks the first time that the IAB and its partner PriceWaterhouseCoopers are estimating mobile ad revenues. [...]

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