Why You Can’t Compare Google+ User Figures To Facebook & Twitter

facebook-twitter-google-plus-featured Google announced that Google+ has 40 million users today. Woo-hoo! That's nearly half what Twitter claims, right? And while it's below Facebook's 800 million, Google's getting there, right? Wrong. The number simply can't be compared to Facebook and Twitter. Active Users Vs. Sign-Ups Let's start with Facebook. At various points, Facebook has given out a count of how many users it has. Currently, on its stats page, Facebook claims 800 million active users. Active users are key here. By active, Facebook means people who have logged into Facebook at least once per month. Facebook has many mor [...]

Larry Page: Google+ Now Has 40 Million Users

Google-Plus-Logo As part of Google's earnings announced today, CEO Larry Page announced that Google's social network, Google+, now has 40 million members. That puts it still well behind Facebook's 800 million, closer to Twitter's 100 million, but doesn't seem to count "active" users. Page said in the earnings release: "We had a great quarter," said Larry Page, CEO of Google.  "Revenue was up 33% year on year and our quarterly revenue was just short of $10 billion. Google+ is now open to everyone and we just passed the 40 million user mark. People are flocking into Google+ at an incredible rate and we are [...]

Tweets About Steve Jobs Spike But Don’t Break Twitter Peak Record

twitter trends As with Google, Twitter saw a spike in activity related to the death of Steve Jobs. However, the company said that the number of tweets per second didn't break new records. The Peak Records Twitter told us that at 5pm PT yesterday, it saw 6,049 tweets per second happening at peak, with tweets continuing throughout the night and into today. This leaves the news of Beyonce announcing her pregnancy during the MTV Video Music awards as the all-time record holder. Records to date, for tweets per second (TPS), as peak times, as has been reported by Twitter to date: 8,868 TPS: Beyonce/MTV [...]

Ex-Burglars Believe Google StreetView, Facebook, Twitter & Foursquare Used To Plot Crimes

Screen shot 2011-09-28 at 6.20.52 AM There have been many stories in the past of criminals (of one sort or another) using Google, Foursquare and Facebook to target people who many not be home or, in the case of Google Earth and Street View, which homes to target. A recent survey of 50 convicted burglars by UK security firm Friedland Response and reported by the UK's Sky News argues that Google and social media tools are being used extensively to target people. Nearly 80 percent of the 50 ex-burglars surveyed strongly believed that Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare were being used by current criminals, and nearly 75 percent s [...]

Twitter Buys Julpan To Boost Content Discovery

Twitter has acquired Julpan, a small start-up search service in New York that had focused on analyzing social activity in order to improve search results. Twitter says the acquisition will be used to boost its ability to help users discover interesting content. "We're looking at how to best surface content to users based on their interest graph," said Mike Abbott, Twitter's vice president of engineering, about the purchase. Last month, Twitter rolled out a new "Activity" tab designed to help people more easily spot interesting content, part of an overall move to highlight interesting ma [...]

Twitter Announces Analytics For Tweets, Traffic & Buttons

This week at TechCrunch Disrupt, Twitter announced Web Analytics to webmasters (and Tweeters) see how their content is being shared and how their buttons are being used.  This new platform integrates fully with the new t.co shortener to help see content distribution. During the presentation it was announced that the t.co 'link wrapper' is now making up 95% of all tweet and Twitter buttons are on more than 3 million websites.   Until now, only advertisers had any access to analytics on Twitter. Twitter now sends over 100 million clicks to sites across the web everyday, and Twitter Ana [...]

For First Time, Twitter Will Show Promoted Tweets From Accounts You Don’t Follow

twitter-featured Look out, Twitter users: More advertising is coming to your Twitter stream, even from accounts that you don't already follow. Twitter announced Tuesday that its Promoted Tweets program is expanding to "a small number of users," and a Twitter help page explains where those ads might appear: At the top of relevant search results pages on twitter.com. In search results for a Promoted Trend. Users' "home" timelines. Official Twitter clients. Third-party Twitter clients. Promoted Tweets have been around since April 2010 and an expected backlash never seemed to materialize. Ori [...]

Twitter Hits 100 Million ‘Active’ Users

Started just 5 years ago, Twitter announced today at the "State of the Union" that they have officially reached their 100 millionth 'active' user.  Of the active users, 55% use Twitter on their mobile devices.  Each month over 400 million unique visitors use Twitter.com alone.  Today Twitter is posting a billion tweets every five days, about 8,900 per second. Out of these 100 Million users, more than half log in to Twitter daily to use the service. Also, while  many people use the service, not all actually tweet.  40% of all of the active users simply use Twitter to follow others. [...]

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo’s “State Of The Union” Address

11 - 1 100 million active users. 1 billion tweets every seven days. Plans to grow the ad business. These stats and facts are part of a "State Of The Twitter" talk Twitter CEO Dick Costolo gave to the press today. Live blogging below! Dick arrives. Nothing big, he says. "I just wanted to give you a state of the union on the business." He's naming some of the people who have come on to help build the business. Jack Dorsey among those who came back in. "He speaks with the fluency of the inventor of the product," which is good to have when you have contention between groups in the company. "If y [...]

Twitter Renews Deal With Bing; Google Deal Remains MIA

bing-twitter-hearts-featured Twitter and Bing announced that they have extended their deal that allows Bing to tap into Twitter's information in a cutesy exchange on Twitter itself. As for Google, which Twitter's been on the outs with since July, Twitter says there's no similar happy news to report. Dear Twitter, I Love You! Kisses, Bing Twitter spokesperson Carolyn Penner compiled the exchange using the awesome Storify service, as you'll find here: It's perhaps the first press release via Twitter conversation that I know of. Details? You Don't Need No Stinkin' Details! But how about details? How long is the de [...]

Nearly 90% Of Twitter Users Follow Brands & Just 10.9% Of Users Find Promoted Tweets To Be Annoying

In a new article from eMarketer and Lab42, information was released around brands and Promoted Tweets.  Surprisingly, 89.4% of users polled stated that they follow a brand's Twitter account.  Most users (30.6%) follow 1-5 accounts and 8.2% follow over 50 accounts: Additional information from the report showed promising results about Twitter's Promoted Tweets product.  Overall user sentiment towards Promoted Tweets is very positive.  Only 10.9% of users thought that Promoted Tweets were annoying, while the other 89.1% liked ( or were indifferent to) Promoted Tweets.  More users, 14% o [...]

Pages That Display Tweet Buttons See 7x More Social Mentions

tweet-button-balloons-featured In a recent report released by BrightEdge, an enterprise SEO company, stats were released showing correlation between social buttons and social shares.  Data showed that pages that displayed the Tweet button saw 7 times more social media mentions than pages that didn't feature the button.  This data was pulled from the "top 10,000 sites on the web." The report also showed that in August 53.6% of the largest 10,000 sites have social widgets or buttons on the front page, up from 52.8% in July.  The Facebook buttons and widgets led the way in popularity with 50% usage, while Twitter butto [...]

Here’s What Twitter Should Do To Make Photo Galleries More Useful

twitter-user-gallery-featured I like the new user photo galleries that Twitter started rolling out yesterday. They'll make photo search and discovery much easier, especially for those of us who've scattered our photo uploads across TwitPic, yFrog, Mobypicture and other photo services. But I'm also hoping that the product Twitter launched yesterday is a shell of what it'll be six months from now, or a year from now. Because there's so much more that Twitter can and should do with these User Galleries. Here's a look at one Twitter user (me) would like to see: 1. Stop archiving images that I retweet via the "old sty [...]

Twitter User Galleries Start Rolling Out Today

Twitter has begun rolling out User Galleries, a new feature that should make the process of searching (and finding) images shared on Twitter a lot easier. The galleries will show images -- but not videos -- that are shared on Twitter via many of the major photo upload/sharing tools, such as TwitPic, yFrog, Instagram and Twitter itself. (Twitter began accepting direct photo uploads earlier this month.) If your account has access to the new feature, which was first spotted by SplatF, you'll see a "Recent Images" content section on your (or any) Twitter profile page, and it has a "view all" [...]

Twitter Rolling Out New Features To Highlight Activities & Interactions

Twitter-Activity When you typically think Twitter, you probably think about text based 140 character updates.  New improvements being rolled out geared towards spotlighting user activities and interactions may change this perception.  These very visual changes are very "Facebook-esque" in their appearance and could be very appealing to new, less-savvy users. The most dramatic change is a new "Activity" tab that shows who your network started following, what they favorited and their retweets.  This tab also has some interactivity as the example shared has the ability to follow users right from the act [...]

Twitter Taking Direct Photo Uploads, Will Create User Media Galleries

Twitter says it's planning to create "user media galleries" that will house all of the media a user shares on the service -- including items uploaded and shared via other services. The news comes at the same time that Twitter has begun accepting direct photo uploads via the Twitter.com interface. As Mike Cane pointed out, some Twitter users are now seeing a pop-up window on their Twitter home page that introduces the new feature. Here's how it looks for me: The "Learn More" link leads to Twitter Help Center page that tells more about the company's plans for user media galleries: [...]

Ready Or Not, New Twitter Lands For All Users This Week

twitter-bird-logo-square Nearly a year after its launch, the "new" Twitter interface will roll out to all users this week -- whether they want it or not. The company tweeted this afternoon with a warning to those who're still using the old Twitter interface: If you're currently using Old Twitter, we want to let you know that you'll be upgraded to New Twitter this week. twitter.com/newtwitter Twitter announced the new interface all the way back on September 14, 2010. It was (and is) a completely new way of presenting content, with two columns of information, images and other content embedded into Twitter. [...]

Twitter Intros Ability To Target Promoted Tweets To Followers

twitter-logo As it continues to develop the advertising opportunities available on its service, Twitter is now allowing brands to target their promoted tweets to followers only. Like other promoted tweets, the messages appear at the top of users' timelines upon login, and scroll down afterwards. They can also be dismissed immediately. The company announced the new feature in a blog post today. "Traditionally, you could target with a set of keywords and restrict to geographies," Kevin Weil, the product lead for Twitter's monetization products, told me. "With this, you can target to your followers -- a [...]

Twitter Search Gets “New Twitter” Look & Feel

twitter-search-featured For ages, Twitter has operated a standalone Twitter Search site in addition to allowing people to search from within Twitter.com itself. Today, that standalone site has gained a new location and been upgraded to match the Twitter.com search experience. Previously, Twitter Search was located at http://search.twitter.com. Now, that address leads to http://twitter.com/search, as tweeted by Twitter earlier today. What's different beyond the URL? The interface. See More With Right Panel Support Searching at Twitter.com makes it easy to perform a search and then pop-open a right panel to view m [...]

Report: 58 Percent of SMBs On Social Media Sites, Most Have Only Limited Engagement

There's been a boatload of survey data released in the past six months documenting the adoption of social media by US small businesses (SMBs). The numbers range from about 40 to 70 percent of SMBs reporting they're using social media to some degree. Yet survey data aren't always accurate because it's challenging to get a "representative sample" of SMBs -- the numbers are all over the place -- and self-reported data can be based on misperception and aspirations. However a new report from Palore, not relying on survey data, confirms that large numbers of SMBs are on social media. The data rev [...]

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