Video Search looks at how search engines index videos, and explores the unique search engine optimization techniques that can make videos visible in search results. You can find more about video advertising & video content marketing at Marketing Land.

5 Legal Tips For Video Search Marketing

You-Sued-logo Video search marketing has exploded in the past few years. The problem is that most marketers today, especially those in small-to-medium businesses, have no idea what the legal issues with online video are. As a video search marketing professional and legal analyst of new media, I’ve put together this introductory guide for marketers on understanding the most important legal issues with video in search marketing, the serious consequences of not following the law; and tips for how to protect your own video assets and your business. Biggest Legal Issues Today With Online Video I recently [...]

The New Frontier Of Mobile Optimized Video, Part 2

In my last column, I addressed the frontlines of mobile video optimization and also discussed the transformation of online video placement as a shift from containers to conduits. Now, I want to turn attention to mobile video SEO and ways you can strategically leverage your parent site for your mobile site. Implementing Mobile Video SEO Optimizing for mobile video requires not only encoding your video correctly on mobile pages, but also using traditional SEO best practices for video. As mentioned in my previous post, encoding should ideally be done with H.264 — though WebM and Theora are al [...]

Mobile’s New Frontier: Optimized Video

The mobile market continues to grow as we head into 2011. Specifically, the smartphone market has seen an enormously robust 96% growth rate from Q3 2009 to Q3 2010. According to the October 2010 market data from Nielsen, Apple’s iOS (27.9%) and Google’s Android (27.9%) platforms command the largest share of high-end, media-capable smartphones. While operating system version weren’t accounted for, it can be assumed these numbers represent a majority of the most recent firmware iterations for each respective platform, which support the latest web technologies. And considering the data supp [...]

How Old Spice Found The Sweet Smell Of Viral Video Success

In a recent session at SMX East, I discussed "The Five M's: A roadmap for creating and executing winning YouTube campaigns." The session dissected multiple layers of genius at work in the Old Spice campaign created and executed by Wieden+Kennedy. So let’s dive in and consider the Five M's that will keep your YouTube campaigns smelling great. 1. Move No. You don’t need to "move" from a shower, to a boat, to a horse in one continuous shot. You do, however, need to move your audience emotionally. Start with a clear vision of how you want people to react to your video or interact with yo [...]

Revisiting The Basics Of Video SEO

According to web metrics company comScore, 183 million U.S. internet users watched online video during the month of May, watching nearly 34 billion videos. Marketers hoping their video assets fall into that 34 billion can improve their odds by revisiting and updating their strategies to improve search visibility. Many marketers post their branded videos to the video sharing site YouTube, sometimes using a branded channel page to host commercials or promotions for their brand, which may also be found on the marketer’s own domain. This represents just one of the many opportunities for marketer [...]

The Four Pillars Of Viral Videos

Have you ever watched a video on YouTube and wondered how it could have gained more than 1,000,000 views? Many brands ask themselves the same question: How can we generate the same kind of viral video success as the baby dancing to Beyonce’s "Single Ladies" or the wedding party entrance dance that crazed the nation? Brands should mimic everyday people that have had success in viral video—yet construct and disseminate videos in a way that does not lose sight of the fact their purpose is twofold: to entertain and spread a marketing message. Consider the following important factors as an [...]

Why You Should Adopt HTML5—Now

HTML5 continues to grow and gain adoption across the web, as many marketers have discovered the advantage of HTML5 to extend video to a wide range of platforms (as mentioned in my April 22 post, Are You Ready for the New iPad Era with HTML5?). According to TechCrunch, nearly two-thirds of web video is already encoded for HTML5. As HTML5 keeps evolving, many limitations continue to be overcome. One of HTML5’s biggest benefits for marketers is its native video support. HTML5 videos can be built directly into supporting browsers, which enables publishers to deliver full-motion, high-quality vid [...]

Video SEO Opportunities With Google’s Recent Makeover

Earlier this month, Google rolled out its redesigned search engine results page (SERP) with a new menu of search-refinement options on the left-hand rail. The recent modifications to Google’s logo and search results pages serve as big changes for a company whose design hasn’t changed much in years. Simply put: It’s a big deal. Google continues, however, to keep it clean and straightforward. The streamlined feel and functionality of Google’s SERP redesign presents great opportunities for marketers. While each of the categorical changes deserve the consideration of search marketers in ge [...]

Are You Ready For The New iPad Era With HTML5?

The enormous popularity of the iPad has already changed the way many users consume video. From a video search perspective, marketers and SEO experts can now reach consumers through another screen. According to MeFeedia, less than a week after its launch, research has showniPad users consume two and a half times as many videos as the typical web user that iPad users consume two and a half times as many videos as the typical web user and three times as many videos as iPhone users. Savvy online marketers have done everything they can to ensure users find their videos online. Now, with the arrival [...]

5 Video Syndication Tools That Can Boost Search Results

The basic idea behind video syndication is to take a single video and distribute it across as many video channels as possible. The advantages from a branding perspective are clear. The more places your branded message appears, the likelier the chance that people will watch your video and be exposed to a brand impression. In short, bring your video to the people rather than expecting them to come to you. The SEO advantages of video syndication are less clear, but there is certainly evidence to show that syndicated distribution of a video has the potential to drastically improve its ranking o [...]

Sports Fans Score Big Wins With Video Search

Each year, the number of college basketball fans that flock online to view games for March Madness continues to grow. Experian Simmons Data Stream confirmed that use of streaming online video among March Madness fans rose 23 percent from the start of the 2009 tournament through the championship game. In 2010, Unicast found before the tournament began that 44 percent of respondents planned to follow the March Madness NCAA basketball tournament online and that 54 percent of those people intend to catch the actual games live on the Web. With so many of the early round games taking place on wee [...]

Five Keys For Creating Viral YouTube Titles

As with text web pages, from an SEO standpoint the title of your YouTube video is the most important piece of content on the page. Well, to be fair, the most important piece of content is actually the video itself, but for the purpose of this discussion, let’s assume that the video is at least moderately watchable and entertaining. Every YouTube video resides on its own page and has a unique URL. YouTube creates HTML meta tags for each of these video view pages based on different page elements. The title of the video becomes the title tag, the description becomes the meta description tag, [...]

Extending The Lifecycle Of Super Bowl Ads Through Online Video

At up to $3 million to air a 30 second spot, marketers must ensure they get the full benefit from their Super Bowl ads, even—and especially—after the game is over. According to CBS, Super Bowl XLIV was the most-watched program in television history with 106.5 million viewers. For advertisers to get the most efficiency out of their media spend, they had to get creative with their ads to gain attention during the big game. With only 15-30 seconds to make an impression, many advertisers included URLs in their TV spots, directing viewers to their web sites, Twitter or Facebook pages to [...]

The Key To Top Video Rankings On YouTube & Google

Can a YouTube video rank well on both YouTube and Google? Yes. But it’s not easy. Here’s a look at the ranking algorithms on both, and SEO tactics you can use to improve your chances of gaining top listings.

My Video Search Holiday Wish List

The holiday season is well on its way in the U.S. with our biggest feast, Thanksgiving, and largest shopping day of the year, Black Friday, behind us. Now, it’s more crucial than ever for advertisers to work like Santa’s elves to ensure their products and/or services land on everyone’s list. As both an online consumer and a dedicated online video enthusiast, I decided to write my own wish list specifically focused on online video. I am asking for a lot, but I feel optimistic that even if I don’t get everything this holiday season it’s possible I might get it sometime next year. He [...]

Does Bing Have What It Takes To Flaunt Video Search Results?

Now that Bing is officially a major player, it's time to ask some important questions. Are Bing video search results delivering a winning performance? Does Bing match searcher queries with relevant results? For advertisers, what is needed from an optimization standpoint to make your video standout among a search crowd? Let’s use the popular music group "Black Eyed Peas" as an example. After conducting a series of different searches with the band name being the basis of the query I observed the following: Query 1: black eyed peas. Images of the band were among the top positions, while t [...]

Online Music Videos Make A Comeback

I want my, I want my, I want my OMV (Online Music Video)... Yes, that’s right! Popular music videos are about to make a comeback, not on the original music TV station per se, but on the most popular online video web site, YouTube. With just a quick query search and a click of the mouse, you will have the opportunity to view and listen to musical legends such as The Eagles or ever-evolving artists such as Coldplay and Madonna. As of September 29, 2009, Warner Music Group announced that they struck a deal with YouTube to ultimately bring its artists back to YouTube’s massive online video [...]

Online Video Must Differentiate From Television

eMarketer recently published an article titled The Online Video Advertising Picture Clears Up which forecasts that online video advertising will represent 4.3% of online spend and 1.6% of television advertising spend this year, growing to 11% and 5.5% respectively by 2013. While these figures seem small, to achieve them requires 30% to 40% annual growth, which will be challenging given the current advertising climate. An interesting statistic in favor of online video is the advertising spend per hour of video watched: for 2009, eMarketer forecasts this as $0.17 for online vs. $0.13 for TV [...]

HTML 5: A Dream Come True For Video SEM

Imagine if you could click on a video and instantly watch it play without clicking through the annoying pop-ups that require you to download the latest plug-in, such as Adobe Flash. Even better, what if you could watch this instantaneous video in the palm of your hand without any unforeseen complications? This sounds like a dream come true not only for the user but also for savvy advertisers who are continually trying to entice their target audience. Fortunately, it’s not a dream: it’s HTML 5. HTML 5 is the proposed next iteration of the prevailing language of web sites. Modern browsers [...]

Will The TVAnywhere Initiative Miss The Point?

The cable industry’s "TV Anywhere" strategy is much in the news this month, as a response to the rapid adoption by consumers of sites and applications such as Hulu and Boxee. The cable industry is loath to make the mistake the record companies did, which was to misinterpret consumer downloading of music as a desire to steal content instead of simply a desire to have a more useful form factor for their music. Indeed, iTunes emphatically showed the market that consumers are quite willing to pay to have their music, whether in the form of the billions of dollars in hardware they purchase annual [...]

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