Yahoo To Offer Y Connect; While Facebook Undergoes Privacy Scrutiny

Yahoo to Offer Media Links from the Wall Street Journal reports Yahoo will create a similar tool to Facebook connect for their media publishers, web developers and other websites to integrate with. Yahoo would not comment on the new system, but the purpose behind it is to help Yahoo better track users around the web, so they can offer more tailored ads and offer advertisers better ad targeting options. Y Connect allows users to register and log into web sites by clicking on a Yahoo button. After the user logs in, their activity on the web site can be shared with Yahoo. This shared data [...] Is Down

Right now,, one of the most visited sites on the Internet, is down. No one can reach it. Currently there is no explanation on Yahoo's official Twitter account, @yahoo, but we see tons of complaints that it is down on Twitter. Some are reporting that Yahoo is not down but extremely slow. Update: About 30 minutes later, it seems to be back up. [...]

How Would An AOL-Yahoo Merger Affect Search?

There are rumors flying that AOL and private equity firms may be trying to buy Yahoo in a complex transaction that would involve a likely sale of Yahoo's stake in Alibaba. Matt wrote up the item last night. Bloomberg has more this morning suggesting that, as with Microsoft a couple of years ago, Yahoo is positioning to fight a takeover. One of the very hypothetical scenarios involves taking Yahoo private to "avoid the scrutiny of the public markets," allowing the company to make some of the "tough choices" necessary to really turn it around. Such a scenario would not involve AOL obviousl [...]

Bartz: ‘Creepy’ Facebook Could Be Yahoo’s Top Competitor

Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz says Facebook has a "creepy" amount of personal information about its users, and could become Yahoo's number one competitor because of the value of that data. Her comments came about 10 days ago at the USA Today CEO Forum in Atlanta, and have just been published today on the paper's website. When the conversation focused on social media, Bartz had this exchange with USA Today's David Lieberman: Q: Who's your biggest single competitor? A: Facebook — not today, but they could be. If they keep going, they will have the vault of information on everybody in the worl [...]

Yahoo Rolling Out New “Accordion” Search & Other Features

Yahoo is launching a number of search enhancements this evening that start to deliver on the UI innovation that the company has been promising since the Microsoft search deal was announced. It's part of Yahoo's bid to remain relevant in search by spicing up the user experience and trying to bring more utility to page one. Many of these new features were previewed at the recent "Runway" event last month. The two biggest changes or enhancements that users will immediately notice involve image search and a new "accordion" module at the top of search results (though it doesn't always appear). [...]

Where’s Yahoo’s “Big Vision”? Maybe It Doesn’t Need One

There are a number of critical articles, even complaints, coming out of yesterday's Yahoo press event featuring new Chief Product Officer Blake Irving. The main portion of the event had Irving and CTO Raymie Strata discussing Yahoo strategy and reiterating that Yahoo wasn't simply a media company but a company with deep technology as well. Some of the informal comments and conversations that immediately followed the 90-minute discussion were along the lines of "We've heard this before, what's new?" or "Where's the vision?" During the Q&A portion of the session Irving stumbled a bit w [...]

Could CafeMom Become Yahoo’s Long Sought Social Network?

AllThingsD is reporting that Yahoo is negotiating with mom-oriented social network CafeMom for a potential $100 million acquisition -- the price Yahoo recently paid for Associated Content. Yahoo has of course tried to buy other companies unsuccessfully in the past (most recently Foursquare, according to rumor) so it's not clear it will happen. But this deal strikes me as a particularly good fit for Yahoo and could represent the company's way in to a bona fide social network play that has long eluded it. Google has been getting all the attention for the rumored Google Me and its bid to br [...]

Yahoo Q2 Revenues Flat, Display & Net Income Up

Yahoo announced generally flat Q2 revenues of $1.6 billion but improved net income today. That compares with revenues of $1.57 billion in Q2 2009. Accordingly overall revenue growth vs. last year was 2 percent. However, "Display advertising on Owned and Operated sites ... [grew] 19 percent in the quarter compared to the second quarter of 2009." In its earnings release and slides, Yahoo ticked off a range of positive developments including deeper Facebook integration, the launch of new and improved mobile sites and apps, the hiring of Blake Irving as Chief Product Officer, acquisitions of As [...]

Google Logo For World Cup Final 2010

On virtually every Google home page you can find the Doodle they created to recognize the Span vs. Netherlands match that takes place today in South Africa. Today is the 2010 FIFA World Cup Final and Google has a special logo for the event. Is Google picking sides here? Yahoo also has a special logo up, it is very similar to the FIFA kick off logo they had up a month ago, but the flags have slightly changed. Today: 30 Days Ago: [...]

Happy Fourth Of July From Google With Rube Goldberg Doodle

Google arguably has the most interesting logo for July 4th celebrations of all the search engines today. Google put together a Doodle that celebrated the fourth of July and at the same time, commemorates the birthday of Rube Goldberg, an artist well known for building complex devices that perform simple tasks in indirect. I complied a list of pictures, including a video of how the Google Doodle works. Here it is: Here is a static version: The other search engines also has some neat logos for the special day: Yahoo's animated logo: Yahoo's static logo: Bing: [...]

Google’s First Day Of Summer & Winter 2010 Logos

Today is the first day of Summer in the northern hemisphere and first day of Winter in the southern hemisphere. Google has four Google doodles for those accessing in both the northern or southern hemispheres. Here is what most of you will see, Google's Summer logos: Here are the four winter Google logos: I should note that Google Germany has neither logo, instead they have a logo for Jean-Paul Sartre, a famous philosopher, playwright, novelist, screenwriter, political activist, biographer, and literary critic who turned 105 today. He did di [...]

Happy Father’s Day 2010 Logos From Google & Others

Today is Father's Day in many countries and we wanted to wish you a Happy Father's Day. Here is a collection of the various logos from the search industry celebrating the day. Google: Yahoo Animated: Yahoo Static: Baidu: Sogou: DogPile: Bing: Cre8asite Forums: Search Engine Roundtable: [...]

Google FIFA World Cup & Jacques Cousteau Logos

Today, Google is showing you two basic logos or "Doodles" based on the country you live in. Most people outside the U.S. are seeing a FIFA World Cup logo for the start of the tournament, while people in the U.S. are seeing Jacques Cousteau Doodle for his 100th birthday. The main FIFA Google Doodle is this one: But Google is showing a special FIFA Doodle in South Africa & France for Doodle 4 Google competition winners. Google France: Google Korea: Google South Africa: The Google U.S. Doodle for the 100th birthday of Jacques Cousteau looks like this: [...]

With Deeper Facebook Integration, Is This Yahoo’s ‘Tom Jones Moment’?

First the news, which has already been widely reported: Yahoo is more deeply integrating Facebook on its homepage and across many of its properties. It has also changed the name of "Yahoo Profiles" to "Yahoo Pulse" (currently not working) and made the property more of a social media dashboard that manages sharing with third party sites as well as across Yahoo. Here are the relevant bullets from the formal announcement: Facebook Integration -- Yahoo! has reached an important milestone in its partnership with Facebook. Starting this week, people who use both Yahoo! an [...]

Memorial Day 2010 & Logos From The Search Industry

Memorial Day is being celebrated and commemorated today in the United States. Since it is a holiday, please expect lighter coverage here today than on a normal day. Below are the logos, themes and the Google ribbon for the special day: Google's Ribbon/Badge: Yahoo (animated): Bing: DogPile: Cre8asite Forums: Search Engine Roundtable: [...]

Yahoo Acquires The Foursquare-Like Koprol

Yahoo announced that it has acquired an Indonesian site called Koprol. Think of it as a kind of cross between Twitter and Foursquare, with more emphasis on the latter. (Yahoo had been rumored to be in talks to buy Foursquare. This move may reflect its inability to close that deal.) It touches local, mobile and social -- but it's mostly about mobile. Here's how Yahoo describes Koprol: Koprol allows people to connect and share photos, reviews and additional information about locations in real-time using just their mobile phone browser, making the service accessible to a large [...]

Google’s Mother’s Day & Peter Pan Logos

Today is Mother's Day in the U.S. and in many other countries, but it is also Peter Pan author J.M. Barrie's 150th birthday. To celebrate the day, Google has a Mother's Day logo in the countries celebrating Mother's Day today and Peter Pan logo (along with Wendy, John, Michael and yes, Tinkerbell) in other countries, such as the UK. Here are the logos: Here are some other Mother's Day Logos from around the web: Yahoo: Bing: Baidu: Orkut: Sogou: Cre8asite: Search Engine Roundtable: Also make sure to see Those Speci [...]

Yahoo Should Put Ad Budget Into Products

Last night the WSJ reported that Yahoo will spend an estimated $75 million to $85 million on a campaign to promote itself and its homepage. The initial TV spot (below) is critical of Google and sets itself up in opposition to the search engine as a more desirable homepage because it does more stuff. (see corrections below) When I saw the ad however it seemed completely misguided and off the mark. Facebook is now Yahoo's main rival and one that increasingly threatens to take its place for consumers. Indeed, Facebook is making a quiet if concerted push to become the homepage of choice. [...]

Google’s 2010 Earth Day Logo Impresses

Google posted their Earth Day doodle today and the overall impression from most people I see talking about it (via Twitter, forums and so on) is impressive. Here is a picture of Google's 2010 Earth Day logo. Google was not the only one with a special theme or logo for Earth Day. We have logos from Bing, Yahoo, Dogpile and others. Here is what I found today. Yahoo: Google's Orkut: Bing: is running a full skin ad, which is earthy, but yet an ad for Avatar: Dogpile: Cre8asite Forums: Search Engine Roundtable: I also have an ar [...]

Yahoo Hires Ex-MSFT Blake Irving For ‘Product Vision’

One could argue that Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz cut lots of fat at Yahoo and stabilized the organization after a period of takeover turbulence and uncertainty. To some degree she brought a kind of "vision" to the company (cut costs, focus on core strengths and content). However there's also a sense that Yahoo is not the company it used to be and that there's a kind of drift there -- that Yahoo may be on an AOL type trajectory and that Facebook is taking its place. As an example, over at TechCrunch Michael Arrington argues that Foursquare shouldn't sell to Yahoo, which has reportedly been trying [...]

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