Yahoo Bringing Election Results To Search Results

yahoo-y-logo Tuesday is election day in the U.S. and, by almost all accounts, the presidential race between President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney will be tight. No doubt many other races across the country will be equally close, and Yahoo will let searchers track results right in its search results pages. Some of Yahoo's "direct display" results (Yahoo has previously called these "shortcuts," as I recall) are already in place. You can see, for example, some current polling data on searches like [swing state polls] and [2012 presidential polls]. As you'd expect, searches related to the p [...]

Yahoo Reveals Secrets Of “Search Direct” Alogrithm

I had about 20 minutes with Yahoo's Shashi Seth after the press conference to discuss a range of things related to the Search Direct announcement. First, he confirmed that Search Direct entirely replaces Yahoo's Search Assist. Indeed one way to look at it is as Search Assist Plus. The Answer Is Out There Seth said to me that for about 50 percent of the top queries on the web there is a "definite answer" and that Yahoo will strive to provide that within Search Direct. In other contexts it will provide a range of choices to users. Seth predicted  that "in a couple of years we may walk comp [...]

Yahoo Previews “Rich, Immersive” Search Experience

Yahoo previewed a new search experience that's coming this fall during its Yahoo Product Runway event this morning. The event focused on several Yahoo products, and included a sneak peek at what Yahoo calls "rich, immersive" search results in the news and entertainment niches. The Yahoo Search Blog gives a hint at what's to come, using the search query "lady gaga" as an example. The new search experience includes a content box above the organic results with vertical content tabs for news, events, albums, images, video, and Twitter. There also appears to be a list of related entertainers ato [...]

Yahoo Search Assist Adds Real Real Time Queries

The Yahoo Search Blog announced that Yahoo Search Assist, the as you type search suggestion feature, now shows real time information as you type your query. The example given was searching for [netherlands vs] and as you type, you will see it show [netherland vs brazil], which is today's match. Here is a screen capture: But when I test it with the New York Mets, who play Washington today, it gets it wrong: Either way, this type of query suggestion is useful and handy. [...]

Search Engines Get World Cup Fever (Some More Than Others)

The biggest sporting event in the world is underway and, if you're unable to follow along on TV, there's plenty of coverage of it online -- including all of the major search engines and Twitter. Here's a look at what you'll find on the web if you're looking for a football/soccer fix. Google Google seems to have been the last to rollout its World Cup information. Earlier today, I wasn't seeing anything special for searches like world cup schedule, but Google is now showing a list of upcoming matches. Still, Google is offering far less than Yahoo and Bing (see below) when it comes t [...]

Yahoo Covers The World Cup With New Shortcuts

The biggest sporting event on Earth is a month away, and Yahoo is out of the gates first to announce special shortcuts focused on the 2010 World Cup. Already in place is a general World Cup shortcut, and once the matches begin, Yahoo will have specific shortcuts for countries, groups, and individual matches, like these examples from Yahoo's announcement: These shortcuts will be available on 27 Yahoo sites around the world. Yahoo is also adding World Cup flavor to its toolbar. In addition to tournament coverage, toolbar users can customize the Yahoo toolbar in the colors of their favo [...]

Yahoo Goes Hollywood With New TV, Celebrity Shortcuts

Citing the popularity of entertainment-related searches, Yahoo's search results have gone Hollywood with the announcement of new search shortcuts for TV shows and celebrities. The TV shortcut shows the title and a short synopsis of the next episode, along with video clips and links to see photos, the show's schedule, and an episodes list. All of this content comes from Yahoo TV. Although my LOST example above doesn't show it, Yahoo will occasionally show links in the left column for related actors, shows, or movies. I'm guessing the query [lost] was a little too generic to prompt th [...]

Yahoo Search: This Is The “Dark Time” But We’ll Be Back

Yesterday Yahoo hosted a press event called SearchSpeak that sought to dispel the "misconception," in the words of new Search Products SVP Shashi Seth, that Yahoo was no longer investing in search. As Seth took the stage to begin his presentation the power in the room went out. Not a very auspicious start to the day, it seemed symbolic of Yahoo's new difficulties and challenges in search. Attempting to generate enthusiasm, he pressed on without slides: despite the popular misconception, Yahoo is not out of search, echoing statements made by CEO Carol Bartz and others on past company earning [...]

Super Bowl 2010 Winners: Google, Yahoo & Bing Are Ready

Super Bowl XLIV is two days away, and even though it's always one of the most-watched TV events of the year, the major search engines are also ready for anyone searching for the latest news and information. All three already have Super Bowl shortcuts/oneboxes in place. Google Yahoo Bing No doubt each search engine will keep those updated all weekend long, and will show the game score as it happens on Sunday. Bing and Yahoo also shared some info about what fans have been searching for this week in the lead up to Sunday's game. Bing says that the Dallas Cowboys were th [...]

Yahoo Showing Local Results On Non-Local Queries

Following in others' footsteps, Yahoo says it's now showing its local shortcut on certain queries that don't include a local modifier. When you search for the name of a business, or a local business category, Yahoo will show the local shortcut if it believes the search has local intent. For me, typing "pizza" into Yahoo's search box returns a map with local results. Google started doing the same thing this spring, and Bing also offers the same feature, so Yahoo is playing a bit of catch-up here. But Yahoo's results will, in some cases, be better because, when available, it uses the [...]

Yahoo’s Search Box Gets Smarter

Yahoo has announced a new set of features for its Search Assist service that makes the Yahoo search box a lot smarter. Perhaps the main innovation here is the inclusion of content and information right inside the Search Assist dropdown. For example, do a search for a company's stock symbol, and Yahoo will show real-time stock prices and a couple related links before you even execute the search. Yahoo says similar features are available for queries related to sports, travel, and movies. Search Assist can now also help users reach other Yahoo properties more quickly. For certain qu [...]

Google Fires Back At Bing, Launches “Explore Google Search”

I wrote earlier that it was probably driving Google crazy to see people "amazed" that Bing is doing stuff that Google itself has long offered. Now Google's fighting back. The first shot? A new Explore Google Search page. Google's had help pages like this before. For example, this one still remains, showing various special features such as the ability to get weather results. But this new page is being featured right from the Google home page: The page frames many of Google's features in an easier-to-read format: And it comes with an introduction highlighting how serious G [...]

Yahoo Search Adds Team Shortcuts & Google Adds Tennis One Box

Not do be outdone by Live Search adding sports scores, both Yahoo and Google added some of their own. Keep in mind, both Google and Yahoo have had sports scores in the search results, but both have made additions to theirs. Yahoo has added a way to search for your favorite sports team. For example, a search on Chicago Bulls returns this Yahoo Shortcut: Google has added Tennis stats and scores, according to [...]

Microsoft IE8 Browser Seeks To ‘Accelerate’ Searching, Yahoo Adds ‘Visual Shortcuts’ To Search Box

Microsoft's new browser IE 8 is now in general release. There are loads of features, which I won't go into at length. Danny did a preliminary overview of the search and ad-related features of IE8 already, which I'm sure he'll revisit at some point. And the Wall Street Journal's Walt Mossberg offers a generally favorable review, but has some complaints about speed. The two things I'm going to discuss in this post are Microsoft's "Live Search Accelerators" and Yahoo's new "visual search shortcuts." Live Search Accelerators perform a range of functions, searches or lookups on, for example, [...]

New Online, Radio Campaign Promotes “New Yahoo Search”

Yahoo is launching an "integrated, nationwide, on and offline marketing campaign" to promote the "new Yahoo Search." It emphasizes online display and radio advertising. Animated banners link to actual Yahoo Search results.  The online display campaign is promoting Search Assist and Shortcuts (vs. Google: "don't get lost in the links"). The sample radio spot uses humor and emphasizes anti-virus protection. It also mentions Google by name. Yahoo, Ask and Microsoft have all run past ad campaigns to try and eat into Google's market share, almost entirely without success. The message in thi [...]

Find Cheap Gas Prices With New Yahoo Shortcut

Looking for cheap gas? Sure, the price has been falling, but drivers are still looking to save. Enter Yahoo, which has rolled out a new shortcut that maps gas stations and gas prices directly within in the search results page. Just use the words "gas prices" or "cheap gas" followed by a ZIP code or city name, and you'll get back a map with prices mapped. I found that using only the word "gas" with a ZIP or city name also worked. The screenshot above shows how it looked for a search on gas prices 92663.How are things at other search engines? When I looked last June, Google was lis [...]

Yahoo Enhances Music Artist Shortcut

About a year ago, Yahoo created a music artist shortcut to make it easier to find quick details about artists, such as videos, photos, sample song tracks and even their official website links, directly from the search results page. Now, in partnership with online music service Rhapsody, Yahoo music shortcut results allow you to play up to 25 full songs a month rather than 30-second samples. Using Rhapsody's catalog also expanded the number of audio files are available for playback. To listen, click a song result and the new media player from Yahoo! Music, called FoxyPlayer will launch near th [...]

Searching For Olympics News And Video

The Olympics are now officially under way. One of the unofficial competitions is among the search engines and companion sites to offer scores, updates and coverage of the games. Below is a roundup of where you can keep track of the medal count and watch your favorite action online. Google: Google has an Olympics homepage that showcases a range of services and tools to keep track of events, including an iGoogle gadget. Depending on what country you're in, there are different YouTube channels. And there's a mobile site. Google is also offering special OneBox results for individual Olympic [...]

Yahoo Search Launches Olympics Shortcuts

The Yahoo Search Blog announced that they have launched their 2008 Summer Olympics Yahoo Search Shortcuts. Yahoo Search Shortcuts allow you to search for specific phrases and Yahoo will return an enhanced search listing with premium information. For example, a search for Olympics medal count returns the current standings, by medals, of the 2008 Olympics. Here is a picture: As you can image, Yahoo also has other search phrases that work with for the Summer Olympics. Here are some screen captures that demonstrate some of the many searches that work: [...]

Yahoo Shortcuts Causes Associated Press Article To Show Inappropriate Content

With automated tagging, Web links can surprise from the Associate Press reports that the Yahoo Shortcuts feature aided in placing inappropriate content on AP's content. Yahoo Shortcuts is a feature that allows publishers to enhance their content by adding Yahoo content around the words in the articles or blog posts. In this case, there was an AP story on the Eliot Spitzer scandal. Yahoo automatically took the phrase "underage girls," which was used in the article, and highlighted it. If a user hovered their mouse over the words, up came images from Flickr - some containing underage girls d [...]

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