• chonef

    If you like Clicker and want to use it with your Google TV, it’s available in the app spotlight. Or you can use Chrome on the Google TV to go to clicker.tv. It’s optimized for the 10 foot experience. I hope this helps.

  • FlightHat

    Damn, I hope you negative americans won’t stop them selling these things in europe – I want one before it goes out of production. It has great potential.

  • http://richardlawler.blogspot.com richardl

    Thanks for the link.

    Your readers may be interested in part 2 of my hands-on with Google TV.
    “Further Adventures in Google TV-Land: Logitech Revue”

  • http://www.seomike.com SEOMike

    I’m pretty disappointed. The most frustrating thing to me is that I can’t find ANY way to bring up the address bar in Chrome. Contrary to Google’s belief, I do not want to visit every website by searching for it first. Also, I cannot make my GTV actually send an HD signal to my TV. It only sends 480.

    Also, after using my Logitech Harmony remote for years, the functionality of the GTV’s remote pales in comparison. The biggest omission in my opinion is a lack of a “PREV” button. How am I supposed to channel surf???

  • max

    The Google TV first update release is freaking awesome. Remote Google TV app wooaahhh…. http://techshrimp.com/2010/12/15/google-pushes-out-first-google-tv-software-update-with-four-major-improvements/