• Julie Joyce

    Very nice post sir. In particular, I like the breakdown of how to deal with the less-than-a-yes responses that you get when trying to get links.

  • http://ontlo.com/blog Garrett French

    Thanks Julie! That breakdown came from Ben Wills’ work to get us thinking about link outreach like sales… It’s been an effective way to help move prospects through a pipeline!

    I like the ring of less-than-a-yes also :)

    Thanks for stopping by!

  • http://metaspring.com MetaSprign

    As an active/new SEOer, I’m very disheartened by any response other than, “Sure thanks for the link”. Your post was very helpful and motivation to never give up on the pitch…especially if you have good content (which I believe I do).

  • http://www.thuk.c.o.uk Splinter09

    The success of crafting good link building outreach emails lays in the opening lines and the subject title. Get those two right and prospects will open your email otherwise your email will go straight to the trash or might even get trapped in the spam box.

  • http://www.ericward.com Eric Ward

    Many of the more impactful contacts are using protective methods to minimize email inflow. This can be as simple as an online contact form which dumps all comments into a general bin, or a drop-down-by-name version that funnels it to a specific person. Regardless, the result is that the request never even reaches the true EDM (editorial decision maker). Link curators, aka true EDMs tend to stay hidden nowadays. I’m a link builder, but I’m also a curator/EDM myself for another site, and I’d never give out my email on-site because of the spam. People can find me, but only those truly willing to look hard, click around, follow instructions, and that means they are likely doing so on behalf of linkworthy content. I’m reminded of when the web was a nicer place and the Yahoo Pick of the Week Team actually posted their names and email addresses :)

    Today I get the best response from an email/ phone call combo approach.

    Outstanding column Garrett!

  • http://ontlo.com/blog Garrett French

    @MetaSprign rejections are tough, but they get easier… especially when the yeses start coming in ;)

    @Splinter09 I’d love to hear any more insight you have on great subject and opening lines for link requests, especially if you’ve tracked data and know percentages of email opens and actual link conversions!

    @Eric Interesting idea to make the hunt for contact info part of your filtering process – I know I’ve had some tough hunts in my time! I really enjoy getting on the phone too – there’s something nice about hearing the voice and having a direct conversation that does so much more for relationship building :) Thanks for reading Eric, and thanks for your comment.

  • http://ontlo.com/blog Garrett French

    Good SEO: How to Request Links From Picky Sites

    good stuff from Michael Martinez that I missed when writing this article.