• Satish Singh

    Thanks Kerin for this interesting and knowledgeable blog, i tried it earlier but most of the webmasters did not reply or react to our request, is there any suggestions from you how to approach a webmaster to put our link in place of broken link?

    Satish Singh

  • http://www.coloradoSEOpros.com/ Chris Rodgers

    Great post Kerin! I’ve been considering using the citation labs tool, have you actually used it to perform broken link building? I would think responses from webmasters would generally be very positive if approached correctly. Thanks!

  • http://simerjeet.wordpress.com/2013/03/16/motivational-speaker-dubai/ Motivation and Inspiration

    Really Great Post. I’ll try the two new backlink strategies : Broken Backlinks and Refreshing content.
    Thanks for sharing these valuable tips.