• Ty Kilgore

    Thanks for helping us realize that good customer service really boils down to common lessons we learned as children. We many times make things harder than they need to be and a return to basics is needed. Be the type of person you want others to be to you. It has a lot to do with just understand that one point. Thanks for your time and thoughts in writing this.

  • http://casiegillette.com Casie Gillette

    Thanks for the comment Ty! Isn’t that life? Lessons we learn as we’re growing up…sharing, caring, and being nice to people :)

  • http://www.callboxinc.com/ Amber King

    Our customers are our best marketers that is why need to keep them happy. Appreciation is simple but look what it can give back. Thanks the article Casie. Now customers to thank. :)

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    Great article really really like it. This is so much for internet marketing companies to real business owners to people who wish to know where all of this is heading towards.

    Simple and easy to understand thank you for putting it there.

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    Thank you For Sharing This .

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    Thanks for sharing my example, Casie!

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    What a great post! I really enjoyed and found a lot of useful information. Thanks.

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    Yep, this just got evernoted and shared. Thanks for the straightforward tips Casie. I think most businesses are missing out on these approaches. The big names may not care much about every individual customer (though they should be if possible and plausible), but SMBs should definitely do so.

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    Thanks for this great list.

  • http://casiegillette.com Casie Gillette

    Thanks Bibiano! While customer service definitely seems like something small businesses need to focus on more, I think even a lot of big brands are starting to put a lot of effort into it…which I’m great with!