• http://www.seodisco.com/ kid disco

    “Danny went on to list a couple of additional items he wished Google would add, one being a drill down option of the exact pages linking in. If Google’s keeping score, I wanted to add an emphatic “me too.” Being able to see the anchor text phrases used to link to your site (and knowing they’re phrases Google sees as well), can be a tremendous help in marketing your business.”

    You should check out Joost’s Greasemonkey script… it does exactly what you are looking for! :P

  • Danny Sullivan

    It doesn’t really do what we want, though it is way cool in other ways.

    That tool will show you the anchor text of links pointing at your. IE, Google gives you a list of all your links (thousands and thousands of them), but not the anchor text of those links.

    Google also shows the most popular anchor text but not the links that are using that anchor text. That means to know, you have to use a tool (like above) to look up potentially thousands of links, then figure out what are most popular.

  • http://www.joostdevalk.nl/blog/ Joost de Valk

    Absolutely true… I’ve been thinking of making a server side version which does just that with a CSV you can pull from GWT, but then it would be doing about the same as the other tools mentioned above… Might still do it though, but it WOULD be way cooler if Google just showed us which link had which anchor text.