• http://seo-theory.blogspot.com/ Michael Martinez

    I still spell out “Web site” (with a capital ‘W’) even though most people now write “website”.

  • http://faithfulweb.wordpress.com FaithfulWeb

    “Linkbait” as one word follows the precedent of the related term, “linkrot,” from Jakob Nielsen in 1998.

  • http://www.firstpagefitness.com/blog/2007/01/14/the-linkbait-portion-of-link-building-its-all-about-the-bait/ Everett

    I hate to point out the obvious, but since the two-word version has about half the amount of competing sites and only slightly fewer searches… which term do you think we’re going to use in the title of our next LINK BAIT posts?

  • http://www.thevanblog.com vangogh

    One thing I’ve noticed is if you opt for link bait as two words and you have AdSense you’ll likely get fishing related ads.

    I was originally using link bait, but found much the same as you Danny that more people use linkbait and since Nick coined the phrase and goes with the single word, linkbait it is.

  • chris boggs

    hehe it can be like “instalment” or “installment” in my spell checker

  • chris boggs

    I actually voted linkbait but now that I looked back and saw the session you named “Link Baiting & Viral Search Success,” I think that the verb needs to be two words because linkbaiting kinda looks stupid…

  • http://awaw.blogspot.com James

    I have writen my thoughts here:

    I don’t think there needs to be an official way to refer to it, overtime usage will tell. I wouldn’t be that surprised if we all started using ‘linkbate’ instead :)


  • http://www.jungledsales.com Jungled Sales

    As the English language continues to adopt and develop new words, you will see that with time most words will tend to be simple: short, abbreviated if possible, chopping off unnecessary letters/hyphens, etc. Web site is now often just ‘site’. Web log (or is it weblog?) is now ‘blog’. E-mail is now ’email’. But interestingly E-commerce is still not always ‘ecommerce’ according to googlefight.com And googlefight says ‘link bait’ still wins over ‘linkbait’ but I predict it won’t take long for ‘linkbait’ to be the most common.