• http://rockfi.sh steveplunkett

    About a year ago.. the firm i was at previously tried these.. i was skeptical …

    and they worked great.. FYI..

  • http://flavors.me/daniellesmyname Danielle Hohmeier

    Is there really any change to the format here? I’ve been using Linkedin ads for some clients and after logging in today, it doesn’t look like anything has changed except the name.

    They would really benefit from more statstics and billing capabilities (charging more than one credit card from one account). Also, stop putting my name at the bottom of all the ads. I manage the ad accounts, I’m not necessarily the one selling whatever the ad is for.

    I’m still skeptical as to how well they work. The targeting is great, but the only stat you see is # of clicks, which is nothing compared to the clicks you get thru AdWords for the same (or lower) price. If they had better stats to qualify those clicks, THAT would be useful.