• http://designsimply.com/ designsimply

    Great tip about checking logs for the 404 not found error. I tend to 301 redirect those instead of re-creating content for them. Any thoughts on whether one method is better than the other?

  • snailface

    On the topic of DMOZ, since you’re an editor – do you have any advice or inside knowledge on becoming an editor? I submitted an application to edit a category for a local area (my hometown) as it seems to have been abandoned, but other than the auto emails that are generated when you apply, have gotten no response.

  • eric_ward

    The 301 redirect is certainly viable, but I don’t like it when I get 301’d to something that has nothing to do with the page I thought I was going to get via my original click. Thus I’d suggest individual 301s to a page that at least helped the user along the way to what they were after.

    As to becoming a DMOZ editor, it’s easy to see why so many categories are orphaned when they turn down or don’t even reply to qualified potential editors. See this fellow’s experience
    He’s one of the world’s formost experts on CorelDraw yet he got turned down for the CorelDraw category. Now that’s nuts…


  • Kwyjibo

    Been an reader of your blog for a while, but something you mentioned today about DMOZ actually got me to register with TypeKey and leave a comment…

    The reason you are not seeing requests to DMOZ anymore is because the system is still broken. The editors can get in, people can submit their site, but editors don’t see submissions.

    Try is out…suggest a URL for the section you are editor of and then login to see any pending requests. You probably won’t see a thing :)

  • eric_ward

    Kwyjibo – did just what you suggested and the form did say the submission was accepted. I then logged in to see if the submission was waiting for me and this is what I saw

    – Unreviewed sites [Power Unreviewed Edit] (0 new)

    Zero. Zilch. Bupkis. You are right. DMOZ submissions are still broken, and the only way you’d know it is if you are an editor. People submitting are blissfully unaware. It’s a shame really…