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    Nick, loved the article. This has been one of the things I struggle most with as most of the content I create for my own sites is very linkable. However, other sites are not so lucky.

    If you’re willing, I’d love to suggest the somewhat unlinkable example of a product or service for professionals (Realtors or Lawyers for example). I know the topic is a bit vague but that’s as specific as I can get. I’ve got a few ideas such as the “7 common mistakes” and “Top 10 Tips for…”. but those only cover 1 of the 2 tactics you mention. Any more suggestions?

  • http://http:www.grayhatnews.com Gurtie

    There are real difficulties with creating this type of stuff – the two major ones I find is that, unless its a field I happen to know a lot about (and strangely agricultural pesticides I *can* do) I have to rely hugely on the client both to suggest/confirm a bait which will work, and to provide/create the data. That can be painful.

    The other main one, which is more fundamental still, is pursuading the client its a worthwhile project, given the time, energy and money which has to be spent to devise and produce something worth doing.

    Sometimes they’re into major research time even to come up with some initial ideas. There are instances where while its *possible* to go viral the money (and time) may be better spent elsewhere. If handing out leaflets gets you more business and being the local radio expert on your subject gets you a link and blog coverage each time they interview you, do you really want/need to create a green pesticides food chart which needs two days of data gathering and updating each quarter just to get 20 links in the next 2 years?

    On the flip side, when you do get something good, it tends to attract really high quality links. If you’re the only site in the country with a user friendly colour coded map of something hard to describe without pictures, then teachers and reporters will love you.

  • Nick Wilson

    >>lawyers or realtors

    If you want them to buy some kind of service or product, then it’s tough when the product is unknown, but you should think whether you want the wider public, those interested in law, real estate issues, or lawyers and realtors specifically to link to you. Your strategy depends on the details of the project.

    Gurtie, I agree entirey. There just isnt any such thing as a “one size fits all” solution…

  • Marjie T.

    Great article! This is something I’ve had a lot of difficulty with and this gives me some great ideas. Can’t wait for your next article!