• Zee

    No doubt about it. I screwed up royally with the Plancast / Myspace story.

    To clarify however, it wasn’t me not checking the link…being based in the UK, I couldn’t access that particular youtube video which i thought might be a statement of some sort. Like an idiot, I took Hendrickson’s tweet as genuine and updated our original post.

    When I discovered what was actually on that video, I amended and tweeted the correction. Irrespective, it’s easily one of my worst moments in blogging, and one i don’t particularly want to remember. :P

  • http://www.sweetspotmarketing.com kevinpike

    This is frustrating as it has only become a user issue because of real-time search.

    You asked “How do you suss out what’s real or not in a world that’s more and more confusing?” – The answer, if your a search engine, is by not focusing so hard on real-time search.

    Just my opinion, but I think being right 100% of the time is better than having real-time results that are 50/50. Good journalism is fading today because being the first to break a story is championed over accuracy – see Fox News.

    I made a similar post back in September about this.