• webprotech

    Exactly, there is much more to the knowledge Graph than we can perceive currently and will have a wider impact on search and social in the long run.

    The Knowledge Graph is also paving the way to new approaches toward SEO. Semantic search isn’t just about the web. It’s about all information, data, and applications.

    In this new quality era of search we have to move our focus away from keywords and focus more on the keyness factor of the content which has the potential to correlate to searches made on the search engines as the semantic web adds more meaning to the query for a search rather than just mapping words during the search process.

    (Note: I know there is no such word as “keyness” but by the “keyness factor” I mean the the correlation, relevance, and the essence of the content rather than the actual word to word keyword mapping.)

    Have written in detail in my article on : http://searchenginewatch.com/article/2214849/Googles-Knowledge-Graph-Implications-for-Search-SEO