• mrdavidingram

    Great article Rob.

    It would be interesting to know if the retailer in question saw any improvement in revenue as a result of these changes?

    I completely agree with your point regarding business owners often showing too much trust that their Designer has provided a perfectly optimized site.

    I have recently been using Pingdom to optimize a couple of my own sites, and the odd seconds I have shaved off have shown a great improvement in bounce rate (a 15% improvement on one site that was previously loading at 7 seconds, now under 3).

    In regards to images, a tool that has been a game-changer for me is Yahoo’s ‘SmushIt’, it has been knocking an average of 60% off my image file size (about 300kb per page) without losing any quality.


  • http://www.rimmkaufman.com George Michie

    Terrific post, Rob. Load speed can impact Quality Score on the paid search side as well, not to mention conversion rate and value per click. The higher the conversion rate the higher the value per click the more you can afford to bid within economic efficiency tolerances, the higher on the page, the more traffic…a lovely virtuous cycle. I once heard someone say “Speed is the killer app.”

  • http://blog.jeremydnelson.com Jeremy Nelson

    Along with the others, great post Rob. I have used the tool you linked out to to identify a couple of key issues which could shave up to a second off of my page load times. Thanks for the insights.

  • NickBarker

    Hi Rob – Great post. Speed is key!

    We love the Pingdom tool and their monitoring service. In fact, we liked it so much we based our tool on Pingdom but wanted to take it to the next level with a compete recorded history of monitoring asset results. And vola, we’ve been called “Pingdom on steroids”.

    Like George, we think “Speed is the killer app.” However, much to our surprise and frustration, we find not everyone agrees.. Even some large ecommerce providers don’t take it that seriously!

    Thank you for highlighting the importance of speed and for using a real life example. We all need to keep educating people out there about the importance of getting the basics right and keeping them on track.