• RustyS

    Very good article.

    I too have wondered if local businesses might be better off managing their PR by monitoring and responding to reviews on these sites. I see so many local restaurants open and the reviews quickly pour in online (with nary a peep from the management or employees.) And of course, the people willing to take the time to write a review are also going to have some form of motivation – either overwhelmingly positive or negative. It’s definitely in the best interest of the business to try to respond, particularly to the negative.

    The problem is (as you pointed out) it’s so cumbersome given the sheer volume of review sites out there. Not to mention locally-oriented news/media/misc sites which have their own forums, etc. Monitoring sites like that would be a compelling service to offer for sure.

  • http://www.daviddalka.com/createvalue/ DavidDalka

    Really nice summary of a complex issue.

  • http://www.ericward.com eric_ward

    I wonder how long it will be before we start seeing local businesses make in-store offers like…

    “Receive a 10% discount for a positive Yelp!”

    Of course, PayPerYelp.com can’t be far away…