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    Hey Matthew thanks for the thought provoking and provocative post. But of course I couldn’t disagree with you more. The consumer has just been conditioned to the fact that he can’t get much better right now… and expectations are not particularly high. Think about how far web pages or web search has come… people were once excited just to be able to share a single picture over the web instantly with a friend in China!…. now they expect unlimited photo storage, tagging, printing and editing options… but that doesn’t mean pictures on the web was solved way back when.
    Same with Infoseek, Excite and they like… people could find the major stuff sure… but try doing a search for something further down the tail…

    Local search sucks right now… I just did a search for shoes on the upper east side of manhattan and got only three retailers above 57th street in the local results!
    How accurate do you think that is, I’ll probably pass that many places that sell shoes in the next two blocks? what kind of user experience is that? Do you think that will still be state of the art in 24 months?

    The problem is that so many people are trying to rebuild local search using the same existing elements as web search…. its like sticking wings on a bus and being surprised that it doesnt fly very well… I fully believe that there is a better mousetrap
    out there, just not sure it can be found looking at html based text and hyperlinks… think its more in the neigborhood of someone like Sense Networks data (to replicate the web linking phenomenon offline) combined with a concerted effort at more unbiquitous geo tagging of all data, and getting more currently proprietary data out in the open and searchable in a real time and acceptable way (inventory, skus, menu items, etc) .