• http://www.idoseo.com David

    I couldn’t agree more – I’ve been into Local for a few years now and have positioned myself as the Local go to guy for search.

    Just hope it gets busy :)

  • http://www.convertoffline.com Tim C

    Good Article… your right about needing them needing the same tools as the big boys – especially analytics.

    I’m not sure about your assessment of their sophistication… the other piece that may need to be in place is a sales force.

    SMB owners like customer service.

  • http://joeduck.wordpress.com Joe Duck

    Nice post Bill. It does seem conspicuous that there is no massive high quality local site yet given all the data, but I think the best positioned folks to do this are yellow page companies and they are having trouble “getting it” while at the same time concentrating mostly on protecting their very lucrative print advertising markets.

  • Dave Barnes

    Local search still sucks.
    Googlea nd Yahoo do not know where I live. (And, don’t talk to me about any other search engines as their market share is in the toilet.)
    The Yellow Pages should have owned this market/business, but they are beyond clueless.
    When Google knows my lat long, then local search will work.