• http://www.brickmarketing.com nickstamoulis

    There are so many local search “places” for a business looking to target local clients and customers: Yellowpages, Superpages, Citysearch, Merchant Circle, Etc…I always recommend client submit their companies to all of these type of places as the profiles help build credibility, rank on their own in the engines and are other niche places for their customers to find them…

  • http://www.localseoinc.com Andy Corp

    Great Post David

    I would add that you should make use of site like the local BBB and the chamber of commerce. It will get you a citation and maybe a link but more importantly it will
    give you a authority boost in Google’s eyes.

  • http://www.superpages.com Andrew Shane

    David –

    Nice column. I work for Idearc, where our legacy is as the official publisher of Verizon print directories. We also produce http://www.superpages.com.

    I do take exception on one of your comments – – you guessed it – – the demise of the print yellow pages seems imminent. Fact is, if SMBs ignore the right print yellow pages and rely soley on Google and other search sites, those SMBs will be missing out on business.

    I’m not going to bother going into the data showing that there are people still using the yellow pages. Suffice to say the data is out there. The issue consumers probably have is being inundated with different books from different companies with the same information.

    David, I think you and your readers would agree one book with a value would be…. well valuable. Problem is over the last few years, companies publishing the yellow pages spent all their time defending the book instead of differentiating it and creating something consumers would want.

    We could all probably also agree there is a value to comparing the services of painters, contractors, auto mechanics, etc. side by side/page to page. Again, problem is consumers have been receiving too many of the same product.

    Our SuperGuarantee program, a national consumer guarantee initiative launched in February is designed to, among other things, increase spending in local economies by significantly lowering the risk associated with hiring contractors, plumbers, auto body repair shops and thousands of other eligible service provider category-based businesses.

    In essense, consumer registers for free and they hire one of our guaranteed clients they find in the Verizon Yellow Pages or on http://www.superpages.com. If something goes wrong, we will step in and try to make it right. If we can’t, we will give the consumer up to $500.

    To conclude, I agree with you when you say businesses should not have blinders on as it relates to Google and the Internet. I would just add the right print product to the mix.