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    I couldn’t agree more concerning local search. When working with clients I always help them develop a local search strategy. Yellow pages, Yelp, Merchant Circle and Google maps, just to name a few, all provide valuable backlinks and traffic to local websites.


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    This is a great article. Local search is being brought to a new level. I strongly believe yellow page companies will be replaced by more personalized social local networks and mobile platforms. I’m CEO of a new start-up called Guías Local which means “Local Guides” it is a new bilingual local search start-up that connects an internet and mobile audience to over 150 major US cities and millions of businesses. We feel confident we will make an impact with our new bilingual local search. In the next weeks we are presenting to VC and digital companies. When we launch to the public, we are excited to compete against all local search companies. Our audience is Gen Y. We look forward to meeting you all real soon and bringing you the best bilingual non yellow page search in The U.S..

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    This article says a lot about what local search is, where it’s going and how it’s going to effect business in the future. I too am CEO of a start up local search engine called http://www.searchforitlocal.com. We currently have released our beta site and are cramming to put out v2 as we speak. V2 will have geoip locating for quick local results as well as setting your preferred location. We’ve been able to gather data on over 12 million buisnesses across the us which dynamically drives our site to a whopping 80 million webpage site. We have also partnered up with career builder for local job search and are in the process of co branding with other large online sites.

    I think the bilingual site guialocal is talking about above sounds like a fantastic idea and we at searchforitlocal.com wish you all the luck in the world.

    Great article!