• http://silvery.com Chris Silver Smith

    Great post – thanks for highlighting the implications of Place Search and the rising importance of some of the factors feeding into the local algorithms.

  • http://www.ericitzkowitz.com Eric Itzkowitz

    @Eric: First and foremost, thank you for taking my question on Local opportunities.

    1) Love your advice, “…don’t chase the edge of the algorithm.” I tell people the same thing.

    2) Also, with regard to AdWords are you/people you know finding success with allowing AdWords ads to run on mobile devices ([checkbox] iPhones and other mobile devices with full Internet browsers)?

  • http://www.stonetemple.com Eric Enge

    We do see some success in mobile ads. It really depends on the business. Ones that have actual physical locations locally often work well.

  • http://www.visibility.ie Chris Wanger

    Local search is bit behind in Ireland. No nationwide postcode system in place meaning large inaccuracies in results returned. Google places still a must here though.

  • http://www.woodstreet.com Jon-Mikel Bailey

    This is a great post and one I will definitely share. What you have done here is very effectively shown the interrelated marketing benefits of SEO, Mobile, Social Media and web in general. I already notice my search habits are dramatically different on mobile. I also think local is going to continue to be more and more important, so much so that the big boys are going to spend more and more to establish a legitimate local presence in major markets.

  • http://www.techndu.com JohnRobbins

    Great article Eric
    Who could say much more than that?
    Thanks for all of that info.

    In regards to looking ahead.
    I would like to add that I can see Local search returns being the only available search feature with the purchase of all mobile devises in the future with the “option” to purchase a roaming or full internet app.
    Also, I am sure Google will eventually Go totally local with an option in the side bar to search the net.
    Also, I believe we can expect Google to become much more search specific on the local level much like a category platform.
    Of course all will follow their lead for as long as they are the leader.

    JohnRobbins – TechNdu.com

  • http://relylocal.com RelyLocalVictorville

    Great article! Thanks!

    My business specializes in promoting locally owned and independent businesses in the Victor Valley of California. This is something that mystifies a lot of business owners, even me and I spend hours reading and learning about SEO and working hard to improve results. “How can we get better results, how do customers find us, etc.”

    I think you nailed it though in the line: “To build a sustainable local business, you have to start with the very basics: produce good stuff and promote it well.” That is our focus – produce quality listings, Facebook and Twitter posts, blog posts, customer reviews and offline promotion for our members. And for our member businesses, Google is not a magic bullet if their business is lacking quality product, has poor customer service or is out of touch with what the market can sustain.