• http://cv.toonewmedia.com Timothy Groth

    Google knows that if quality is buried in quantity, users will turn to friend recommendations that aren’t going to get fooled by slick SEO. It would be nice to see more content providers realize it as well.

  • http://secondshares.com Lou Kerner

    I don’t understand the concept that $100’s or $1,000’s the right price, why not $2,000, why not $100,000? This is just stupid logic. Make content, spend whatever you want, and let Google figure out who to ranks the highest. The incessant whining about “content farms” is absurd. Isn’t wikipedia just one massive content farm, and it cost $0 to produce.

  • http://www.imarketinghacked.com/ Ryan Critchett

    I think this is great. Because they can’t possibly human edit everything, this is the next big thing.

    As a former SEO, I know (we all know) that millions of people are using “tactics” to rank low quality sites. This will always happen, and I’m not saying blackhat is ALWAYS a horrible thing. I heard Rand Fishkin talking about someone he knew that had to pay for cancer treatment because the company he worked for, which let him go to avoid paying for it, engaged in some blackhat stuff to make money. Something to the tune of 175 grand.

    At any rate, quality is ultimately what should be coming up in search. Let the people vote, because they can’t human edit everything.

    I’m for it!

  • Habinar

    Mahalo should remove all of the advertising from all of the low quality pages that they have made. They won’t because they must make a lot of money from them.

    If Mahalo isn’t a content farm why are they making pages like these?


    The page source on each of these says that they were created in the last few days.

  • http://www.jasonnation.com Jason Calacanis


    you realize those pages all have a killer, originally produced video in them right?

    and the ATDHE.ME and ATDHE.NET page are solid as well.

    are you saying we have too many ads on the page? you can turn ads off by logging in! :-)

  • http://www.jasonnation.com Jason Calacanis


    Also, find me a better video than these:


    and here is a screen test of us looking for new talent. we bring in 20-50 teachers most weeks to teach our members


  • http://smackdown.blogsblogsblogs.com/ mvandemar

    Jason, you’re still trying to pass your crap off as quality? How about your McDonald’s coupons page? The entire page is fluff, where the only “on topic” content consists of 1) look in the paper, 2) check the mail, and 3) check Facebook. The rest is bullshit like this:

    “Like many other fast food restaurants, the McDonald’s menu features a solid variety of different products. You can order Hamburgers/Cheeseburgers with or without bacon, French Fries, salads, soft drinks, chicken burgers, and chicken nuggets. There is a kid’s menu as well.”

    Oh yeah, that’s quality. Wouldn’t matter if you had a few fluff pages, either, except that these, along with “Wendy’s coupons”, “White Castle coupons”, “Sonic coupons”, etc, are your featured pages occupying your header sitewide. There is no “killer, originally produced video” on any of those pages, either. Just a slideshow that repeats what the text on the page already suggests.

    What you continuously pretend to ignore Jason is that your entire business model is based on finding what people are searching for, and then rank for it cheaply enough to turn on profit on page views alone. You are not adding anything new to the internet, there is no added value with Mahalo, because the stuff people are searching for already exists, much if it in the form of already high quality content. You are building for the search engines, and trying to build just enough “quality” so you have something to point to when people comment on the site. Nobody goes to Mahalo on purpose, looking for something that they can’t find elsewhere… they go there because you gamed Google and now outrank other content. It’s spam, plain and simple, and it is not sustainable, no matter what you line are selling your investors.

  • UltimateBaker

    My question for Jason… would you be making these statements if your sites were performing (and by that I mean generating revenue) like Demand? I feel like you lost the arms race and now you are yelling at everyone to change their tactics. Personally, I feel that Mahalo provides little value to the internet – and the same can be said for eHow, etc.

  • http://www.tinyvox.com TinyVox: ∞ Tape Deck

    Encyclopedia Galactica > Wikipedia.

    It’s a bold vision and should change the world or else don’t do it.

    Good luck to Jason and Mahalo. This is the correct set of arguments on this issue.

  • Tomas Van den Berckt

    i’m hoping Google will at some point release a feature that will enable people to permanently block certain domains from appearing in search results. That way everyone can choose for themselves what they want to see and what not.

  • http://www.theadultnerd.com Rob Blatt

    When you’re in last place, you aren’t the person who has the ability call off the race. I don’t disagree with Jason’s point, I think it’s very valid, but overall he can’t stop the Demand machine. Maybe he needs to move Mahalo out of the content farm business instead of trying to change content farms.

  • http://www.exposureonline.com TimDineen

    Any SEO who ever wanted to get under Jason’s skin now has a way to do so: Outrank his site – be #1 for ‘How to cook a turkey’ :)

  • http://www.jasonnation.com Jason Calacanis

    We are making killer content and services for those coupon pages…. stay tuned, we’re only 2/3rd done with them.

    our new coupon/deals project is amazing. coming April 1st.

  • LAWriter

    Mahalo CEO Jason Calacanis is calling for an end to the content farm arms race, while his employee Katherine Peach is hiring writers with this pitch “writers are allowed to write as many articles as they want for $10 a piece.”

    Just for the record, Demand Studios, which I equally despise, is paying $15 each.