• FranG

    I dont have the option to select other metrics for the visits and bounce rate columns?….

  • http://www.blizzardinternet.com Carrie Hill

    Hi Fran,

    Did you click on the “comparison” view in the top right corner of the graphic – look at the 2nd graphic above withthe arrow that points straigth to the right —–>

    Hope this helps

  • ptremblay

    You mention that “There are now software programs that can create a unique landing page for (thousands of) keywords on the fly”, would you mind sharing some of these programs? All the ones that I’ve come across to this date have been very disappointing .

  • http://www.blizzardinternet.com Carrie Hill

    Hi Ptremblay,

    The two I know off the top of my head are LiveBall from Ion Interactive – and HubSpot. I dont have any experience with HubSpot but I know the folks at LIveBall/Ion and have seen it at work – its an amazing software solution – very intuitive and easy to use.

    Hope this helps

  • Stupidscript

    How does your company manage the bad data that Google Analytics often displays?

    We would very much like to use the data we are seeing, but frequently it is so obviously erroneous (7 clicks for 1 impression … use of unrelated domains … non-existent landing pages … extreme variations in data when compared to our server logs … etc.) that we have a hard time using it for anything substantial.

    How do you handle the “slop” in Google’s data, to end up with trustworthy intelligence for maintaining your company’s bottom line? It seems quite similar to using TMZ.com as your news source … where you kind of get the idea that something happened, but you need to get past the spin and gibberish and then figure it out for yourself using other sources.

  • http://greymacpherson.net grey

    I use http://www.addynamo.com which has full Google Analytics integration already, which makes this process a bit easier…