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    Both Omniture SearchCenter and Efficient Frontier productized the ability to track different conversion events and optimize to the aggregate value years ago; the former in a self-service interface and the latter as part of its full-service offering.

    The only unique thing Marin’s doing right now is month-to-month contracts and pants-around-ankles pricing. . .

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    Hi Greg,

    In addition to Omniture and eFrontier, ChannelAdvisor’s SearchAdvisor has been tracking Multiple Events for about 3 years. Marin should do a little poking around before they announce something that’s ‘unique in the industry.’

    Find out more about SearchAdvisor here: http://channeladvisor.com/search/

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    As the others have mentioned, any serious SEM platform has this feature included. To add to the list of providers already mentioned in previous comments, eSearchVision has had this available since our inception 5 years ago. We offer no limit the number of conversion events (both offline and online).