• Colin Guidi

    Google goes up 0.2% and is considered as ‘flat’
    Bing goes up 0.1% and is considered as a ‘gain’
    Yahoo! drops 0.1% and is considered ‘stabilized’

    … looking at Month over Month metrics here, guess I’m confused by the word choice associations between the incremental movement of the big three.

  • Filipe Gouveia

    Colin, if you read it again, you’ll see that Greg was talking about the variation over the last year as you can see when he writes: “Google is flat year-over-year. Yahoo appears to have stabilized, and Bing continues to make incremental gains, partly at Yahoo’s expense.”.

  • Gregory Lee

    Any clues as to why Yahoo mobile gains over Bing while Google declines?

  • Colin Guidi

    That’s fair, thanks for the response Filipe, I was looking at Month over Month. But to be nit-picky about the stats, comparing YoY metrics as Greg has done for the engines, shows Yahoo! declining, not stabilizing. YoY, Yahoo! goes from 13.4% (May ’12) to 11.9% (May ’13).

    So YoY…
    Google is flat
    Bing made incremental gains
    Yahoo! made incremental loses

  • Josh Bledsoe

    Colin, I am going to need to see some pie charts….

  • Colin Guidi

    Oooh Bledsoe, I’ll make a dynamically updated dashboard for you on the big three with rainbow colors and stormy clouds. The darker the storm clouds, the more domination Google achieves.

  • Charles

    60% is not domination. At best, its a D. If you do a bell curve, you might get an A. But obviously, not everyone chooses Google because its not the end all search engine. If it was it would be ovr 90% like Windows is for PC’s. So while the popularity of other search engines are an F (some due to being relatively new or newly improved), Google gets a D. Congratulations to Google.