• http://www.drsandassociates.com/ davidthemavin

    Hmm, where do you think the “Alternative” ppc search engines get the traffic. Most of them buy up the junk listings from Yahoo & Google and resell them at a higher rate! It would be cheaper to just buy direct from Google & Yahoo.

    If you’re going to offer up alternatives please outline exactly where they REALLY get their traffic because we all know that no one goes to any of those sites to search! I remember being quite disturbed years ago when I tried a test with FindWhat (which used to be good back in the day with their own ad network), just to find out they bought cheap listings on Yahoo and marked them up.

  • SEO-Enthusiast

    You say “Talk to your account manager”??

    If alternative search engines want our business, having actual account managers will certainly get my attention.

    When it comes to Google, I don’t know weather to laugh or cry. Their personalized customer service seems to be nonexistent at best (perhaps my modest $30,000/ year is too small for them to want to bother?), they keep telling me their system works best if I delete my cookies, “update my browser” -(shouldn’t it be THEIR job to accommodate their customer’s browser preferences?) and when Google Adwords support created a suggested content focused campaign, they actually included my NEGATIVE KEYWORDS as positive keywords. I am floored by the astounding incompetence from Google Adwords.

  • http://www.greggoodson.com GregGoodson

    It’s nice to be reminded of these alternative search engines every now and then, but I only recommend them to clients if I am really desperate to spend their budget. On that note, if you have accounts that have “plateaued” that make you look towards these alternative networks, I think it would be more worth your time to take a look at your accounts in the big three and see if there is any additional opportunities to test/expand. Bottom line, it’s just not scalable to advertise through any of these networks.

  • http://www.eZanga.com RichKahn

    True, some “Alternative Search Engines” have a lot of crap traffic. That is why at eZanga.com we spent over $5million in development and testing to design our Traffic Advisors platform which removes fraudulent traffic in real time BEFORE spending your money. We even validate our results using Click Forensics.

    In addition, we are in the process of rolling out version 5.0 which will offer our clients even more insight as to where the traffic is coming from so that you are fully aware of what you are buying…something you don’t get from many engines.

    Our team is fully trained on our system and how to help our clients get the most out of our system. Not only do you have access Mon – Fri from 9am – 6pm EST to your account manager, but you can access their Manager (usually have 2 + years experience), then if they can’t help, our Director of sales can step in and he has over 4 years experience with us…and I am the last resort :). I do get involved with campaigns on a regular basis, and with over 17 years of experience, I don’t believe ANY company can offer their clients that level of expertise on their accounts.

    We take customer service VERY seriously here and if you give us a try I am sure you will see why we keep doubling year after year.

    That is actually a service that we also offer. We help our clients expand their budgets on the big three and do the right job in optimizations and management. However, I have to disagree that “these alternative networks” are just not scalable.

    I can’t speak for other engines, but at eZanga.com, we have over 12 Billion searches each month and growing. That is about 1/7th the size of Google’s volume…so yes, we are not as big as them…but we do have enough traffic to have some of our clients spend six figures a month with us.

    If you haven’t tried us, you may be missing out on some really good traffic for your clients.