• http://kenmorico.com/blog Ken Morico

    I implemented semantic markup and Schema years ago. I didn’t notice any difference. My site is low traffic though. Time is better spent on responsive design and content creation and improvement. But, it’s something to consider after you’ve done everything else.

  • Carrie Hill

    Hi Ken, I’d be interested to hear what types of markup you used, and what language? I’ve seen really nice increases in click through rates in my results that displayed a rich snippet.

    You’re ahead of the game if you implemented years ago – I think this language is going to be come more and more important as time goes on. Thanks for your comments! ~Carrie

  • http://www.LeadDiscovery.com/ Jerry Nordstrom

    The data I have seen suggests that the local business website garners the larger bump in traffic due to semantic tagging.

    After all they go from a generic text listing to a rich listing with extended links, logos, images, G+ overview page, map listing and more.

    Comparatively organic business listings have changed little.

  • Carrie Hill

    Hi Jerry,

    I’ve seen some really nice gains from Recipe markup as well as Embedded video markup as well!

    Thanks for sharing your results!