• http://www.tcampbell.net T Campbell

    Oh, my God, I can’t TELL you how long I’ve waited for a search interface that requires me to download yet another Microsoft product.

  • http://omadsense.com Omadsense

    Terrible, the minute I read the words “download” I was turned off. I can see that in truth, Microsoft we lag behind google until they change the way they try to do business online.

  • http://www.antezeta.com/blog/ Sean Carlos

    Silverlight is unavailable for Linux. This seems like unhappy old history being repeated. There is an alternative project, Moonlight [http://www.mono-project.com/Moonlight], but it remains to be seen how viable it will be.

    Does the web really need another problematic proprietary plugin from a vendor not known for playing nice with the other kids? I think not.