• http://www.admoolah.com Toivo Lainevool

    I think you got that a little wrong. It’s not a $10 billion dollar stake, it’s a 5% stake that would put the valuation of Facebook at $10 billion. A $10 billion valuation is crazy enough, the way you reported it gives Facebook a $200 billion dollar valuation!

  • http://blog.surehits.com JonKelly

    Barry, the headline and the first paragraph aren’t quite right. According to the article MSFT is looking to take a minority stake that would value the company at $10BN. Still, an amazing valuation for a private company given their current revenue.

  • wildewon

    You have your numbers mixed up.. MS is not considering a $10 billion stake in facebook. MS is considering a $300-$500 million stake in facebook.

    Depending on the percentage of the company MS would acquire with the $300-$500 million (up-to 5%) this would give facebook a total valuation of $10 billion +.

  • http://www.seroundtable.com rustybrick

    Geez, Ill fix the headline… Although it may have read a bit off, technically, I did not say MSFT is giving Facebook $10B. I said they are getting a stake of a $10b company. But I will clear it up…

    Thanks! :)

  • http://blog.surehits.com JonKelly

    Barry, thanks for chaning that up! Just for the record, I didn’t see the other comment when I posted mine — I think we all had the same instant reaction and it took the system a bit of time to put all of the comments up.