• http://www.v2interactive.net/ Josh

    This makes me sick to my stomach. These patent trolls are ironically enough, always in Law and makes them lower than the worst perverts already laying in hell. I wish nothing but failure and pain on these types of patent trolls.

  • http://twitter.com/snakeair2 Derek Price

    If you want to get rich fast, move to america and start suing business’s. I may leave my job to start doing this when I need some cash.

  • http://twitter.com/WoAxIT WoAx-IT

    It is all about the money, and this is only the beginning.

  • Alan

    Google is one of the worlds biggest patent trolls. Do you want them to fail also?

  • http://www.v2interactive.net/ Josh


  • Alan

    At least you’re fair.

  • http://www.v2interactive.net/ Josh

    Just like a politician.

  • Kevin Brkal

    Full Disclosure : I own shares of VRNG.

    Yes, the patent system in the USA is totally a mess. There should not be software patents plain and simple. The VRNG patents are very broad and far reaching.

    However, in reality the law is the law and Google & Microsoft are infringing on the patents that are owned by Vringo. During the trial the evidence presented said VRNG is owed 3.5% on 20.9% of Google US Adwords revenue. There are post trial motions that are yet to be ruled on with VRNG asking for up to 7% of 20.9% (due to post verdict willful infringement).

    It will be interesting to see what MSFT does here since they are faced with willful infringement which is something Google was not.

  • Christian Orpinell

    I agree. I honestly don’t care if X companies go out of business for losing their ridiculous lawsuits. There are tons of start-ups and honest companies ready to follow right up after their ‘fall’. Way too much litigation is going on.

  • Lillian B. Fleming

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