• familydoc

    Actually, WebMD doesn’t have a search engine, they use Google on their site. A few of the smaller players like Healia have some neat features. Revolution Health and WebMD are portals more than search engines.

  • Pablo Palatnik

    WebMD stats for traffic are impressive. I had a presentation given to me when requested about marketing on thier website for a client. This could definatley be a good and smart move from microsoft to add to its portfolio. With MSN performing as it is, they need whatever they can get.

  • http://www.daviddalka.com/createvalue/ David Dalka


    Step 2 – acquire a first rate blog search engine and create options to merge it with news and then please put the link on the front page to the left of news like I explain here”>http://www.daviddalka.com/createvalue/2007/01/29/making-it-easier-for-blogs-to-link-to-blogs-instead-of-news-sites/”>here

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