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    I know that this sounds ridiculous, but I can actually see more benefit in a Google/Yahoo! match up than with MSN – Yahoo! strikes me as having the best of the social networks, whilst Google has stomped all over search….

  • http://www.resourceshelf.com gary price

    What a busy week for “possible” acquisitions. A couple of comments.

    Microsoft and Yahoo already have a “small deal” in place with the recent linking/interoperability between their IM services.

    At the very end of 2006, Merrill Lynch was saying that a possible hook-up between Yahoo and AOL was a possibility in 2007.

    You posted on Tuesday about an unsolicited bid for Dow Jones by News Corp. Today, we read of information powerhouse Thomson “talking” about a deal for Reuters. We’ve known for several months that Thomson is shopping their Learning division that includes database/info subsidiary, Thomson Gale.

  • http://www.resourceshelf.com gary price

    Well, it appears that once again talk about a Microsoft / Yahoo hook-up are over. Reuters, “citing people familiar with the situation,” reports that talks between MSFT and YHOO are, “no longer active.”